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Last update: July 24th 2005
- "Rohirrim"
Music Video by Muse. Very well cut music video about the proud and courageous Rohirrim, brilliantly done to the music. A must in my opinion. :)
35 (!!!) MB, Windows Media Player
- "Too sexy"
Music Video by Music. To the song "Too Sexy"; a song about the LotR members being sexy... very amusing indeed.
18 MB, Windows Media Player
- "Coconuts"
Music Video by Helen. To the song "Bunch of Coconuts"; sort of Monty-Pythonesque slide-show with a very amusing song.
3 MB, Windows Media Player
- "Ring of Fire"
Music Video by Helen. To the song "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash
2 MB; Windows Media Player, Slide Show
This one isn't a video with film, instead it's more like a slide show to music. Text matches the pictures very well!
- "Nazgul of Nee"
3 Music Videos by LaWise. Slide Shows combining the Caption Story "Nazgul of Nee" with some of the original "Holy Grail" film.
[Videos are here]
- "Greenwaves"
Music Video by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers. To the song "Greenwaves" by Secret Garden (Album: Once in a Red Moon)
12 MB; Windows Media Player
Careful: this one will make you swoon.
- "Nine"
by Uluviel; a legend. Music Video that focusses on the Cast, along with the lyrics of "Remember the times...". Beautiful.
6 MB; Windows Media Player
- "See my Vest"
Hilarious Video by Calenkemeniel and Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers. See how Aragorn shows off his vest. Perfect amusement!
6 MB; Windows Media Player
- "Hakuna Matata"
By Calenkemeniel and Dunwethien of Elijah's Grey Panthers; song from The Lion King. Features Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn
- "Angel"
A music video by Dunwethien of Elijah's Grey Panthers, to the song "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, with a focus on Frodo's friendship to Sam
8,4 MB; Windows Media Player
- "Benny Hill"
by Olinima from [Totally Innocent]. Don't miss this one!
3,8 MB; Windows Media Player.