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Back in January 2003 Jenny from Sweden opened a wonderful and funny website called "Laugh of the Rings" ( [link] ). There weren't many humour sites back then (even less than there are today) and Jen created a database of good jokes, captions, song parodies and other funny tidbits from all over the net.

Jen now closed the site (time and work caught up with her - don't we know the feeling!) and even though it's still around, it will most likely fall into the shadows of the big graveyard that the internet is, too.

I thought it would be a great pity to lose the fun and to forget the work and dedication that Jen put into her site. For this reason I created this section, the Tribute to Laugh of the Rings, one of the very first LotR humor sites on the net.

Thanks, Jen, for the fun and the laughs - they brightened my day.

- LaWise -

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