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Elijah Wood on Larry King Live 3

by Frodo Baggins

The interview is fictional and no offence is intended to any of the persons involved. To read more about the *real* Larry King, go [here].
LK: "Hello and welcome to Larry King Live. With us tonight for, what is this, the fourth appearance? We have with us tonight Mr. Elijah Wood, one of Hollywood's young megastars.
And, Elijah welcome to our show."

EW: "Thank you, Larry, and yes, this is my fourth time here."

LK: "It's been what almost six months since you last...."

EW: "SIX MONTHS! ha ha ha ha. That long? My god, it doesn't seem that long."

LK: "And a lot has happened in that time...."

EW: "Yes, Larry. A lot has happened. You know we just wrapped the final pickups for Return of the King."

LK: Finally a movie named after me..."

EW: "He he ha ha ha haha!! The King! Yes!"

LK: "So, tell us what it was like"

EW: "Well, we shot all three films over the course of 18 months..."

LK: "And not consecutively..."

EW: "uh, yeah, how did you know?"

LK: "Well, I think it is a standard pat answer that I've heard in just about every interview you've given..."

EW: "Yeah?"

LK: "What was it like to be in New Zealand this summer?"

EW: "Larry, it was hard as hell. Oops.... But it was. Everyone was on a tight schedule, none of us were together a whole lot, people came and went, and, I don't know if it's really ok to say, but *lowers voice* Geraldo Rivera even tried to crash the set a few times."

LK: "Geraldo Rivera?.... In New Zealand?....."

EW: "Unbelieveable...."

LK: "We'll be right back with Elijah Wood."

LK: "We're back. I'm talking to Elijah Wood, who has just spent the past several years working on the movie Lord of the Rings. Quite an undertaking."

EW: "Larry is was the most extensive project I have ever done"

LK: "How old were you when you first began anything to do with the film?"

EW: "Well, I first heard about it when I was seventeen, on the Faculty set. I was almost eighteen, actually. Unbelieveable. Then I did an audition tape when I was eighteen, and began filming not long after that."

LK: "How old are you now?"

EW" "Twenty two and a half."

LK: "That's a long time to be wrapped up in one project."

EW: "Oh, but I've done other things as well."

LK: "You've been in quite a few movies since then. Have any been released?"

EW: "Nothing. he he he ha ha ha ha hah."

LK: "Not one?"

EW: "Well, not on film. A few have gone to dvd or video. but, sorry to say, nothing in the movies. Ah well...."

LK: "You worked on one a while back that was filmed in Vancouver."

EW: "Try Seventeen......"

LK: "Yes. With Your friend Franka somebody, and who else?"

EW: "Debbie Harry and Mandy Moore"

LK: "Oh yes. that's right. Was that a good movie for you, just breaking out of the role of a hobbit?"

EW: "It was ok. I was still getting used to being five foot seven again and being on normal sets in which everything wasn't oversized. he he ha ha ha hah ah ah a."

LK: "We have a clip from Try Seventeen. I think this is with your co-star Debbie Harry......"


LK: We're Back.

EW: He he he ha ha ha ha ha ha h

LK: We had some difficulty getting the clip of Try Seventeen running.

EW: That's ok.

LK: It would have been interesting to see what kind of role you accepted to break away from the image of a hobbit in Middle Earth.

EW: He he he ha ha ha ha ha ha. Larry, I think it did just that actually. It was a coming of age movie about a college kid who lives in an apartment house.

LK: Coming of age. You did that in Lord of the Rings.

EW: Well, this was um, like really coming of age.

LK: I see and.....

EW: Some of the scenes are rather um, well.....

LK: Not what you'd expect from a hobbit?

EW: He he ha ha ha ha ha hah a

LK: What's your next project?

EW: Right now, I'm involved in a few music videos and just hanging loose for a bit.

LK: You were in San Diego this past weekend.

EW: Unbelieveable! It was huge....... huge.

LK: New Line had a special presentation I think?

EW: Larry, they did. Andy Serkis (looks into camera) He played the creature Gollum) was the highlight. The man is awesome!.

LK: Gollum. How did you find acting with a computer graphic?

EW: Oh he was real. He he he ha ha ha ha ha. But we did have to shoot the scenes without hiim in them....

LK: That must have been rather difficulty; timing, positioning...

EW: I wasn't all that hard you know. We had rehearsed thoroughly and knew each movement forward and backward. The hard part was when we actually got out in the locations.

LK: I see.

EW: Heh he he ha ha ha ha ha. Like when we rehearsed Sam kicking the creature Gollum. We rehearsed that scene so many times because Sam had to get the kick just right.

LK: Uh huh....

EW: And, well, when we got on location and rolled film, Sean turned around and swung his foot. The timing was spot on.

LK: Well, that doesn't sound too hard.....

EW: Nooooo. but what Sean didn't count on was the boulder in the path.....

LK: We'll be back after these messages.

LK: We're back, and I am talking to Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood.

EW: *Smiles into camera*

LK: You went to the comic book convention in San Diego.

EW: Yes. *takes sip of water* ComicCon.

LK: Was that the first time you had gone to that?

EW: Oh no. I've gone every year for the past three - no - four years. Larry, it's unbelieveable.

LK: Are you a comic book reader?

EW: Well, no not exactly......

LK: mm

EW: I have some friends in the industry. My first time there was with them. The the Lord of the Rings stuff started coming out and I was there for that too.

LK: So tell us what Comicon is all about. What did you do there?

EW: We got there......

LK: Your comic friends?

EW: Noooo. Dominic, who plays Merry, and I arrived Friday night with Andy Serkis, Gollum and some ohers.

LK: Drive down from LA?

EW: He he he ha ha hah ah. In a helicopter!

LK: A helicopter?

EW: Unbelieveable. New Line flew us down there in a corporate helicopter. He he he ha ha ha hah a.

LK: Uh.......

EW: *lowers voice* I think they didn't want to lose us over the weekend.

LK: So your schedule was pretty tight.

EW: Tight? They knew where we were every minute of the day and night while we were there. Do you know this is the first time - the first - that I had body guards at Comicon.

LK: Body guards?

EW: I mean big dudes yeah. I couldn't breathe air without them knowing if I were sucking in or blowing out. It was a little scary actually.

LK: I would think you would feel safer.....

EW: It was impossible to just walk around and see stuff. I mean, the past years, I could be out there hanging around and nobody knew who I was. Last year was more difficult. But this year was impossible. I couldn't even if I wanted.

LK: No?...

EW: We were not allowed *look into camera* can you believe it? Not allowed? We weren't alble to go out onto the floor without a lot of planning. We did get out Saturday evening, but I'm sure they had worked out a lot of details to get us just to the New Line exhibit.

LK: So you did get around.

EW: Just to the exhibit. Dominic and I played a vide game and then we were hussled out again. It was all staged. Honestly, it felt like crap..... oops. Are we live?

LK: We'll be right back. Don't go away.

LK So we're back.

EW: he he haa ha ha ha ha ha ha

LK: And with me is Elijah Wood, who....

EW: He he ha a a ha ha ha ha snort

LK: During the commercial break, you were telling me about Saturday's activities.

EW: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha eeeeeeee ha ha ha

LK: *leans over toward EW* Are you ok?

EW: he heh a aaaaaaaa ha hah a ha ha ha ha

LK: Um.......

EW: he heh ah a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ooohhhhhh ha ha ha

LK: So tell us about....

EW: HA HA HA ha ha ha ha hasnort ha ha ha ha

LK: Elijah.....

EW: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haooooooooooooo ha ha ha

LK: *looks to camera* We'll be right back.

LK: We're back, I think. That was quite a fit you had there...

> EW: I know. What can I say.

LK: We were talking about the convention you attended last weekend in San Diego.

EW: Yes... he he ha ha hah ah It was really a hugh event this year.

LK: And you and the other Lord of the Rings stars were part of the fun on Saturday, I believe?...

EW: We were there promoting the film yes. New Line had an hour and a half for a presentation of stuff they're doing, and we were part of it.

LK: I understand you subbed as a ringwraith....

EW: He he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yes.

LK: How did......

EW: Larry, I love playing with microphones and making funny sounds. Especially if the volume is real loud.

LK: And what......

EW: And in a place where theres maybe 5000 people sitting around, the mics were really turned up. Man, when Sean asked me to do a ringwraith impersonation, he he ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha a.... I mean I gave it 100 percent right into the microphone. I scared myself i think.

LK: It was loud?

EW: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha man, was it!.

LK: can you do it again?

EW: Here?

LK: Sure.

EW: *taps on the microphone* um well ok.

LK: ok


LK: That was good, Elijah.

EW: cough cough cough cough cough cough cough

LK: Made you cough?

EW: *Grabs his throat* cough cough cough cough cough cough......

LK: Would you want some water?

EW: cough cough cough cough *falls out of chair* cough

LK: We'll be right back after these messages. *looks off camera* uh... anybody know CPR? Can somebody help here? You ok, Bud? Elijah?

EW: *from off camera* cough cough cough............

LK: Weíre back with young film star, Elijah Wood......

EW: Larry, Iím 22 now.

LK: Right.... Weíre back with film star Elijah Wood. And you have quite a cough there.

EW: Iím ok though.

LK: Alright. What should I ask?

EW: I donít know. Youíre doing the interview... Oh... NOT the tattoo...

LK: Can I see your tattoo? *laughs*

EW: AAAAAAAAAAAA Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah I KNEW you would ask that.

LK: *still chuckling* Did you make all three fims at once?

EW: He he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Yes!

LK: What does the Ring represent in your life?

EW: He he ha ha ha..........what?

LK: What does the Ring represent in your life?

EW: What does the Ring represent in my life?

LK: Yes. The Ring. What does it represent for you?

EW: Oh. Um.... The Ring..... What does it represent...... Uh....... *Hand over mic, leans toward LK* ...Um, Larry... thatís not a usual question I get asked..........

LK: I know, but tell me, what does it represent?

EW: *takes sip of water* Well, it certainly...... Did you say you wanted to see my tattoo?

LK: Well, yes, but Iíd be more interested in your answer to the question of the Ring. ....... Ok.....Do you have any other projects youíre considering in the near future?

EW: What does the Ring represent in my life.....You know, NOBODY has ever asked me that.

LK: We can move on if you want, Elijah.

EW: Iíve been creating the role of Frodo for the past five years now and NO one has ever asked me anything so relevant. *starts looking at nails*

LK: So the third movie is coming out in December.....

EW: .........The third movie?

LK: Return of the something or other....

EW: ..........Lord of the Rings?

LK: Right. The third installment. Who do you play in that one?

EW: Are you asking who my character is?

LK: Are you in that one?

EW: What? Huh? Iím still the hobbit Frodo in that one.... Only I guess it really isnít Frodo anymore. He changes so....

LK: So youíre character changes to something else?

EW: Well yes.... but...............If itís not Frodo anymore, then....who is it?........

LK: Ok.. Frodo, but not Frodo...

EW: .........I mean, I know I play someone...... Uh....Larry... do YOU think I play Frodo in the next film? I mean.. What if people donít know itís Frodo?

LK: Thatís why Iím asking you. Getting the scoop. Thatís what Iím good at.

EW: .....Because Frodo isnít really himself anymore.... Uh oh....

LK: That reminds me, Elijah..

EW: Yes.....what...

LK: Do you like Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme? Lovely singers.

EW: Huh?

LK: Have them on all the time. Dine with them and Don Rickles. You should join us sometime.

EW: Iím in an angst about the most significant character of my career and you want to ask me about Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme?

LK: Well sure, thereís never a bad time for Steve and Edie.

EW: To be honest, I donít know........

LK: Oh, thatís not what you young people listen to these days. What about, say... eminem? The candy bar rapper.

EW: Well.....Iíd say heís really over-rated... but heíd probably come over and beat me up. Boom sshh shhh shh shh boom sshh ssh ssh shh rap sound, you know. I do imitations......

LK: let's take a call from Weezie in Lansing. Weezie, you're on with Elijah Wood... Ooops. Hold it there, Weezie, we need to take a break. Weíll be right back with Elijah Wood playing Frodo...... or not, you decide.

EW: *in comic voice* Hold, it, Weezie, we need to take a break he he he he he he he he he he he