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The Jacket Captions Continued, page 5


'Frodo Baggins.."

"Yikes!! The Old Man in my dream!!"

"How did you know?"

"Well, you look a little silly, but I recognize your face..." ">

"There. Better?"

"I'm told you have been asked to find a certain jacket. You know there's concern about the shooting schedule. You are one of the principle characters, you know."

"Elijah lost it somewhere and I've been looking everywhere for it."

"He showed up in a dream a few nights ago. Strangest thing. Said he left it here and wants me to find it for him. I've tried, but I can't seem to find the thing."

"I wish the dream had never come to me. I wish all this had never happened...."

"A little dramatic, don't you think?"


"Frodo, maybe you show look elsewhere. South perhaps."

"I should have followed Sam's advice and just ordered a new one. I have a credit card..."

"Speaking of whom, Frodo you're about to wake up"

................My credit card............

........ it was right here...........

"My credit card... my credit ca...."
"Frodo. Wake up! You're dreaming!"

"Sam! I've got it! I know where the jacket is!"

"The Old Man in my dream said to look some place south of here."

"Are you sure, Mr. Frodo?"
"South... yes. he said that perhaps we were looking in the wrong places."

"Sam. It's a cinch. There are only a few places Elijah could have left it. What do you say."
"It's worth a look."

"Come on then."

"Did you hear? Peter stopped production for two days. Something about Elijah's jacket. Frodo's lost somewhere in New Zealand looking for it, and the whole crew is just sitting around with nothing to do."

"They say he last had it here at Edoras"

"And that he has not seen it since..."

"I bet I can guess where it is.."


"Jacket?..... What jacket?"

** Meanwhile **

"Where the heck can Frodo be?"

"You don't think he went THERE, do you?"

"He knows the danger. Peter would not let us go to that site without a team. He's not that foolish."




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