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The boys prepare for their latest blockbuster epic, Crouching Hobbit Hidden Brownie.

by Queen Ian, Elijah's Grey Panthers
Which, by the way, is the title of a new caption story that is developing on the GP

Pippin was shocked to discover that Gandalf does, in fact, sleep with a teddy-bear.

by Goldilocks, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Dom stands around in confusion after possibly taking a wrong way turn on the say to Elijah's "Hooligen/Yank" set.

by Huls alum McCartney, Elijah's Grey Panthers

What really happened - the untold story of Gandalf and Saruman

by Thalienmorguien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Gandalf - So... long time, no see, eh?
Saruman - Yes, it's been too long, friend! What news from Rivendell?

Well, I had a rather interesting chat with Elrond, and it turns out, that... Well, it's.... It's really not my place to tell you this, but...


The word on the street is... well... rumours has it that...

Well, get on with it!!

Well, apparently... Reginald is dating your sister.

Reginald the Loon?!?!

I'm terribly sorry, Saruman...


Saruman, come on... Honestly?! Get over it!

Take it back, Gandalf! I'm telling you! D'you hear me?! Take it back!

Merry - Wow... uhm... gee.... these guys are huge...
Frodo - WHAT?!?! You were the one that said "we can take 'em!"

by hobbithound frodobaggins lives

by Blithesome, Elijah's Grey Panthers

I have good news.

*high squeaky voice* - Y-your g-g-going to l-l-let us g-g-g-o? M-maybe?

I just saved a whole bunch of money by switching to Geiko!

submitted by Lady Gevien Star (hope I got the name right... )