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The Premier Blitz

A Report on the Premier Showings of "The Two Towers" by (a.k.a. TYSK)

A few of you have asked if I would be willing to do a little "report" of the premiers some of us attended. And I promised that when I got home, I would do something. Here goes.

The first thing I wanted to do was change the hair. So I got mom's dog clippers (She a fanatic about keeping Rolf (her new whatever) trimmed. After a party I went into the bathroom and shaved half of it off - looked in the mirror - thought, oops! But there was nothing for it but to shave the rest. Mom had a fit, but I thought it looked kinda groovy.

I was freezing, jet lagged, and hungry, but notice how well I behaved when ths reporter asked if she could do a Galadriel on my head. You know.. bend over, let me kiss the one buzz. I thought then, this is going to be some tour.

Now, I am a private person and don't like people knowing what I'm thinking half the time, but you know? None of us really like basketball.

It was like 10 below. I was told by the publicist that it would be very nice if I stood there a while so anyone and everyone could get their best shot. I, however, was thinking one word...orcs.

Dom walked over. You could tell he was cold too. But My face was totally frozen. Took half an hour inside the warm theater before I could crack that mug.

Before the premier in NYC, i had a full day of interviews that had me all over Manhattan. I tried to ignore the fact that I was the shortest guy in the picture. And..Yes, I was standing on a box.

I wasn't sure what the deal was because I was standing off camera when he was interviewing Liv. Why show that Time cover twice. Ir was freezing that day. Must admit, I was missing the hair at that point.

I was SO cold.

I was also tanked, but shhhhhh don't tell!

OK, the Trees thing. You know, I don't have any idea why Dom wrote "trees" on his hand, except that he was sorta tanked too. If I were to guess, I'd guess he probably sat through half the movie wondering the same thing. That's our Dom!

Hahahha aha ah a haha We were all a bit tanked I guess!

Ever wonder how some people get really red in the face when they've had a few too many?

So, I was doing this interview and just happened to glance down at my fingernails. Gez! they were a mess. I was thinking then and there that come New Years, I am NOT going to bite my nails ever ever again.

She just asked me where that damned tattoo was. Sometimes that smile is hard to maintain. It certainly was during that interview. ^

I really don't like it when they stick me next to the tallest actor in the film...

I just kept thinking "I'm taller than this I'm taller than this"

I mean how embarrassing could it get - stick the shortest dude on the bottom step!

I really was going for a more sophisticated look here, but that damned smile...

We were "allowed" to go out for a little while. I was a little tanked though and could hardly stand up. Totally missed the tower

I was really tanked by the end of the evening, but don't tell anyone

We had dinner at the hotel. On the way back from the loo, I tripped over a chair (not my fault) and landed in somebody's french onion soup. It splashed all over the jacket I was going to wear to the premier. Dom offered to go out and find a tux rental for me. This is what he ended up with.

Because of security issues, everyone was checked for weapons.

Uh....... Never mind.

I was trying very hard to maintain that "Elijah has come into his own" finesse, but all the while I was thinking of ways to pay back Dom for coming back with such rediculous suit.

I wasn't at the London premier, but I hear everyone had a terrific time. Dom's been doing that a lot lately.

And I'm thinking maybe Billy met up with a few of the UK and their brownies...

Meanwhile, I was back in the states daydreaming of driving the !!!

Two things here. I wanted Matt from the Today Show to notice I was wearing the One Ring. He didn't. And, coming into the studio that morning, I literally ran into Al Roker, slipped on the wet floor and hit the escalator face first. The shiner (right eye) was hardly noticeable though.

During Regis, I'm not sure how the conversation got onto liv Tyler... Terrific makeup on the eye though, heh?

On to the LA premier. Like the suit? I though, heh, everyone's going to be dressed like clowns, I'll join in. Wouldn't you know they all showed up looking normal except ME!. Orlando got a good laugh though. I won't tell you what he was saying when this pic was shot

I took this picture of Sean. I don't think he liked the suit at all.

I took this one too. Sort of has that "Oh my God I can't believe he WORE that" look, don't you think?
Oh... If you're in LA, check out the Salvation Army Trift Shop, it might still be there.