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Larry King Live - A Few Months Later

by FrodoBaggins from Elijah's Grey Panthers

Please also read Larry King Live, Part 1..

!!! Please note that this interview has never really taken place and is purely fictional. No offence is intended and we all have the deepest respect for the persons involved.!!! To read more about the *real* Larry King, go [here] .

This time, Larry King Live and Elijah Wood discuss a not-so-well-known Lord of the Rings - Convention in Philadelphia, which is being put together by the manager of another Elijah-Website (without the knowledge of Elijah and his fellow cast members). Larry King also puts forward questions to Sir Ian and his opinion of Elijah as an actor, and he's got a surprise guest in store for all of the viewers. Elijah is joined by Sean Astin and Hugo Weaving.

LK: Ladys and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight. A few months ago, Elijah Wood, the young actor who starred in Lord of the RIngs, appeared on our show with some friends and co-stars. He is here again to talk about his most recent adventures and give us an idea of what he has been doing with his life. After the commercial break, we wll be with Elijah Wood.
EW: I'll still be here, Larry.
LK: We're back tonight with Elijah Wood, who has taken time out from a busy schedule to visit with us again. Welcome, Elijah. You're looking good.
EW: uh, thanks Larry. It's good to be back on your show.
LK: This has been a whirlwind...
EW: Man, has it ever.
LK: You're back now from New Zealand where you were filming segments for the second installment...
EW: Film, Larry. The Two Towers.
LK: Yes. And you've completed it now? Is Frodo a character of the past for you now?
EW: oh no. Nothing like that. We just put together footage for The Two Towers. There's Return of the King yet too.
LK: And that's the third film...
EW: Yes. it is. Next year, we will most likely need to go back to New Zealand again.
LK: This is getting to be a long time for you.
EW: Oh yes. I was 19 when we started the filming. Next year, I'll be 22 years old.
LK: Are you surprised at the response the movie has received around the world?
EW: Yes. It's amazing. I never thought it would be so big.
LK: And how has that changed your life?
EW: In every way. I'm recognized more than I ever was.
LK: Recognized?....
EW: Uh huh. I can't even drive to Burger King without people seeing that it' me.
LK: Do you think driving a fire engine red Ferrari through the drive thru might have something to do with it?
EW: uh... huh?
LK: So. You've completed The Two Towers. And now there is Return of the King to work on. That's a lot.
EW: uh, yes. It's three movies. And we filmed that all at the same time, but Peter's still working on them, and all of us have had to return for something or other.
LK: And the promos
EW: hee hee ha ha ha ha Yes. We do put in a lot of appearances.
LK: It's becoming like Star Trek, with conventions and special gatherings devoted to the phenomenon of Lord of the Rings. Are you involved with that?
EW: All the time, it seems. Tolkien gatherings, conventions...Oh yes. There is a whole subculture of Lord of the Rings geeks out there.
LK: Are you a part of all that?
EW: I get invited to a lot of different events related to Lord of the Rings. It's un-ending.
LK: Anything coming up that you'd care to share? Oh before you do, let's break for commercials. Ladies and gentlemen, we are here with Elijah Wood. We'll be right back.

*** LK: And we're back with the young star of Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood and we're talking about what his life has been like these past several months.
EW: It's been a ride.
LK: So what are your plans?
EW: Larry, I'm thinking about college, my production company, directing, acting, getting married some day, having little elijahs, and...
LK: What are your plans for the next few months?
EW: Ooooh. Yes. hee hee ha ha ha ha. I thought... uh. oh. Actually, there are some pormotional events coming up to coincide with the release of The Two Towers.
LK: Will it be as big as Fellowship?
EW: It should be. Hope so.
LK: And what's coming up?
EW: Oh yes. Actually, the biggest thing for me right now, besides maybe having to travel to New Zealand, like, later today, is the convention in Pensylvania.
LK: You're going back to New Zealand? I thought the filming was over. There's more to do?
EW: Oh, um, no. We have completed what filming there was to do this year. I, uh, (looks around) Did I mention little elijahs?
LK: So tell us about this convention you're involved in. Where and when is it?
EW: Oh. I really did not know about the convention until just a few days ago. It's in November.
LK: Are you scheduled to appear then?
EW: Well, Larry, I don't really know. It's going to be really big, from what I hear, but, you know, I haven't gotten a formal invitation or anything.
LK: So how did you hear about it?
EW: Funny thing. I was on the internet with a friend and we got pegged by a group of people in an AIM chat room.
LK: That's interesting.
EW: Yes, Larry. Amazing. They were talking about this convention and how we - my friend and I - were supposed to be really tight with it. We had never heard about it, but it did sound interesting. I called Martha Ruiz - heh - she keeps me straight on stuff, you know - and asked her to find out what this was all about.
LK: And she was able to get the information for you?
EW: Exactly, Larry. Still haven't been formally invited, but Me, Billy, Dom and maybe Sean and Orlando are going to - you know- just show up. hee hee ha ha ha ha
LK: That will be a surprise....
EW: Oh totally!! I've been trying to post that on a particular message board, but can't seem to get in.
LK: The Panthers? You mentioned them.
EW: Oh no. I'm there all the time, but please don't say anything about that. ha ha - it could cause a war out there.
LK: I see. And so the four, no, five of you are going to Pensylvania in November...
EW: Cool huh?
LK: We'll be right back after these messages. We are here but not here with Elijah Wood and I am not Larry King. We'll be back.
LK: And we are back with Elijah Wood, and also with us for a while is Sir Ian McKellan. Gentlemen, Lord of the Rings is about the biggest project the two of you have worked on to date. Are you sorry to see it come to an end?
EW: Oh there's more to do yet.
IM: And Larry, you must know there is yet another film after the one coming out this December.
EW: That's what I've been telling him, Ian.
IM: ummm hmmmmm
LK: Sir Ian, what was it like to work with such a young talented actor such as Elijah here?
IM: Absolutely delightful. So refreshing
EW: At first, he had his doubts I could do the job...
LK: You had doubts? At what point did your opinion change?
IM: It is true, when I was first introduced to Elijah - you must remember that I had read the books and had an image of Frodo firmly established in my imagination. When Peter Jackson introduced this teenager to me, I though, surely this cannot be the kid who will portray Mr. Frodo Baggins of the Shire.
LK: Then you changed your mind.
IM: Oh certainly. I did at that. I came to realize that on the set, Elijah is quite the professional.
EW: You never said that before.
IM: Oh, but it is true. You see, Larry, I was watching a scene being shot, since my work was finished for the day. This particuar scene is rather somber and Elijah here took a while to catch the mood, as we say. Later, he admitted he had forgotten that he had put a cell phone in his pocket. However, in the middle of the scene, we all heard a phone ringing. And without breaking character, Elijah simply gave the Ring to Samwise, reached into his pocket, took out the phone and answered it as Frodo who has just realized the Ring was getting heavier. It took Peter a full half a minute to realize what was happening, Elijah was so Frodo at that moment.
LK: We won't see that in the second movie...
EW: I think someone kept the footage, though.
IM: Oh certainly. We will see it, but it might be prudent to wait a while. You see, as I recall, Peter was not at all happy about the situation.
LK: Yes we covered that in our last interview.
EW: Ian, I told Larry about the Phone.
IM: Ah, I see.
LK: Elijah, What was it like to be working with such experienced actor as Sir Ian here?
EW: I was a bit scared at first. When I was introduced to Ian, I thought he was thinking I wasn't experienced or skilled enough to carry a 9 hour epic movie.
LK: You thought he had doubts about your ability?
EW: Well, yes, in a way. I felt that way through half the filming. It was only after I caught him out of the corner of my eye during one of the shoots...
LK: Which one was that?
IM: I didn't know that....
EW: Oh, I can't remember. He used to watch us shoot when he wasn't working on his own scenes. I think it was when Sam and Frodo are in the orc's tower. It was a closed set, but the actors could get in.
IM: Oh yes... I know what you are referring to. Yes.
EW: Anyway, I noticed during that scene, Ian here was wiping his eyes on his sleeve. I thought then, either he really appreciates my acting, or he thinks I stink. Watch for it in the movie - you'l notice me looking at something off camera.
LK: And then...
EW: As soon as Peter called "cut", Ian came up and gave me the biggest hug. I was so touched.
IM: Elijah, I didn't know you thought I wouldn't like your performance. Why didn't you say something?
EW: Oh, I didn't think it really mattered...
IM: Mattered? Oh, of course it would matter. I feel just terrible about this... Why.. that was a year into production.
LK: I think.....
IM: You went a year holding that inside? Oh dear boy...
EW: It's really o.k.....
IM: *sniff* This is unbelievable. *sniff sniff* I should have said something. *Sniff* Done something...
LK: We'll be back with your calls after these messages. Uh, Sir Ian, would you like a handkerchief?

LK: And we're back talking to Elijah Wood, who's got a couple of projects out there. With us also are three of his Lord of the Rings co-stars, Sir Ian McKellan, Sean Astin and Hugo Weaving. Thanks for joining us here tonight."
SA: Pleasure to be here.
EW: Sean was here with me before.
IM: Delighted.
HW: I am glad to be here, Mister King.
LK: Hugo, you were not a member of the Fellowship, since you played - who was it -
EW: Elrond. He played Elrond.
HW: Thank you, Frodo Baggins.
IM: Of course, we invited him into the Fellowship as an honorary member.
SA: He hung out with us a lot.
LK: Hugo, How did you prepare for your role as the most important elf in Middle Earth?
EW: Oh, Orlando is going to love this.
IM: Larry, you do not know what you have just said. HW: I have read the books and prior to arriving in New Zealand, I spent many hours perfecting the style of the character. I was adamant about not recreating in Elrond characters I have played in the past, Mister King.
LK: (to EW) Does he always talk like that?
EW: (LK) 'fraid so.)
LK: So, Sean, I understand that you will also be attending the convention in Pennsylvania in November.
SA: Convention? Pennsylvania? (Looks at EW) You didn't mention this.
EW: Uh, Larry, we hadn't told Sean yet. But (looks at SA) I think he'll get psyched to go.
IM: From what I have gathered, it will be the largest Lord of the Rings gathering this year. I, for one, intend to go. Although I have yet to hear anything official, I will plan to put in an appearance.
EW: Yeah, as I said before the commercial break, several of us are planning to just show up. It will be a lot of fun. Hopefully, meet interesting people. Heh - when I was in Philly last month, I found the best CD store. So I'm definitely planning a side trip.
LK: And how does one go about finding information about this convention?
SA: Yeah 'cause I've never heard of it.
EW: You know, Larry, I'm not really sure. (looks into camera) Anyone know about this?
IM: Hugo, why don't you come along. Perhaps we could speak to the planner. Do the opening announcements and such. It would be smashing!
LK: That sounds lika a plan. Any ideas, Hugo, on what you would say?
HW: Welcome to Pennsylvania, Frodo Baggins.
LK: And we'll be right back. When we return, we'll be taking calls from viewers.
LK:This is Larry King and we are Live with Elijah Wood and friends. As you know, This young man is the star of the Lord of the Rings, now almost in its full year in some theaters around the world, with a second film due out in December. With us also are co-stars Sir Ian McKellan, Hugo Weaving and Sean Astin. We will be taking calls from our listening audience. Caller, you are on the air.. Caller?
Caller 1: Hello?
LK: Yes. Caller, you are on the air. What is your question?
Caller 1: Oh!. ah... Mr Wood, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?
SA: Noooooooooo don't ask him that!
EW: That's Amazing! Do I know that caller? (looks into camera) You're not from New Mexico, are you?
LK: Is that your question?
Caller 1: Seriously.... Elijah, when you have a day all to yourself which is more important to you: Spending time with your family, shopping for even MORE music cd's, spending time with your friends, finding the nearest taco stand and chowing down, or all of the above?
EW: Actually, when I get a day off, I'm all over the place. I have a lot of energy, so there's a lot I can do in a day. I used to like to spend time with my family, but we're all growing up, so we all are in ten different directions. Not too many people know this, and I would probably get into a lot of trouble if I said this on the air, but I really like getting on the net and chatting. I can't say too much about that, since it could cause some really heavy duty stuff.
LK: Do we have another call...
EW: Oh! and the tootsie roll pop question. I don't tend to lick them. I just bite into it and get to the good stuff in the middle. When I was younger, I used to like to walk around with a Tootsie roll pop in my mouth. You see, I have this little gap in my front teeth and it was easy to hold the stick right there. But I kept drooling, and that doesn't work when you're in the public I like I am, and was.
LK: Caller? You are on the air.
Caller 2: I am? Oh. uh.. I have a couple of questions, please.
LK: Yes.
Caller 2: Elijah, is it true that you and a couple of others from the fellowship were kicked out of a tavern in NZ when you were there in June doing the pick up shots for TTT? Can I ask more? If so what WERE you doing that ticked off the proprietor to the point that he had you removed? I'm assuming it didn't have anything to do with fountains, as I'm sure you regret the last incident. LOL
And Hugo, I LOVE how you say DOOM in FOTR. How long did you have to rehearse that one word to say it with such resonance?
SA: You're not really going to answer that, are you?
LK: you were kicked out of a tavern?
EW: You know what? I don't remember a thing about that. We all were partying pretty heavily before that.
IM: Boys, allow me. You see, Larry, we all heard about it the next day. As I recall, Elijah here climbed up onto a table and started acting a Prancing Pony scene that was cut from the final version of the Fellowship. If that weren't enough, Dominick and Billy did the same thing. Finally, the bartender had no choice but to expel the whole group.
LK: I see...
IM: What made it all the more hilarious was that they were still in costume, due to the fact that they were scheduled to shoot a scene later that night. Needless to say, there was no shoot that night. The embarassing thing was that someone took a picture of the whole thing.
EW: I'm told that is what happened, but I really don't remember.
LK: Hugo, How long did you rehearse for the scene the caller is referring to?
HW: I believe I rehersed for that scene at least two hours, Mr. King. (looks into camera) Doom.
LK: uh......ok. We have a note and a package here that was sent in. It is from Seattle and it reads: "Hi Mr. Wood. This is Harmony from Seattle. I was just wondering if you like brownies? If so, I have an old family recipe you might enjoy. I made a batch and sent them.
EW: Ooooh brownies! I love brownies. Here, let me see.
SA: Hey these look really good.
HW: Oh these do look good.
LK: Are you going to have one?
SA: I'll pass. trying to lose weight.
HW: Not floss
IM: Oh, they look splendid. I'll take a few home.
EW: Well I'm having one. This is great. How did she know I have a passion for brownies? Ummmm.... there's something in here that tastes, well, a bit different. It's good. (look into camera) Thanks for the treat!
LK: Her next question is, "do you have AIM"
EW (eating brownie) mmph, yglea.
LK: Water?
EW: There. thanks. Yes I do have AIM. Just got it recently to keep up with a certain group on the net... hey... these brownies are REALLY good. Sean, man, you should eat one of these dudes.
LK: So you do chat on the internet?
EW: Heh - yes, Larry. But no one knows it's me. I do like my privacy and keep my AIM name a well guarded secret. When I log on as "TheOnePhone", no one points a cursor and says "I know who that is!".
SA: (looks at EW) Do you realize you just did it again?
EW: Did what....?
LK: We'll be back. Stay tuned for more Elijah Wood. (puts hand over microphone) eh, Elijah, you're looking a bit off. You ok?
And we are back again with the cast of Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Sir Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving. Elijah seems a little distracted at the moment.
SA: (to EW) *whispers loudly* Hey, dude.
EW: Oh. Are we back on?
LK: We are taking calls now. Caller, are you there?
Caller 4: Mr. King? Larry?
LK: You're on, caller.
LK: I am?! Goodness! Um...ah.. Mr Wood, if you could pick one character from any great literary work to portray in a film, which would it be? And how to you feel about relationships with older women?
EW: If I could pick, uh, one character from any literary work to portray? I don't have a clue! I don't read books. Oh yeah, I have a ton of them, but they just sit on the bookshelf. Heh -I didn't even read Lord of the Rings. Man, I am really hungry!
IM: I think, young sir, you have had your fill of these brownies. (gives box the LK)
SA: Ha ha - Passion for brownies is right.
HW: Hmm.. I think I will take a few home too.
LK: So, Elijah, there was the question about your feelings for older women.
EW: Oh yeah. I mean, I've been the youngest person in every situation I've been since we moved to California. I am more comfortable with older people in general.
SA: I can vouch for that.
IM: Oh certainly.
EW: And then there's the message board on the net that I thought was a nursing home.. hee hee ha ha ha ha Great bunch! hee hee ha ha ha ha
LK: Do you attract older women then?
EW: hee hee haa haa ha ha aaa ha ha aa haaa
LK: ok. Let's hear from another caller. Caller, you're on the air.
Caller 5: Hello Mr.Wood. (*in the background* Hey guys, shush! I'm on the air!) I heard that you are planning to go on a road trip to Brazil. With a bunch of mad older women and a few teenage girls. Is that true?
SA: Man, what about the Convention?
IM: This sounds like fun. When are you planning this?
EW: Hee hee ha ha ha ha It's been great! I think I must have slept most of the trip. But it's a great group of people and we're having a ball. I flew up for this interview, but am returning right after this, and possibly after a quick run to New Zealand... OH NO! I forgot to call Orlando back! (starts to stand up)
LK: uh... Elijah. we're still one the air...L..I..V..E.
SA: Hey, it can wait, Lij.
H.W. Sit down, Frodo Baggins.
LK: We're back and we're live. I am here with Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Sir Ian McKellen and, of course, Hugo Weaving. We've been taking calls from our listening audience. Caller, you're on the air. Caller.
Caller 7: I have a question for Mr. Wood:
EW: I'm listening (to SA: this is fun.)
LK: Caller, are you there?
Caller 7: Do you believe everything you read on the internet?
SA: Ha ha ha.. funny you shoud ask!
IM: That's a very good question, given some of the recent brohaha.
EW: Do I believe everything? uh.. no, not really. I mean, there are a lot of people out there in cyberspace doing and saying a lot of stuff...
HW: I was there, Gandalf. Three thousand years ago...
IM: Larry, I believe Mr. Weaving has eaten his brownies already.
EW: I mean, it's amazing! I appreciate sincerity, and I'd like to believe that what I read on the net is true, but, really...
LK: So you're aprehensive when it comes to information you come across on the web?
SA: Not 'til just recently, Larry.
IM: Go on, Elijah, why not tell Larry what happened.
HW: I was there when the strength of men failed.
EW: Oh, I don't know. It's like, I was cruising the web, you know, seeing what people were saying about the films.
LK: There's been a lot of internet chatter about Lord of the Rings.
EW: Well, yeah, Larry. So I literally stumbled onto a site that someone put together...
SA: A lij site.
HW: Doom...
EW: hee hee ha ha ha yeah. A site all about me. Amazing. So I lurked there for a while. You know, there were some really neat posters there. I have to say, I enjoyed reading most of the posts. But there was also a lot of garbage too. I mean, what... There was this stuff about how I was there all the time, posting and calling a few people, making all kinds of plans to go to concerts, and even stopping a multi-million dollar film project to call and apologize for not making it to a chat...
IM: Larry, it really did get out of hand a speck.
LK: So, what did you do? It sound like this was a serious thing.
EW: And it was. I don't like to get involved with this sort of thing, but occasionally, someone has to step in and say enough is enough.
LK: Did you step in, then?
EW: I was asked to, but in the end, it was resolved without my direct involvement. A friend of mine ctually started the ball rolling with a post. I did see some of the stuff that was out there, but that's all.
LK: And so you...
EW: I do want to say, I do want to say - that, what kept it ok for me was another message board. The Panthers, I think they call themselves. They kind of renewed my trust that there are good people on the net.
HW: One of you must take the Ring and cast it into the fires of Mt. Doom.. But let's eat first.
SA: Yeah. Dom told me about that.
LK: We have another caller: Hello. Texas, you're on the air.
Caller 8: Yeah! Mr. Wood! what is your favorite kitchen appliance?!
IM: That's subtle.
HW: (to IM) Perhaps someone can take the Ring and cast it into the garbage disposal.
LK: Elijah, are you a cook?
EW: Oh, uh. Kitchen appliance? geez, let me think. Speaking of food, Where are my brownies, Ian, that you took.
IM: Um, I lost them, Lijah. I got rid of them, you know... (whispers) Good Bilbo imitation...
EW: Kitchen appliance? Was that the question?
LK: Yes it was.
EW: I would have to say, can opener.
LK: Why did you choose a can opener?
EW: Like I said, I'm not a cook. If it's not frozen or canned, I'm lost.
LK: We have a caller from New Mexico. New Mexico, you're on the air.
Caller 9: Yes, Elijah, I was wondering -- what is your favorite grocery store? Or, do you still do your own grocery shopping?
EW: hee hee ha ha ha ha! That reminds me. Actually, I enter grocery stores with great caution now-a-days! Funny that you're from New Mexico! When I was driving through New Mexico, I stopped in really fast in an Albertson's, I believe it was.. Man I was in a hurry. I grabbed some junk stuff, ran around a corner and got nailed. Knocked right out. I never knew what hit me! But later, I found out that I must have run into somebody's shopping cart. All I remembered was that one minute I am hurrying out the door and the next minute, I am flat on my back and someone is trying to give me CPR! What a coincidence! Yeah...Albertsons... hee hee ha ha ha ha!
SA: Well now, That certainly explains a lot.
IM: .......oh, never mind.
LK: Caller? Are you there?
Caller 10: Hello Larry? I have a couple of questions for Mr Wood, please.
LK: Go ahead.
Caller 10: Mr Wood...
EW: Elijah.
Caller 10: uh...Elijah, what do you think of the Lord of the Rings action figures and do you, perchance, own the complete set? Also, are there any plans to bring out an "Elijah doll"?
EW: Actually, I do have a complete set of action figures. I also have a complete set of Star Wars! I'm such a collector. It's kind of creepy having me on the book shelf, but mom insisted that it wouldn't be a set unless Frodo were included. And, uh, the doll idea?...
SA: Yeah, Lij...Like Ken
IM: (taking drink of water) PPWITTH!!! Oh, please excuse me, Larry. Here, let me clean that up.
HW: HHmmm. Welcome to Rivendell, Ken Baggins....
EW: I really don't think so for now.
LK: When we come back, a surprize guest. Even Elijah doesn't know who it is, and he won't know until after the commercial break. Stay tuned.

LK: Wecome back. We are with Elijah Wood, Sir Ian McKellen, Sean Astin and Hugo Weaving. And we are on the line with Warrington, UK. Caller, are you there? Caller?
Caller 12: Hello? Mr. Wood? This is Jo from the Ninth Circle of Mordor Here are my questions... What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of a ... oh sod it. Is this glass half-empty or half-full? Is Feng Shui Mandarin for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? and finally... You doing owt this weekend luv?
LK: That's quite a list. Did you catch the questions, Elijah?
EW: Uh. Catch the questions? I think so. um. my name and quest. Those are easy. My name is Elijah Wood. I've been on everal quests these past few months - uh - the Ring, the Phone, you know... I think the biggest quest right now is the convention in Pennsylvania. I will go, but I do not know the way. hee hee hee ha ha ha ha.
SA: You're so cute when you do that.
LK Caller, what was your next question?
Caller 12: Is this glass half-empty or half-full? Is Feng Shui Mandarin for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
IM Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Brilliant indeed.
SA (nudging HW) Dude, are you sleeping?
EW: Oh! Full totally full. Let's see.. Feng Shui.. Mom was into that some time ago. She re-did the whole house. I put a fountain in the guest house. The dog drinks out of it, though.
Caller 12: Are you doing anything this weekend?
EW: Why yes! Actually, one of the Panthers, that message board I hang with, Fozzer, is in San Diego. I'm driving down later on to surprise her. It will be a lot of fun. She doesn't know I'm going to be there.
IM: I simply love intrigue.
SA: Dom's there now.
HW: I was there, Gandalf...
LK: OK Another caller. hello South Africa. You're on.
Caller 13: Yes. Hello. Mr. Wood.
EW: Everyone calls me "Mr. Wood".
Caller 13: Is there a small, maybe even miniscule chace that you might, maybe, perhaps consider possilby coming down to South Africa? And: What is your favourite gemstone?
HW: (SA nudging) I was there, Ganda... wh...uh...umh..
EW: South Africa? I've heard it's a beautiful place, but I'm afraid I don't have plans to go there in the near future. And I like blue. I also like emeralds, but my favorite would be light blue stone in a ring or something.
LK: Helsinki Finland, you are on the air.
Caller 14: Yes! Hello Larry, I have two questions:
Elijah, There seems to happen many kind of funny things during the filming or meeting with fans. What is the most comical, crazy, incredible situation you have ever been in? (It would be interesting to hear Sean, Sir Ian and Hugo answering this question, too!)
EW: There have been many funny things happening while filming. I could write a book! But I must say what really took the cake was running into Elton John while we were visiting the Star Wars set. He's such a great fellow and we all spent the afternoon having a good time.
SA: I like his music, and he sang for us at the local bar.
IM: He was our designated driver, as you say in America. He doesn't drink, so he drove all of us back to the airport. Smashing good fellow.
HW: I was there, Gandalf...

[HW: I feel strangely woozy... must be those magical brownies. (by PlaidPjs)]

Caller 14: Well, the other question isn't about LOTR:
Elijah, I have heard about your next film The Thumbsucker. Right? Have you already been practising the thumbsucking? Are you going to use some flavour on the thumb, mint or whisky? Or will there be a stunt doing all that? Or do they plan to use some prosthetic thumb, you already have a good experience with such things.
SA: That's a good one:
LK: You are beginning another movie?
EW: Actually we haven't started shooting yet. I like off-the-wall movies and this will be one of them. To answer your question, I really don't need to practice this, you know. There are some things you just don't forget how to do. Besides, I can't go out walking around with my thumb in my mouth, now can I, hee hee ha ha ha ha. There is one minor little problem, though. I bite my nails terribly. Now I have to let them grow out a little. It was ok in Lord of the Rings - my hands were dirty most of the time anyway. But this is another matter all together. It's such a habbit.
LK: OK. Thank you Sir Ian, Hugo, Sean for joining us. Good luck in your next ventures. (IM, SA, HW leave) Now, as I said earlier in the show, we have a special guest. Even Elijah here does not know who it is. She has been listening to the interview and now, welcome Franka Potente.
EW: Oh MY!
FP: (shakes LK's hand and sits down) Hallo, Lahry. Und hallo, my kliene hobbit (Kisses EW on the cheek)
EW: Oh MY!
FP (to EW) ya! you haf so much to shprechen, und now I am here, und you shut up as a clamp.
EW: Oh MY!
LK: We'll be right back.

LK: We are back tonight with Elijah Wood, star of Lord of the Rings, and Franka Potente, who recently co-stared with elijah in Ash Wednesday. We are...
FP:Ach! Ieem alvays introdused ass your co-schtar. For vonce, Iee vood like to be known ass Franka, eine schtar ien hare own right.
LK: I...uh...
EW: She's very outspoken, as you can see.
FP: Ya, und I don't take nozzing from no-von.
LK: So the two of you have been seeing each other since meeting on the set of ask Wednesday?
EW: Actually, we're just good friends. We aren't dating or anything.
LK: Not dating?
FP: Oh, Lahry, nein. Ya, it iss true tsat vee are, how do you say it...
LK: (quickly) Good friends!
FP: ya, Iee supposs so, aber, I tsink vee are a leetle closser, you know?
EW: uh....this is amazing - ah... we are good friends. We have a lot in common.
LK: Do you?
FP (looks at EW) Do vee?
SA: Oh, excuse me. Don't mean to interrupt, but we forgot the brownies. Sorry. Hey, Franka, How goes it? (Whispers to EW) What the hay is SHE doing here?
LK: Sean Astin. How about joining us again. Have a chair.
FP: (Whispers to EW) VAT in zee name off all dat's holy iss HE doink hare? Doss he follow you arundt efferyvere?
EW: I..uh..... Oh MY!
LK: So, Sean, have you had the chance to work with Franka in any film projects?
SA: Gee, Larry, No. We haven't cro...
FP: No. Vee don't do a feelm togesser yet. Ah.. (looks at SA) but voodn't I loff to get min hands on zee leetle Samvise. Ya?
LK: ha ha you know, Franka, that Sean is married.
FP: vell, it vood be fun anyvay.
EW: This is a little embarrassing...
FP: Meine Liebe, iee am joost kidding mit der Samvise.
LK: So, Elijah. Are you er..studying German?
EW: I tried a little, but I'm terrible at it. Besides, I thin...
FP: Oh, Lahry, mein Kliene Hobbit doss not need to lahrn der German. Mein english iss so good, ya?
LK: We'll be right back with Elijah Wood, Franka Potente and Sean Astin - can you stay a while, Sean?
LK: This is Larry King, and I am back with Elijah Wood, Sam Astin, and Franka Potente. We are...
SA: Larry, it's Sean...Sean Astin.
LK: Yes. Sean Astin.."
SA: But you said Sam. My name is Sean.
LK: Yes, I know. Sean. Sean Astin.
SA: Yes. That's my name.
EW: It is, you know...
FP: Ach you Americans.. Alvays so picky picky...
LK: Whoever we are, we're back. Elijah. I understand you were at the ComiCon convention in San Diego.
EW: Oh, yes I...
FP: Ya. He vas ser. Und I vas viss him, but novone knows it. Hee hee.
LK: You were at the convention with Elijah?
FP: Oh ya. I was dressed as Chewbaca so novone vood recognize me. And you know? novone did. It vas a bit dissapointink
LK: Were you at the Lord of the Rings area? Elijah?
EW: It was amazing. I...
FP: Oh he vas ser. Bot, he didn't haf too much to say. you know, he's such a shy little munchkin, ya, sveetie? (leans on EW)
SA: (Leaning over toward FP) *Lowers voice* If you don't shut the.....
LK: AND SO, how was the convention overall?
SA: Fine! Er.. I mean...
EW: Actually Sean wasn't there.
FP: No, sank heavens.
EW: Uh.. I think...
FP: VAT do you sink! Goodness, Sveetheart. Seece Sean vas mit you all through der movie. Und now, he has to follow you everyvere you go? Ach! He drives me how do you say nuts!
LK: (To EW) Well, she certainly is outspoken.
EW: You said it.
LK: So tell me about this convention you were at. Franka, the question is directed to Elijah. ok?
EW: Actually, I go every year, but this year is the first time I haven't been able to get around easily.
LK: What do you mean?
FP: It means he..
LK: Shush....
SA: That a boy, Larry
EW: Since Lord of the Rings, I get recognized more. I did get around a bit, though.
LK: How did you manage that?
EW: It was really clever. You see, I spread the rumor that I was going to get a Yoda costume and wear it at the convention.
LK: So you were Yoda?
EW: No, Larry. Get it? I just spread the rumor. No. The person going around as Yoda was a Panther who was visiting from the east coast. She's such a good sport and was fun to work with on this.
EW: (to FP) Yes. Even you didn't know hee hee ha ha ha ha
SA: And... tell the rest.
EW: I just went as me. No one knew. Everyone was looking for Yoda. And No one bothered to think that I was me.
FP: Do you mean that I vas stalking not you but somevone else in zat costume?
EW: You were?
LK: Looks like it worked, Elijah.
EW: Well I thought I was a gonner when I was sitting in the audience at Dom's breakfast..and my cell phone rang.
SA: Again? Oh Lij.
EW: I just ducked so no one would see me.
FP: It vas me, you dumkoff!
SA: (to EW) I thought you got rid of that thing, man.
LK: We'll be back after this.
FP: Ya ve'll be back, all right.
LK: We're back again with Elijah Wood and Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings, and Franka Potent was the name of that movie?
FP: Ach! I cannot belief you don't remember zee title off der movie I am zee star off!
LK: Franka... I was only kidding. Of course I know the title: Try Seventeen.
EW: He was only kidding with you, Fra...
FP: Vell, I knew zat.
LK: So, Elijah, tell us about the convention in November...
SA: Yeah. I'd like to know more about this too.
EW: From what I've been able to gather, it's going to be huge.
LK: Bigger than San Diego?
EW: Oh yes. As I said earlier, All of us are going...
FP: All off who? I haf not heard of ziss before.
FP: You forgot to menchun ziss to me? Munchkin. How could you forget to tell your Franka?
SA: (whispering) Easy.

[Sean: I don't know if it's Franka or these brownies, but I am freaking out. (by Harmony4u)]

EW: It just slipped my mind?
LK: That happens. Right?
FP: You schtay out off zees.
LK: Well... moving on.
EW: Anyway, Billy and I are thinking about driving across countr....
FP: BILLY! and you? Und vat vill I do in zee meantime?
EW: um, Franka, maybe now's not the time to...
FP: Zat's eet. I'm how do you say out off here! Lahry, eet hass been goot, und I hope you vill invite me to your show sometime. I vood be a goot guest vith lots of goot info. (looks at SA) As for you,
EW: Oh my... here it comes...
FP: @!&^$%$#@FL$$#^!_%^$#@$!~&%!XXOEL$%^&*!!!@$
LK: So... you're driving to the convention with Billy Boyd?
EW: uh...uh....uh....
SA: Hey Dude, we could take my Excursion, and all go.
EW: Hey! That's an idea!
LK: And you will come back and tell us all about it?
EW: Oh yeah. We could do that, (to SA) Couldn't we?
SA: We may, Mr. Frodo, we may.
LK: We have one minute. Anything you want to add? Either of you?
EW: Yeah. (Looks into camera) Thanks for the brownies, the fun, all you guys at EGP (winks). And especially thanks to someone called Fozzer for helping with the Yoda thing. It was really fun. By the way, you left your camer in my car. Send your address, and I'll see that you get it. uh... was that ok to do that?
SA: And I'd like to add that we'll see you in November at the biggest happening this year. Viggo, if you're watching this, man, thanks for the tip.
LK: And that's all we have. Sean Astin? Elijah Wood? Thank you both for being here this evening. Up next: Martha Stewart: Wall Street Woes. This is Larry King. Good Night.