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Flight to Bruinen Continued, Page 8

(voiceover singing) "I love you...You love me..."

"We're a happy family!.....Man, I love that song!"

"Is that a new ring tone on the palantir?"

"Were you calling, Lord of Mordor?"

"Who else would be calling on this thing? About darn time you picked up. Have you seen my Barney CD? I lent it to you two weeks ago, and I am still waiting to get it back."

*thinks to self* "Dagnabbit!"
*to Sauron* "Um, haven't finished burning it. I definitely will get it back to you soon."

"While we're speaking of CDs, what's the deal with the halfling's collection? Any progress?"

*thinks to self* "Double dagnabbit!"
*to Sauron* "Well, I am working on it. Only so many minions to spare and only so much time in the day, you know. Ha ha!.......Uh, yeah. I'll get them."

"Well, get a move on! Sheesh, it was so much easier to get things done when Morgoth was still around. Well, I need to go. The Orc Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is here. Apparently, they are getting complaints that the Nazgul are getting preferential treatment. *sigh* Hello? They are the Nine? THE Nine? Sheesh! Talk to ya later!"

"Oh, man. This is not good. Not good at all."
(by bullroarer took)

What???? He got Barney????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's it...that Big Eye has gotten too big for his Lid...

Forget the victory through humility crapola, i'm gonna hunt some Lord!!!!!!!!"
(by annabelle)
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