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Captions Part 1

These are captions that Jen had on Laugh of the Rings; until now I felt that people should visit her site and view the caps, but now as the site is going offline, I felt it safer to move them to a new place. Hope you enjoy!

Uh, guys? This isn't fun anymore!!

Brave elf remembers what wise Elrond said to do in time of battle and silently quoting him:" If you see me run, try to keep up!"

by yavanna

Right... Billy said we'll be at the put for at least four hours so I'll put in enough for five...

by Becky

by habodes

Elijah - Munchy, munchy, cutie tippy boo...
The baby girl wasn't sure what the baby boy was trying to tell her, but she belived he'd been fed sour milk.

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