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Contest # 36

Due to a typing error, the hobbits were surprised to see Shelob turn up early when the script demanded the appearance of a Giant Strider.

by Zion_Ravescene Merry: I think that fly is over there. by Luke Along with Sam's quick sense of bravery, he begins to smell something burning... by Christiana It's a scarey thing, singing happy birthday to a three year old oliphaunt... by Robin The hobbits realise that trying to defeat the Flaming Eye of Sauron with only Sam's fists and a candleabra wasn't going to be the great victory it had appeared after one-to-many pints... by Tolkienite Sam wows Merry and Pippin with his amazing shadow puppets by Becca
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Icon from GP, taken from [Arwen Undomiel] .

Consequences of a big barbecue, waiting for PJ to get out of the bathroom the next day...

submitted by little_pirate

A Cleaning Lady's Sorrows...

by LaWise

*Scene: Long Corridor in the "Motel of Moria - Best Beds Within the Next 40 Days"*

Narrator - Meet the Motel's cleaning lady...

*... silence... some cicadas chirping in the background... *

WHAT did you just call me?!?!

Narrator: ... . Please apologize for this error. The person responsible for the casting has been fired. This won't happen again.

Ah. Here's our cleaning lady, currently preparing her cleaning soap-water for the regular cleaning of the long corridors of the Motel of Moria.

*happily shrubbing the floors, cleaning the rooms... until....*

... *a closed door....*
[insert Dramatic Chord here]
Narrator - But our good cleaner has - like all good cleaners - a door key! So she openes the door... and...

Galadriel - 'Morning! Cleaning Service!


Galadriel - Okay... okay... I'll come back later... no need to flip!

Aragorn - Is that dirt on my cloak?

submitted by Viggo2000

(Legsie and Merry had been getting on each other's nerves for a long time, and it finally erupted)

All you ever do is drink!


Hey! That's not true!

Thank you.

He also hiccups.

by Lady Jane, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Perhin Gamgins

Frodo, are you all right?

Oh, my head!!

... The last thing Frodo remembers...

That's the last straw!! I am NOT fat!!!

submitted by psychosmeagol

Gandalf's next big movie, The Day After Tomorrow

submitted by little_pirate or

This is what happens when Gandalf does the laundry himself...

submitted by Perhin Gamgins

And I have to admit, Reverend, I think I might have stolen half of Elijah's White Stripes CDs.

submitted by Kelly

submitted by Peregrin Took

Elrond - Arwen, humans are a virus.

submitted by RapidashRachel

both sumbitted by Peregrin Took, unknown source

by haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

We must join with them, Obi Wan. We must join with the dark side. It would be wise, my friend.

Tell me... *friend*... When did Count Dooku the Wise abandon reason for madness?


submitted by Rapidash Rachel