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Flight to Bruinen Continued, page 6

"A red sun rises. Blood has been spilt this night."

"Ok, like the flowery declarations aren't bad enough...."

"...but 'For Your Consideration'? The self-promotion is really sad, dude. And Oscar ain't listening anyway."

"Peeps on horses! Hide!"
"No kidding, oh high and mighty Ranger. Like my elven eyes didn't see that coming. Whatever would we do without your phenomenal skills? Sheesh!"

"My knees!"
"My ribs!"
"My toe! Owie!"

"Band on the on the run..."

"Hey, seen a trunk of cd's? Err, I mean...Riders of Rohan! What news from the Mark?"

*Clop, clop, clop.*
"Mumble, mumble, kill! Mumble, mumble, spies! Mumble, mumble, nice hair! Do you condition?"

"Aw, man! You just had to say something, didn't you? Don't you know what 'hide' means?"
(by bullroarer took)

"Arwen... Did you really take Frodo's CD collection?"
"Yes, daddy.."

"I thought the hobbit wouldn't make it, so I thought no one would miss them."
"But now he's out there looking for his CDs and you and I both know he has other things to do."
"I know. I'll go give them back."
"Go now, before he gets too much further."

"Don't forget to apologize...."

*thinks to self* "What does a hobbit need with one thousand seven hundred twenty three CDs...."
(by FrodoBaggins)

"What business does an elf, a man and a dwarf have in the Riddermark?"

"Nice helmet, mate. Is the cross-eyed look popular with the Shield Maidens?"

*Why did I get stuck with the freakin' dwarf? First the klepto girlfriend, now the midget with an attitude. Aragorn has issues.*

"You talking to me? You talking to me? You want a piece of this?"

"You would die before your stroke fell!"

"Listen here, big bad assassin elf. Your golden locks will not keep them from kickin' your butt. And dude, 'You would die before your stroke fell'? This is the Third Age. The Second Age ended a while ago. Join the modern world!"

"I'm Aragorn, son of Arathorn. This is Gimli, son of Gloin..."

*Snicker, snicker, snicker*

*Sigh* "Gllllllllllloin, not Groin. Gllllllloin. And this is Legolas, from the Woodland realm."

^ "We're looking for a, a bunch of cd's. Is there an Amoeba Records around here?"
(by bullroarer took)
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