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The Flight to Bruinen Continued, Page 9

Gimli: *bounce*
"Chafing here!"

"Well, apparently the Rohirrim have not heard of the concept of negative enviromental impact."


"This is a Flaming Lips CD."

"Then it is true. Right Said Fred has gone to the Great Player of the Valar."

"No! My bank account at Imladris First National cannot handle replacing one thousand seven hundred twenty three CDs! Darn her and her pouty lips!"

"We have failed the Ringbearer. Uh, what is a Flaming Lip, by the way?"

"Wait a second, here...Limp Bizkit?"

"Soundtrack to 'Pearl Harbor'?"

"These may not be his!"

"Over here!"

"They were obviously trying to return them. No way the Ringbearer got them here. They aren't his!"

"What madness would drive anyone to go here?"


(by bullroarer took)

The End.

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