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The Jacket

by FrodoBaggins,

It is recommended to also read the One Brown Jacket Poem to understand the full fun of this caption story.


Yo, Frodo!

Geez! Who are you?!?

I'm your future, Dude

Last time I did this, I ended up in Pennsylvania. What do you want?

Yeah..Well.. I had nothing to do with that.

Mr. Frodo. Wake up. Time to get going.

Sam, I had one of those dreams last night.

The Old Man?

Tell me we're NOT going to Pennsylvania again, Mr. Frodo

No, he was kind of a strange looking fellow. Said he was my future or something like that...

But that's not too likely. He had whiskers and hardly any hair. Go figure.



Geez. You really know now to ruin a good sleep. *Yawn*

Oh come on. Look at you there. No bed, no pillow, not even a mat. You can't tell me you were really sleeping on all that rock. I know you better than that.

Good point.

OK. Here's the deal. I left my jacket there somewhere and I need you to find it for me.

Find your jacket? You lost the jacket?

I'm in the middle of something here. Can't it wait?

I guess not.....

I owe you one Dude.

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