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The Best of the former is collected here! Larry King Live, The One Addy, the Service Request Game, you name it!
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Last Update: August 4th 2003
Elijah Wood on Larry King Live 1
Learn about Elijah's experience with The One Phone; about his trip to Grand Canyon. Listen to him answer audience questions.
Elijah Wood on Larry King Live 2
Elijah is joined by Hugo Weaving and Sean Astin as well as a surprise guest; he'll be talking about a not well known convention.
The Feet
A beautiful and touching poem by FrodoBaggins; Elijah Wood looks back onto the years of being involved in the LotR Movies and finds that carrying souvenirs from the time spent with the crew might not be such a good idea...
Elijah's One Brown Jacket - a Poem
Poems that FrodoBaggins has done in honour of a brown corduroy sports jacket that Elijah Wood wears a lot - or should I say pretty much all the time?.
One Mug Poetry Reading
Beautiful Poetry by FrodoBaggins about the Quest for the One Mug.
The Fellowship of Grey Panthers
A wonderful story about the Grey Panthers waking up in Middle Earth... Lord of the Rings as you don't know it. By Simmer
Service Request Game
Various Service Requests by Cast Members - hugely entertaining.
Elijah Wood on Larry King Live 3
Elijah Wood talks to Larry King and gets asked some tough questions...
Grey Panther's General Insanity
Quotes from the GP Message Board which are just that: insanely funny things some members said. Coming soon...
CNN Live Report
Join Wolf Blitzer who's got the newest update on what Elijah Wood was doing on the Set of the Lord of the Rings
CNN Live Report Nr. 2
Join again Wolf Blitzer who's got the news on a break-in to Elijah Wood's house!
Sound of Elijah Lurking on GP
This is the first appearance made by ThingsYouShouldKnow, or TYSK. Very secretive, too.
The One E-Mail Addy
E-mail addresses Elijah Wood could use...
The Jacket Captions
A Caption Story by FrodoBaggins. Elijah has lost his jacket while filming the Lord of the Rings and is asking Frodo in Middle Earth to find it for him.
The Premier Blitz
A report by ThingsYouShouldKnow on the Premiers of The Two Towers.
Geraldo Rivera Special
Read about Geraldo Rivera's attempt of getting an interview with a very elusive Elijah Wood. By Frodo Baggins
Phone Messages
Elijah Wood is making telephone calls around the world... wonder why?
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