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The Flight to Bruinen Continued, page 7

"We are searching for one thousand seven hundred twenty three CDs an obsessive hobbit collected. We could care less except the fate of Middle Earth rests on his shoulders. A hobbit, can you believe it? Sure, I have royal blood and a she-elf hot for me, but it's all about the Ringbearer."

"Hmmmm. CDs, huh?"

"Bleh! Phwt! Stupid hair! The CDs are no more. We destroyed them during the night."

*Is his hair thicker and more lustrous than mine?*

*Naaaaaaah. Impossible. My conditioner is custom formulated.*

"Yo, Pretty Boy! Focus!"

"But there were Smashing Pumpkins CDs. Did you see Smashing Pumpkins among them?"

"Uh, let's see. I remember Barry Manilow, Yanni, Michael Bolton, Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, and some purple dinosaur named Barney...don't remember any Smashing Pumpkins."

"Definitely not even mildly indie-ish. Must be Saruman's. The hobbit's collection may still be ok."

"Indy!......Er, wrong movie!"

"We piled the CDs and burned them."

*Oh no. Wait. Did I? Oh, no, I did...*

*I lent the halfling my Right Said Fred maxi-single.*

*I can't believe 'I'm Too Sexy' is lost.*

"No CDs were spared?"

"Well, I did keep the Barney CD. But that is all."

"Awwww, man. Now I am going to have to shell out for one thousand seven hundred twenty three CDs. I've heard of high maintenance girlfriends, but holy moly..."

"You're gonna have to pay for them? Oh wow, that's rough. I feel your pain, man. Have a couple of horses on me."

*I just can't believe it.*

*I looked so good dancing to that song.*

"Well, maybe the Ringbearer's CDs weren't in the pile. Yeah, like I am ever that lucky."

"Look for your CDs but do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands."

"Well, now that you've burned the CDs, what are you doing next?"

"Rohirrim! We're going to Disneyland!"

*clop, clop, clop. whinny, neigh, whinny.*

"Uh...did anyone happen to ask him exactly where these CDs were?"
(by bullroarer took)
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