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The Jacket Captions Continued, Page 4


"OK... I know you're here..."

"You're hiding, aren't you""

"This isn't funny, you know..."

"I am NOT going to spend my whole dream looking for you!"

"All right. I'm counting to three. One....... Two...........


"Do you have ANY idea where you might have left your jacket?"

"Come on. Help me out here. New Zealand is a big country when you don't have a car."

"Frodo, hobbits don't drive cars.."


"Uncle Bilbo!!"

"Am I glad to see you!!!"

"I'm in a new movie, you know."

"Look. I printed this off the internet. Someone on a message board made a skit from pics that were posted."

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"You look cold there, Frodo lad. Were you dressed warmly enough?"

"I froze my tail off."

"Next time, my lad, wear thermals..."

"They bunch a little in the wrong places, but they're worth it."

"Did Frodo find Elijah's Jacket yet?"

"I don't believe so, But I'm keeping an eye on them"

"Peter gave Frodo only two days to find it. I do not think he will succeed"

"The lad will be upset if he doesn't get his jacket back. He loves the thing as if it were a pet"

"Frodo needs our help."

"Agreed. Well, Old Man, can you pull it off?"

"I managed the whole Pennsylvania trip.... .....I can do this."

"After that little side trip, he doesn't particularly like me, you know.."

"I'll bet..."

"We'll help Frodo find the jacket, Elrond. You just concentrate on Peter."

"We'll check the studio. Maybe Elijah left it there somewhere. I'll call if we find anything."

"Better check the bars too."

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