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Billy - But Dom, everyone knows I'm the tallest!
Dom - ... and soon you will have pretty eyes like Frodo Bright Blue Baggins, too!

Obviously there was a certain lack of women in the LotR movies. "Lovely Liv" is hereby renamed "Lucky Liv"...

Merry carefully read the inscription on the elven dagger: "Caution! Sharp edge. Do not use to pick nose or shave private parts."

by Softie888

Dear Diary, my mission to become the most senile Hobbit in Middle Earth ever continues...

From "Blade that was broken"

by habodes

Elijah - Hey, look! I got a pic of Ozzy Osbourne!
Dom - Err... I think that's a Wormtongue dummy, Elijah...

Elijah was not too happy with the strange shaping of the walls and desperately tried to move them aside for his picture shoot with Liv.

The fellowship could never totally get rid of the strange feeling that PJ was the 10th member.

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