Smiling Frodo

The Bagginses

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Hmm... Leave to cool for 20 minutes...

And then my precious brownies shall be done...

And the crownless again shall be brownie king!

But wait...

What is it, Gandalf?

I sense a disturbance in the force...


I mean- A shadow and a threat has been growing in my mind...


Dude, EVIL. I sense evil. Something nasty.

Oh no... Will it affect your precious brownies?

I fear so, Frodo, I fear so...


Cha cha cha... Makin' my noodles...

Hmm? Is that my cell phone?

No, you old coot. It's the doorbell.

Hey, Gandie, fancy some noodles?

I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this... But no! I must remain focused! I have come seeking counsel, Galadriel

Fire away, Gandie. Don't mind if I...?

*sigh* If you must...

Goodo! So watcha want my counsel for?

I fear the One Secret Ingredient to rule them all has been... awakened.

No! But... They have it so heavily guarded! The spam! The ninja hobbits! The spam! Who would do such a thing?

How many people do you know who would be that evil, Galadriel?

You mean it was...?

Yes. It was Bilbo. The scoundrel...

Uhn... Bilbo? Riiight.

He's jealous of my brownie making skills... I'm sure the GPs are already aware that It is missing. You must alert the ninja hobbits

Sure thing, Gandie! *thinks* The things I do for brownies...

Yo! GPs! Fancy some noodles?

No? Pfft. Suit yerself.

So... The One Secret Ingredient To Rule Them All has has been stolen

You know? Super! No more backstory voice-overing for Galadriel!

Anywho... Gandie sends me with a message of great importance...

Send out the ninja hobbits!

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