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The First Appearance of TYSK - What is the Sound of One Elijah lurking?

ThingsYouShouldKnow : What is the sound of one Elijah lurking...

LaWiseWoman : The sound of you lurking? hhmmmm... *chuckle*? *gasp*?

Tamaruda : LMAO!
I don't know... what the..?!
*looks around suspiciously*
It's too early in the morning for this... *staggers off to get some coffee*

fozzer : if elijah is lurking but no one is there to listen, does he truly make a sound?
okay, that's pretty bad. lemme think.....
do i hear groaning in the distance? *looks around*
no, wait. he only groans when he reads what *I* have to say. he enjoys everybody else. hehe.

Tamaruda : Sounds Elijah would make "lurking" at Grey Panthers.....
*Smashing Pumpkins playing softly in background*
slurping coffee noises
click of cigarette lighter (followed by trademark crackling sounds of burning cloves)
more giggling
more coffee slurping noises
*sppllffftt* (spitting coffee out after reading captions)
gasping for air/coughing/choking noises
hysterical laughter (hopefully)
thinking to self: I really like this place!
Gee~this is fun! Any more?

Cherry Chrome : Sound of Elijah lurking:
*logs on to the board*
*reads captions*
*reads rest of posts*
*dials lawyer*

Simmer : This IS an interesting thought, TYSK. I think Tamaruda really got in all the good stuff ( ) . Is he on a laptop, on his bed -- is he at a desk? Does he have the capability while at NZ? I think the final question might be:
Is he wearing his underoos? And what might THAT sound like?

fozzer : hmm, the sound of roos. now that's a loaded question!! hahahahaha!!!

LaWiseWoman : Tam, that was great!! Perfect, just the way I'd like to think he'd be lurking, lol! Perhaps he might even have a peak at the Hilarious Captions Page? Hehe...
Cherry - dials the number of his lawyer, ROFL!!! Well, then I would be in serious trouble, eh?

Cherry Chrome : I thought you were his lawyer and best friend and lover and agent and mother and official webmaster...

Plaidpjs: And while you're at it LA, could you please ask the guy to get call waiting on his cellular phone? We're all getting tired of hearing the busy signal.

Ygraine2002 : Tam (rolls on floor giggling hysterically) Those were GREAT! *gives Grey Panther Salute*

FrodoBaggins : Fozzer, hey... If I were EW lurking around THIS board. I'd make plenty of sounds whether there was anyone else around or not...

TheOtherFan : Grey Panther Salute? lol Is There an official one? I want to know how is it!!

RoxyShade : We could hitch up our Depends That could be our GP salute. Hitch up our undies and growl like panthers.

fozzer : hee hee! me thinks you're right frodo! *hitches up depends and walks off*