Smiling Frodo

The Bagginses

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Yo! Frodo! Open up!

I'm over here, you cretin

Ah yes, so you are...

So whassup, Gandie? Is it the brownies?

Well, Frodo...

Oh God! It's the brownies, isn't it?


Alas, alas! Poor sweet brownies!

Oh shut up and let me finish talking

Righty-ho. Pray continue, Gandie.

Bah... Insolent young hobbits... Oh yes. Where was I?

Uhn... You were talking, I was over-reacting like a pro.

Yes, quite... Well, I'm not as good at voice-over backstory as Galadriel is, but I'll do my best...

Bilbo makes bad brownies

Sauron gives him Secret Ingredient

Panthers rather distressed.

Galadriel makes noodles

And BAM!


Yes. Bam.

What the hey diddle diddle has that got to do with me?

The ninja hobbits have disappeared

(Ninja Hobbits)

We need you and your little friends to fill in...

You're kidding, right?

Does this look like a kidding face to you?

Frodo: But... They're dunderheads!

Frodo: Complete and utter dunderheads!

Of course! Wouldn't make a good story otherwise, would it?

Aaaah crapola...

Continued [on page 4] of the story.