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Taking Orli for a zebra, the colour-blind Dom wanted to work more on his riding skills.

Now, look, Arwen, you're 2'000 years old... don't you think you're a little too old to be playing Patty Cake?

What are you looking at? There's no way I'm walking to Mordor!

by Manda

Drinking entwash really had a strange effect on Dom. First he got thicker skin, then his roots started to show. Even Billy got worried as a squirrel was seen climbing up in his pant's left leg.

by habodes

from Something

Oooowwwiee... this stupid horse is crushing my leg!

Frodo - Err... Gandalf? Maybe it would work if you tried fishing where there are ... fish?
Gandalf - hush, Frodo my lad... patience...

Gimli - Darn, how long have I been asleep for?

So, Leggy, did you remember the hobbit's weed?

You didn't?!?!

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