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The Nazgul of Nee

The idea of making a LotR Spoof based on the Monty Python's film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" originated quite early. For a while there were only captions - but now I decided that it should be taken one step further.

Sadly, I haven't yet figured out how to take actual scenes from the film, so there still are only pictures. But there are sound files added from the original Monty Python film, so that should make it a bit more entertaining. The videos are for Windows Media Player, created on Windows Movie Maker. I have heard from some that they don't work when you downloaded them. I can't fix that glitch, sorry.

Episode 1 :

Frodo meets the Mighty Nazgul of Nee and decides that he'd better find a shrubbery real soon....
3.5 MB, 4.20 minutes


Episode 2 :

The journey takes Frodo and his friends to Tim the Balrog who shows them just how nasty a killer rabbit can be...
4.5 MB, 6 minutes


Episode 3:

The magic powers of Lothlorien's Hand Granade have yet to be discovered...