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by FrodoBaggins, 18th June 2002

Reporting live from New Zealand, this is Wolf Blitzer...

There was a major upset on the film set of Lord of the Rings today. One of the major actors in the film, Elijah Wood, in the role of Frodo the hobbit, was seen walking off the set. His co-stars have not seen him since five hours ago and there is speculation that he may be heading back to the states.

I spoke with co-star Sean Astin, who could not comment about the walk off, but did indicate that Mr. Wood seemed distracted and distant the past two days. Astin attributed Wood's behavior to a cell phone he had brought in.

"Well, I don't know, but I think he's been into this cell phone thing to the point that it's interfering with his acting. We were in the middle of a scene involving the weight if the Ring, and the darn thing went off. It's kind of hard to keep your concentration when that happens."

Several people involved with the filming had noticed Wood's cell phone and it looks like even the director was aware of the problem.

"Oh sure. I told elijah he couldn't have the phone anywhere near the set. You can understand what that can do to a filming sequence to have a phone ringing in the middle of a shoot" Mr. Jackson also expressed concern about the missing hobbit.

As the story unfolds, we will bring you live coverage. For now, this is Wolf Blitzwer, CNN


"This is Wolf Blizer with a CNN update....

We reported this morning about trouble on the Lord of the rings set and the apparent disappearance of it's primary actor, Elijah Wood. Although it is unknown at this time where the actor is, we do know now that he boarded a flight to the states shortly after his departure from the studio where the film is being shot.

We take you live to Wellington International Airport, where our reporter, Janice Turner, is standing by. Janice, what do you know so far?"

"Well, Wolf, as you can expect, the airport people are saying very little. I talked to security checkpoint personnel, and was told that Elijah Wood did in fact pass through their check point. Off the record, it is speculated that he boarded a flight to Kennedy Airport, in New York. We do not have any details, but hopefully will know more when that flight arrives in New york."

"According to reports from the film site, there is much rumor surrounding calls he apparently made in relationship to internet message boards. I spoke to his personal assistant earlier, Martha Ruiz. She did not want to say anything in detail, but did allude to a scheduled meeting somewhere in Switzerland, She also stated she did not know the exact dates, or the nature of the meeting.

We will keep you updated as the story of the disappearance of Elijah Wood unfolds. This is Wolf Blitzer for CNN


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Breaking news - We turn to Wolf Blitzer, who has been following this story...

"This is Wolf Blitzer, live at Kennedy Airport, New York.

It was reported yeserday that Elijah Wood, young star of Lord of the Rings apparently walked off the set where filming was taking place. It was thought that he boarded a flight to the United Sates and all eyes were on Kennedy Airport as the probable destination. Now it appear that Mr. Wood did not get off any flight from New Zealand. At this time it is unknown where he might be, and now there is speculation of possible foul play. International law enforcement agents are on the alert and a massive effort is in place to find the missing star.

Janice Turner, New Zealand coorespondent is standing by"...

"Hello Wolf. It is night here in New Zealand and the whereabouts of Elijah Wood is the conversation. Some of Wood's co-stars met with reporters in what can only be described as a guarded news conference. There was very little they were willing to say on behalf of their fellow hobbit, but this we did learn.

It is common knowledge among the other actors that M.Wood has become distant and, in Billy Boyds words, "preoccupied" these past few days. He told us:
"You know, he really was a bit strange. I thought he was takin' on the role of Ringbearer a wee bit too seriously, with his moodness and all. Kept talking about message boards."

Needless to say, Wolf, all of the film people are rather confused about Mr. Woods behavior, but want to know where he is and that he is safe. There are no plans at this time to replace Mr. Wood as Frodo, although several pair of blue contact lenses have been ordered.

The F.B.I. has been called in. They are asking anyone who has seen the star in the past 24 hours to come forth. If you know of Mr. Wood's whereabouts, or have seen him, please help in this investigation.

This is Wolf Blitzer for CNN


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" Wisey? um.. (oh darn!) this is Elijah. I'm calling from my cell phone. The next flight from Washington D.C. leaves in a few hours, so I should be in Europe sometime tomorrow morning. I can't say where I'm flying into, but will let you know when I get there.

Are we still on for dinner?"


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10 mintues later

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This is a CNN Special Report - Finding Frodo

"Elijah Wood, the Lord of the Rings actor who walked off the set a few days ago in what appears to have been a dispute over a cell phone was back on the job this afternoon. His whereabouts during these past few days is unknown at this time although there were sporatic reports of sitings in various locations.

His personal assistant, Martha Ruiz would not comment on Wood's activities except to say he did get a traffic ticket somewhere in New Mexico.

We bring you live to our New Zealand coorespondent, Janice Turner"

"Thank you, Wolf. Yes, Elijah Wood is back on the set today. His co-stars were very supportive of the young star, and attributed his absence to something one just does occasionally. Sean Astin, who plays Sam the hobbit, acknowledged his concern during Wood's absence, but was also heard to say, *The kid's been a bit wierd lately*.

The latest news we have been able to gather on this side of the world is that Wood has granted an exclusive interview with Larry King Live, to be aired sometime in the next few days. Back to you, Wolf".

This has been Wolf Blitzer, CNN News.