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The One Brown Jacket

A Poem by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Seeing that Elijah often wears the same, brown-coloured sportscoat, FrodoBaggins has done a little poem in honour of that same jacket.

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It seemed all my life I had worn many shades,
but never had much thought for brown.
But then when it came to deciding one day
I thought, oh maybe this for one round.

And so when I turned twenty one and was now
on my own and could find my own way,
I chose a tan coat, just a jacket I thought
And have worn it long past it's day.

It popped up in photos too numerous to mention
this jacket so precious you see,
I found when I wore it that people adore it
and say, hey, it looks good on me.

hmmm, said my friends, you think we're amused
by the fact that your jacket's so fine?
but I just looked smug cause I knew what they meant,
I was glad that the jacket was mine.

And so if you see any one looks like me,
you'l know right away if it's so.
If the person you see that you think looks like me
Isn't wearing this jacket you'll know.

I know there has been some remarks made of late
about what I am wearing and when.
Just want you to know that I hear what you say
And I sit here just shy of a grin.

You see, I can wear it with most anything,
and it looks good whatever I do.
And also to note, after New Years and all,
When it's cleaned, it can look good as new.

Please don't be mad if you see me a lot
in this jacket that I've come to love.
Just smile and be friends and be glad that I've finally
Found something that fits like a glove

Yeah, I'm wearing the same brown sportscoat I have been wearing everywhere. And your point is...?

(by Bonafide Frodoholic, Elijah's Grey Panthers)