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Elijah Wood on Larry King Live

Intro and explanation: At the time of this posting there was a message board on the internet, on which someone called "Elwood" / "Elijah Wood" is posting - who proved to be an impostor and who got stopped when Elijah Wood's publicists intervened.

Anyway, there once was a chat on that site, and during that chat the board manager said that her mobile phone was ringing, and that it was Elijah on the phone. She said that he was on the set of TTT at that very moment, but that he should be off any minute and then he could come to chat.

People on the Grey Panthers Message Board didn't really believe that story and started dealing with it in their own way, with their own sense of humour.

The following thread had been started by FrodoBaggins, a long-time member of Grey Panthers and a member of the Grey Panthers Honour Society. The interview is fictional and no offence is intended to any of the persons involved. To read more about the *real* Larry King, go [here].

Read about why Elijah walked off the set in New Zealand, why he never made it to Switzerland to visit a good and wise friend, why he couldn't throw the One Cell Phone into the Grand Canyon and be the first to hear some message board questions being answered!! (23th June 2002)

L.K. Good evening, this is Larry King Live. Tonight we have a very special guest. Elijah Wood will be with us and will talk about his latest movie ventures and the rather suddent course of events these past few days. Later on, we'll be talking with some of his co-stars. First, this message from our sponsors.

(Commercial Break)

LK: We're back with Mr. Elijah Wood,
EW: Hello, Larry
LK: Well, tell us about the filming. What exactly were you doing in New Zealand?
EW: Larry, we were filming some segments that will be included in The Two Towers.
LK: Two Towers?
EW: Yes, Larry,the Two Towers is the second film. We were filming segments this past month that will be included in the second film...
LK: I was under the impression that all three films were done over an 18 month period. Is there more?
EW: Yes
LK: And we hear that you walked off the set during this recent filming. What happened?
EW: Well, Larry, it's complicated. you see, I have a cell phone.I didn't really intend....
LK: Cell phone?
EW: Well, it was a good idea when I thought of it, but it proved to be a bit of a problem. I didn't want to leave it in my trailer, so I'd just put it in a pocket. You know there are pockets in the hobbit pants, and since I didn't use them for anything else, choosing to put the One Ring in the smallest pocket I had, I though the cell phone would be safe there.
LK: Then what happened?
EW: You know, I'm not all that awake that early in the morning. I'm really not a morning person, you know, and we had to be up at 4:30 or 5:00 each morning to get everything on. I'd just forget to turn the phone off once we got onto the set.
LK: I hear that Peter Jackson was not at all pleased about the phone.
EW: Not at all! When the phone would ring, I would just instinctively answer it. And it rang a LOT! I remember one segment in the filming - I can't say too much because it is a secret - where Sam and I are on Mount Doom and Sam has to pick me up and carry me on to the top.
LK: Elijah, I thought it was a secret.
EW: Oops, well... you know Frodo's sort of done in at this point, and don't you know the phone rang. Right in the middle of the shoot. Sean was so startled, he just dropped me right on the ground. Then we started laughing, and, well, I - we just couldn't do the scene the whole day. Everytime we'd get to a certain spot on the set, we'd start cracking up and Peter would have to yell cut. We were a mess.
LK: We have to break for commercials, but we'll be right back with Elijah Wood.

LK: We're back with Elijah Wood, and hearing abut his role in the blockbuster, Lord of the Rings. Now tell me, Mr. Wood, or Elijah, what happened about the cell phone. You mentioned not being abe to finish work one day because of the phone.
EW: Yes, Larry. It finally got to the point that, between Peter's criticism of my inability to stay with a scene, and the other cast members making jokes about it all, I just walked off. It's that simple. I had never done anything like that, but then again, I've not been in a role quite like this either. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do, and now there is a new clause in my contract regarding cell phones, but at the time, who was thinking clearly anyway.
LK: Did you go anywhere in particular? Or did you have a plan?
EW: Oh no. nothing like that. I just headed to the airport and got the first flight home. Actually, back to the states, not exactly home. I ended up in New York. They were really cool. I didn't want anyone to know where I was, although I did call a friend in Switzerland, but don't tell anyone. I don't like to have my personal life spread all over the news. One of the national guard guys lent me his camoflauge and I snuck out without anyone seeing it was me. It was really easy to get a rental car and head south.
LK: But, Elijah, where were you going?
EW: At that point, I really wasn't sure. I was thinking Switzerland, and was heading down to D.C. to catch a flight out of there. But, you know, I got a ticket on the New Jersey Turnpike.
LK: A ticket? Were you speeding?
EW: Oh no. Nothing like that. I went through the toll booth without paying. Do you know what an "Easy Pass" is? Well, I sure didn't. As soon as I went through, all kinds of lights went off. I sort of panicked because someone took a picture of me! I'd love to get my hands on THAT picture. (Looks to camera) If you are out there, Mr. photographer, send the photo and I'll autograph it for you. hee hee haa haa haa.
LK: Did you ever get to Switzerland?
EW: Well, I sure was going to, but everytime I called my friend there, I got her answering machine. I guess she was out of town or something. Anyway, the cell phone was a real drag, and I knew it. So, I decided to go on a bit of a quest, sort of. No one knows this, because I am a private person, but I was in therapy for a while. See, I had this volcano put -
LK: Volcano?
EW: Yes, well... To mak a long story short, I was in therapy and now I realize I needed to really do something about the cell phone. So I decided to take it somewhere and cast it in some canyon or something. You know, sort of reinact destroying the Ring. Only this time I really would throw it away.
LK: So where did you decide to take the cell phone to destroy it?
EW: well, think, Larry. Mt. Doom was the biggest hole in the ground in Middle Earth. What can compare. I decided to drive to the Grand Canyon and throw it off the South Rim.
LK: uh, really?
EW: Neat, huh?
LK: We'll be right back...

LK: This is Larry King. I'm here with Elijah Wood and we're talking about a recent drive across country. Now, Elijah, tell me. Exactly WHEN did you decide to cast your cell phone into the Grand Canyon.
EW: Again, Larry, It sort of came to me as I was driving to Washington D.C. You know, driving gives you a lot of time just to think. Now, I know haw strange this all sounds, but understand what was happening. Try to image going from a character in Flipper to Frodo of the Shire. That's a big deal. Nothing I'd ever done prepared me for this...
LK: And you just went off the deep end?
EW: Well, yeah. Anyway, I drove as far as New Mexico. There, I got ANOTHER ticket. Do you believe it?
LK: Another ticket? Were you speeding?
EW: No, nothing like that. Actually, there's a stretch of highway 64 (I think) that runs from some cattle town to an airforce base that's four lanes. I pulled up by this car, and got into a race to the next light. Both the other driver (looks to camera) kinda cute, by the way, and I never saw the state policeman behind us. When we started off, we got pulled over. Both of us got tickets for that one. I drove on up to the next town and waited for about half an hour, but never saw that driver again. Too bad, I was looking forward to asking her out for dinner.
LK: You were drag racing in New Mexico?
EW: Well, yes.
LK: So from there, you drove to the Grand Canyon.
EW: I got there the next day. What a journey. I got all the way to the South Rim and -
LK: You threw the cell phone in.
EW: Well, no... I got there, found a place to park, walked up to the rim, and do you know? I couldn't do it!
LK: You couldn't throw your phone away?
EW: No. It was surreal, I'l tell you. I caught myself saying: Now that I am here, I wil not do this deed. The Phone is mine!.
LK: That sounds like the book.
EW: Oh, it is. Right out of the script too. And you know, it's crowded there. I'm afraid I looked pretty wierd. These folks were staring at me like I'm some kind of psycho.
LK: Well...
EW: So I just signed autographs and left. I did call mom to tell her I was at the Grand Canyon. She brought us there as kids, and I missed everyone.
LK: So tell me. What did you fnally do with the cell phone? You drove all over the country wanting to get rid of it. What happened?
EW: Well, I left it in the car... no...wait... it's my pocket...
LK: Uh, Elijah... are you all right?
EW: (looks at cell phone in hand) I wish the Phone had never come to me. I wish all this had never happened...
LK: We'll be back after a commercial break. Um Elijah.. yo... Would someone get a glass of water...

LK: Ok.... This is Larry King and we are here with Elijah Wood. We are also at the phones taking questions from our listening audience. Elijah, are you ready?
EW: Oh sure.
LK: Where's the Cell Phone?
EW; Oh, it's right here. I even shut it off. It's ok.
LK: Caller, are you there?
Caller: uh, Yes! oh my. um, er. Mr. Wood, what did you do with your feet?
EW; uh, What?
LK: I think the caller wants to know if you kept your hobbit feet.
EW: OHHH. Well, no. I hated the things. Dom kept a pair, but I never want to see the things again, unless, of course, we do another shoot.
LK: Right. let's take another call. Caller, you're on.
Caller 2: Hi. I'm trying to call you one your cell phone, but it's turned off. Lij., you NEVER turn your phone off. What's up, hun?
EW: Oh geez... (drinks some water) hi. Well, how about I call you back in about half an hour. OK? (puts hand over microphone) Larry, can we sort of move on here?
LK: Is there another caller?
Caller 3: yes. hello?
LK: caller? you're on the air
EW: hi, caller
Caller 3: Oh! I have a question.
LK: yes. You're on the air. Ask your question:
Caller: well, how did they make you so small? I mean, standing next to Gandalf you were so puney. I've seen Bumblebee. I thought you were much taller than that. Did you shrink or something?
EW: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No. It's just the way the film was shot. They did a lot of tricks to get me to look small. I'm really 5'9" tall.
LK: Um, Elijah, I've read that you are only, excuse the word, 5'7".
EW: darn.
LK: We'll be back. With us are Elijah's co-stars of Lord of the Ring. We'll be talking with them and also Elijah Wood. Stay tuned.

LK: O.K. We are back live with the young star of Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood. And with him are a few of the other characters - actors.
EW: Yes, Larry. Sean Astin and Billy Boyd are here. Hi guys. Thanks for joining me.
LK: Sean Astin and Billiy Boyd are here. Thanks, guy for join...Elijah, you just said that.
EW: hee hee haa haa haa haa
SA: Hello Mr. King
BB: hellu, 'tis grand t' be here with me good friends.
LK: We do have a question from an e-mailer. Elijah, the question is: Do you ever post on internet message boards?
EW: Well, Larry, sometimes -
SA: Oh he does. A LOT.
BB: Aye!
EW: well, sometimes I do. There are a few I particulary like, wel, at least one especially. Bunch of elderly folks, by the sound of it. I don't know, but I thing there's nursing home out there somewhere that has Internet access.
BB: Aye. I was with 'im one evenin' and we logged onta the board. They were discussin' attends. Rather funny, really.
SA: It really was. I didn't now that they made batman attends, but then -
EW: Well, Sean, the Batman thing was in the '60's. Those folks are getting on up there. Seems reasonable.
LK: Well, which Boards do you post on, getting back to the original question.
EW: You know, I was posting on Elijah's Front Porch (winks into camera) for a while. I don't say too much on the Boards 'cause I'm a private person and don't like my personal life all over the news. But, you know, there's another Board out there, "Elijah's Grey Kittens (winks into camera) that I post to regularly. I was trying to be low key on Front Porch, so used a name that I thought NO ONE would suspect.
SA: Yea. So he uses elijah Wood. Duh
BB: Ha ha ha. What a sap.
EW: Well, Larry, I discovered that using my REAL name was not such a good idea.
BB: Whooo
EW. And now post with a name tht NO ONE can guess. I think ThingsYouShouldKnow is a perfect cov... oh no. Can we delete that?
LK: I don't know. (looks off camera) Can we do that?....
We'll be back with Elijah Wood after this break.

LK: Well, here we are again with the young, and rather complex, star of Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood. With him in the studio are his friends and co-stars, Sean Astin and Billy Boyd. We -
BB: Why do I always get mentioned last?
EW: he he ha ha ha ha ha
LK: Sorry about that, Billy. Well, Elijah, there's an interesting story you haven't told us yet.
EW: There is? (Looks at SA & BB)
BB: Oooh yeah. You know.. Go on then.
LK: What did you do when you realized you didn't want to throw your cell phone into the Grand Canyon?
EW: well, it was hard, I can tell you. After signing autographs, I decided to see more of the canyon, so I got onto one of those shuttle buses. You know they have busses that go along the rim of the canyon. You can't drive your own car.
LK: Oh yes. I know.
EW: So, I parked the car and got onto the bus. It was really crowded and since I had sun glasses on, no one recognized me. But I did notice someone watching me and sort of following me around.
LK: Really?
SA: You never mentioned that before.
EW: I know. It became a little freaky. I mean, there I was again. Right back in Middle Earth- with a Gollum on my tail. I mean, this thing just creeped along where ever I went. All over the park. At on point, I spoke to a ranger - he he ha ha ha ha ha - Park Ranger - not Strider - I'm not THAT nuts...
LK: Did the ranger help you?
EW: Not at all, Larry. Because when I turned around to point out the person following me, there was no one there.
LK: And you really saw someone.
EW: Well, of course I did. Surely you don't think I'd make something like this up. (looks at SA) YOU believe me, don't you?
SA (looks at BB) well, sure, Lij.
LK: So, did you ever find out who it was?
EW: no. Never did. But the strange thing was, my Cell Phone kept ringing, then would stop. I'm telling you. It was creepy. It was just creepy. (puts hand in pocket)
LK: So... Sean. What was it like to play Frodo's side kick for three years.
SA: It was an experience I will never forget. As the oldest hobbit on the set, I was hard pressed to keep up with the younger guys.
BB: Yer not THAT much older, you know.
LK: How did YOU react to Elijah walking off the set in New Zealand?
BB: This should be good.
SA: I thought it was a good thing. (looks at Elijah) You were getting really wierd. I mean, you NEVER lost it during a shoot, but it got to the point that you couldn't keep a straight face. (looks at LK) We were shooting a rather strenuous scene involving the last stage if the quest. I can't go into detail, since it is secret, and I don't want to give away the story. No one could get Elijah to stop laughing. He has that funny laugh, you know, and it just cracked us all up. And the PHONE! Good grief! every five minutes - we were dealing with that rediculous cell phone.
EW: It was pretty bad, Larry, I admit.
BB: See, I didn't know all this. You were holdin' back, boyo.
EW: But I've come a long way about the cell phone. Although it is Precious to me, I don't have to have it on all the time. (pulls hand out of pocket and places Phone on table) See? it's here, but it's off.
SA: Hey, that's really good, Lij. You really have the cell phone off for a change. Cool, dude.
LK: So tell us, how did you get over the pull of the One Phone, if I may call it that?
EW: Well, Larry, I had the therapist who helped me with the whole volcano thing. Dr. Fox Spitfire.
LK: Dr. Fox -
EW: I know. Strange name. But he's totally cool. As soon as I got back to LA, after getting yet another ticket, I called him up and -
LK: on the One Phone?
EW: (lowers voice) One Phone... oh yeah. I called him and he agreed to meet me the next day. He's really great, you know.
BB: He also called me to just talk about the trip. I was tellin' him to, you know, come on back to New Zealand.
SA: Yeah. It was hard to convince him that Peter-
LK: Peter Jackson?
SA: well, yeah, Larry. It was hard to convince Lij that Peter was not that mad and was ready to get on with the filming and all. We tried to shoot some stuff with Lij's double,but it didn't work out too well. The double weighs about 20 pounds more that Lij here, and I just couldn't carry the dude up the hill.
LK: We have another question for you, Elijah. The question reads: Why is your cell phone always busy? Care to answer that one?
BB: Oh Duh
SA: Oh right.
EW: Well, it's simple, really, I was trying to call a message board owner. This was a Sunday. Right? Well, there was a chat I really wanted to log on to, but we were filming the Cracks of Doom scenes and I couldn't get away. Every chance I got, I was placing calls back to the states, but just could not get through. (looks at camera) If you're out there, Know that I really tried. Sorry.
SA: THAT's what you were doing. I just thought you had too much brew the night before.
LK: And did you ever get to place your call?
EW: Well, actually, by that time I was able to see Dr. Spitfire, and, well, you know. I don't need to call.
LK: OK. This is Larry King with Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, and, oh, i'm sorry... This is Larry King with Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood and Sean Astin. We'll be back.

LK: We're back with Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood and Sean Astin.
BB: Now, that was right decent of you, Larry.
EW: All right! Billy gets top billing! he he he ha ha ha ha ha
LK So, we have just a few questions from e-mailers, Elijah. Are you ready for them?
EW: oh,yeah. Bring 'em on. Feeling good. No volcano, cell phone's under control. Hy, I'm on top of this.
BB: ha ha - he thinks.
LK: OK. first question. (looks at card) Why don't you have call waiting? I assume this means for your cell phone? or does this have a different meaning for you?
EW: Not really, Larry. See, the phone isn't mine. My uncle gave it to me when he retired to Palm Springs. It as a birthday present. We had a HUGE party for him just before he moved, and that's when he gave it to me. Actually, Larry, we share the same birthday. No. it was a present. It didn't have call waiting, and I never bothered to ge it. My older uncle suggested at the time that I just put it somewhere out of the way. I think he may have thought it might get me into some trouble, always using the thing. Hmmm. He seems to have been right...
LK: Next question. This one just says boxers or briefs
BB: Woah!! (falls out of chair)
SA: Go ahead, Lij, answer that one for the folks.
EW: er.. uh.. well,
SA: Come on. Speak up.
EW: (looks at camera) Are you from New Mexico?
LK: Is that your answer?
EW: All right. OK either or, depends on the situation
BB: NNNnnooooooo! He SAID it!
LK: here's another question. (looks at card) Ar you a Grateful Dead fan?
EW: After that last one, I cetainly should be. Right Larry?
LK: And another question. (looks at card) Do you ever do self-promotions?
BB: Does he ever!
EW: well. As you know, I am a very private person, and I'm sure some of these comments will be edited out, that's why I've felt so free to share with you. As far as self promoting goes, I'd have to say I don't really go in fo that sort of thing. (looks at BB) no offense, Billy Boy.
LK: So you don't have, say, a web site dedicated to you.
SA: That's touchy
EW: Not really. know of some people who have web sites that carry a lot of information about me. You know. Pictures, mesage boards, that sort of thing. But I don't really post on them, except when I feel like something isn't going right, or a lot of mis-information is being given out. Although there is one out there. I mentioned that earlier, where I like to keep in touch.
LK: Mis-information?
EW: Oh yeah. You know how the internet is. Billy here has a site and it gets really nuts on there at times. That's one of the reasons I don't have one. I do check them out pretty regularly. I mean, I grew up in the computer age.
SA: "Grew up" being an operative word, Lij?
BB; Larry, he's never grown up!
EW: No really, guys, I do lurk a lot in various sites. A really good friend of mine was posting for me on one site and all hell broke loose - can I say that on national TV?
LK: well, I think so
EW: I like the idea of people having a good time on boards, but I don't realy like it too much when it gets too personal. Like I said this or that.
LK: Along that line, what do you think of message board imposters? This is another e-mail question.
EW: Message board imposters? I only know of one message board where that's happened. It was good. Really good.
BB: Yeah. I was convinced it was 'im until I found out later it wan't.
LK: And the last question. Elijah, did you buy a house in New Zealand?
EW: Oh yes I did! 2854 Bayridge in Wellington. I'm a private person, and I wanted a place as far away from Hollywood and the paparazzi as possible.
SA: You idiot. Do you know you just gave out your address on national TV?
EW: I did? uh. oh geez. Can we edit that one out also? Larry
LK: (Laughing) well, is there anything you'd like to say to anyone out there? We have one minute left.
EW: (looks at camera) I really tried to get to Switzerland and would love to reschedule dinner! Sorry I didn't make it. Someone once said that if I wanted to endorse anything, or show support, I should do it on national TV. Well, Panthers, you guys are the greatest. Look forward to a little lurking your way. And LOVE the badge!
LK: Thank you, Elijah Wood. And with him, Sean Astin and Billy Boyd-
BB: Yer did it again.
LK: Boyd. It's been great having you on the show, hope you'll join me again sometime.
EW: I'd love that. You know this is one of my favorite shows.
LK: this has been Larry King Live. Good night.