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Crouching Hobbit, Hidden Brownie

by Dunwethien, QueenIan, mrsaragorn, Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen (Elijah's Grey Panthers Message Board)

This caption story was inspired by QueenIan's caption ["New Movie"] .
Join Gandalf and the Hobbits on their perilous adventure surrounding the Legendary Hidden Brownie of GP and it's Secret Ingredient; discover what the Ninja Hobbits are and find out all about Eowyn's alter ego.

It seemed like a day like any other day in the Shire. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and hobbits were tending their gardens.

In other words: nothing unusual.

But wait! What is this?

The word spread like fire in dry grass, and the hobbits dropped whatever they were doing to gather outside the Green Dragon. Is it..? Could it really be?? Sure hope it is! It is!!

Hey! Everyone! It's...

...Gandalf! The greatest browniebaker the third age has ever seen!! And he's here! In the Shire!!!
*hobbits rejoice in the background*

Hurrah! This means the end of those sad excuses for brownies that Bilbo makes!

Don't you insult my cooking, lad!!!

Alright! Okay! I'm sorry! Geez, man! Watch the bloodpump! You shouldn't get all worked up.

Ah, yes. I forgot. But I still think you should apologize!

Okay! I'm sorry, alright?

*Thinks to self* I still don't think they are any good...

Anyway. Where were we? Ah, yes! Gandalf, the greatest brownie baker the third age has ever seen, wheeled into town at a comfortable pace.

He stopped and looked at the crowd that had gathered.

And then he opened his mouth and said the words they had all been waiting for:
-There will be a party.

And I will bake the brownies.


I don't like the sound of this...

Bah. Stupid Gandalf and his stupid brownies... *mutter mutter*



Geez! Don't have a heart attack!

Don't creep up on me like that, you scoundrel!

I'm a big firey eye, no legs, can't creep

Oh you know what I mean... Anyhow, what the hey is a big firey eye like you doing in a place like this?

I heard you're muttering about gandalf and his brownies. I can help you

You can? Oh lovely!


Oh how nice. A ring. And this is gonna help me how...?

It's not a ring! It's a cleverly disguised secret brownie ingredient!

How'd you get this? I hear the GPs guard their secret brownie ingredients very well. Trained ninja hobbits, spam... that kind of thing

Yah, evil dark lord here? Ya know, wreaking havoc and all that? Stealing stuff is child-play. But I have no use for it, brownies are bad for my indegestion. So you can have it if ya want

YAY! And then I shall become the brownie king again! MWUAHAHA HAHAHA ahahahah HOHOHO hehehheeHEHEHHEE aaaahahaha!

Yeah... right... .

Continued on [page 2 of the story] .