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It's the, eye of the hobbit it's the thrill of the night. Standing up to this guy named strider... by Kirsten of the Panta-Loons
*Pippin on harmonics*
Merry: I'd do anything for you dear anything, yes I'd do anything for you...
Sam: Leave me all your will?
Merry: Anything
Sam: Even fight my (pony) Bill?
Merry: What fisticuffs?
by Fiona
1. Merry: I think That fly is over there.

2. Sam: Right, let me at it.
by Luke
samL: will fight for food
merry: with the rock and fire
pippin: yea, what he said
by alisha
Dom: I have a candlestick and I know how to use it! *sets fire to Sean's hair*
Sean: Gahhhh!!!!! You're dead now!
Safety Sean Rule #1: Don't play with fire.
by Pendragon
Sam fails to realize that his hair is on fire from Merry's torch by good_one_pip
Pippin: The monster is under my bed, Sam!
Sam: You said there was a salesman that wouldn't go away!
Pippin: ...
Sam: I'm leaving
-Later that night-
Voice: *clang* Preeecciiiooouuusss. . .
Pippin: Merry, I'm scared
by Emily the Gna
Sam thinks to self---uuhh wow this is weird.
Mery thinks to self--what is he waiting for
Pippen thinks to self--we didnt have second breakfest I dont think this is a good time to tell them that!!
by Kara
Sam: And you have my fists!
Merry: And you have my candlestick!
Pippin: And my barstool!
by Hobbit-eyes
The hobbits didn't respond as well as Elrond had hoped when they learnt they weren't invited to the Council... by Hobbit-eyes
Sam wows merry and pippin with his amazing shadow puppets by Becca
*Sam starts singing*:If there's somethin' strange in your village
Who ya gonna call? Nazgulbusters! If it's somethin' weird an it won't look good.
Who ya gonna call? Nazgulbusters!
*hums do-do's to most of the song as Pippin turns to Merry*
Pippin: Don't tell me he ate all those brownies last night.
Merry: Yes, Pip he did. And talk about chocolate overload.
Pippin: Not to mention the sugar high
*Sam continues* I ain't afraid of no 'wraiths!
by Ainamenelwen
Sam-put 'em up
by Ithilden
The unknown voice in the distance: And just who do you three think you are?
Sam: "We are Samwise Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took, better known as 'Gandalf's Angels'. Now hand over the Hobbit if you know what's good for ya!"
by Ainamenelwen
Making hand puppets out of shadows never was as fun when Sam joined in . . . by Anàwiel
Sam: Get him let me get him! Wait...who is that?
Merry: Sam, were in the wrong movie.
Pippin: What are you talking about?
Merry: I see barbossa!
by Marisol
Merry: My goodness! Two flames!
Sam: Two little hands, hiding a candy, make your choice, the other one is empty.
by Finni
Merry: hey Pip?
Pippin: Yeah?
Merry: I think Sam just realized that we aren't alone.
by Viggo2000
It's a scarey thing, singing happy birthday to a three year old oliphaunt... by Robin
Merry figures that since Strider's hair is so oily and greasy, it had ought to go up in flames pretty quickly. by Gollum Reincarnate
All rush in, ready for a fight...
Sam: Let him go! Or I'll have you long shanks!!
*Sam's mouth drops and the hobbits become shocked into speechlessness. The sound of a cricket in the background*
Merry: Uh, sorry PJ, we didn't realize that this was your dressing room...
by anonymous
It's the butcher(Sam), the baker (Pippin), and the candlestick maker(Merry) by Emily
sam: ill fight, ya quivering unshaven dirty greasy bag of man
Aragorn: are you saying (sniff) that im not pretty? (sniff)
sam: um no not at all mr Aragorn sir i just meant you no a wash every now and then wouldnt go astray
Aragorn: (sobbing) (sniff) (blows nose)
by pippins_lady
Christmas Caroling with the hobbits can sometimes be dangerous...
Sam: If you don't let us sing for you, there's gonna be some rough-housin'!!!
by Kahli
The Hobbits found out that not so many people were interested in a candlelight-karaokebar. by Draigh
Merry: Trick or treat...

Dom and Billy look on in horror as Frodo told Sam what he really thought about his cooking...
by Holz
Sam: You want the candles??? THEN COME AND CLAIM THEM!! by Queenie
Sam: Allright you, give us back the Menorah candles or there's gonna be consequences! by Miss Kriss
Merry: Whats that?!?
Sam: Whatever it is it's trying to kill Mr Frodo! I'll fight it!
Merry: I'll burn it!
Pippin: ...and I'll run away from it!
by Aki
The hobbits allow the wraiths to choose their method of death.
Pippin:Blunt force Trauma
sam:or a knuckle sandwich
by Luthien Nenharma
Needless to say, noone was impressed with the hobbits rendition of "The Wizard of Oz"
Sam: Put 'em up
Merry: Like fire?
Piippin: Ahhhhhh!
by Molly
merry-he murdered our mayor,burned our crops and poisined our water supply.
pip-He DID?
sam-NO but lets get him before he does!!!
by Amy jo
Merry and Sam looked very confident in their fighting skills while Pippin was trying to quietly escape through the side door.

Dominic during documentary: Ya, Peter (Jackson) had to get really creative with the props. In fact, he once used his old coat hanger for a candle-holder.

Behind the Scenes...
Sam: Now Mr. Frodo, guess which hand I'm holding the Ring in...
Sam: Where is it?
Merry: Oh Sam your sooo strong *swoons*
Pippin: There on the curtain! That is one big spider!
by Mrs Took
Lumiere knew he had taken a wrong turn in the road when he ended up in the hands of men the size of Belle's father. by mango
Pippin: (trembling voice) we..wish you..a merry christmas.
Mery: And...a happy new year...
Sam: oh, where did I leave my candles? D'oh!
by Efren Took
Sean--Nonono!! How many times, Elijah, you can't double-tig a tag!!
*prepares to punch Elijah for breaking too many rules*
Dom--And when you want to tig Billy after I say, "TigTag" and you say, "Tog," you have to take this candle holder, put it on your head, and do the chicken-dance!!
by Mrs. Wood
Merry: There it is, a ghost!
Sam: I'll have his mangy guts for garbage!
by Emily
Sam: Whoa, hes a big fella, don't you think?
(Pippin is inching out the door)
Merry: Yeah, and these candles aren't making him any happier.
Sam: Then put them away!
Merry: Nope, sorry, I'm frozen.
Sam:So...what do we do...
Merry: Uh yeah, I say let's run for it! Lets follow Pip!'re frozen, remember?
Merry: Oh yeah. Pippin: *Sigh* *Yawn*
by Alicia
Sam: Dude their taller than us!
Merry: But we have fire..
by Bird
merry who should we save.....
pippin;i vote for the browies and the mashmallos!
by vharri
everybody was kung fu fighting in bree that night. by tinuviel gil galad
And lo! Aragorn was terrified by the three foot tall dwarf men and their candlesticks!

Yes, let's do ALL throw candlesticks in the nice wooden room.
by Eryka
sam: now were gonna get you nobody lay's hands on mister frodo! [he's carrying the brownies]! by pippin the great
Sam demonstrates his skill at making shadow figures,
Sam: now this is called 'two rocks'
by Lady of the Woodland Realm
"Everybody was kung-fu fighting..."

It appeared Sam took the slogan "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger" quite seriously.
by Sarah
The cast had mixed reactions to the news that PJ was going to put together outtakes for the bumper special super duper collecters edition... by Holz
Clue, the LOTR Edition
Case: who killed Mr. Gamgee??
Hmm, it's down to Merry or Pippen, with the candle stick or the barstool, in Strider's room...
by Kitsune-Chan
Sam: Are you sure we're ready for this?
Merry: Oh, come on they're just fan girls..what harm could they possibly-holy..
by Goldilocks
Sean: No PJ, you keep that extra plate of shepards pie away from me! I can't stands it no more i tells ya! by star
Merry: Remind me again why we are taking on six-foot human with a very dangerous-looking sharp, pointy thing-
Pippin: I think it's called a sword
Merry: I don't care what it's called, i want to know why we're fighting it!

Merry: *thinks*i can feel that shepherd's pie in my pants.

Pippin: do we have to save frodo? I mean, better him than us.
Sam: He's the ringbearer! We need him to destroy it and to save Middle-Earth!
Pippin: oh, so THAT'S he's wearing that taky ring!
Sam: Has it taken you all this time to figure that out?
Pippin: Well, yeah, but Frodo HAVE to be the ringbearer? it'd look better on me.
Sam:*thinks* You won't survive tonight Perigrin Took.
by The It
Merry:I'll fight you with iron and fire!
Sam:I'll fight you with fists like iron!
Pippin:I'll fight you with my death stare!
by Scottish Elf
Merry: I love it when you make shadow puppet shows, Sam!

Sam: If you want candles, come and claim them!
by Tallulah
All: Agh! Get away! Leave us alone! MONSTER!
Faerie: Who? Little ol' me?
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Aragorn: Who are you?
Sam: We are the hobbits who say - NI!
Aragorn: No! Not the hobbits who say Ni!
Sam: The same!
by Rani
Sam: Nobody expects the Hobbiton Inquisition! by Rani
Sam: "Whaddya mean there's going to be two more movies?"
Merry: "I think it's called...a trilogy."
by Peregrin Took
Sam: I'll have you for Pete's Sake!
Merry: Who on earth is Pete?
by Pippin's Pervert
Hanukah oh Hanukah. Come light the menorah. Lets have a party. We`ll all dance the Hora. by Baby Hobbit
Merry: Did you see that?
Sam: Yup.
Pippin: Move your head sam I can't see a thing.
Merry: Trust me Pip you don't won't to.
Sam: Let's just back away slowly and leave Mr. Frodo alone with the brownies.
by Elfchick
Sam: Get back, you! I know Pip-Foo!!

Dom: I knew this was a bad idea...
Billy: What did you do?
Dom: I invited Elijah to dump his fangirls on us for a day...
by Stefanie
Sam(singing) Back off I'll take you on! Headstrong to take on anyone!...
Pippin: What he said!
Merry:Ooooohhhhh! Pretty light! Watch it flicker!
by Amy
Merry: If I just TIP this candlestick this's like the party all over again!
Sam: You do know we can hear you, right?
by Lily the Bucklander
Due to a typing error, the hobbits were surprised to see Shelob turn up early when the script demanded the appearance of a Giant Strider.

Sean's audition for the new Wolverine movie was very unconvincing.

by Zion_Ravescene
sam:okay, pip,you take the left,merry,you take the right and i'll take the middle.
merry:sam, there's only one of them.
pip:no, there's two.
merry:that one's frodo, you idiot!
sam:okay, plan b. i'll punch his nose,merry, you light his hair on fire,pip,you crack the stool over his head.
merry:sam, you can't reach his nose.
sam:okay, plan c.
strider: stupid hobbits.
by ellen
Merry: Watch it! Sam's nasty when he uses his ninja fists!
Sam: Just watch! *punches at the flames*
Pippin: They're not going out mate.
Strider: Some trick.
Sam: Just give me a minute!

Sam knew that Merry shouldn't have set Strider on fire, but still felt compelled to defend him.

Merry: Is that Mike Tyson!?
by Isilehtele
The reaction didn't go so well when the Nazgul said that the Hobbits looked better by candelight by Cassandra
Fan Girls: *screams of ecstacy and delight*
Sean: Bring you're pretty faces to my fists!
Dom: Yeah! I burn you all!
Fan Girls: BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Fan Girls run after poor Billy*
*Sean and Dom lower their weapons*
Dom: Poor Bill...
Sean: Yeah...
*they look at each other*
Both: Better him than us!
by Cassandra
Merry and Pippin watch in awe as Sam proves that he is in fact, the most talented shadow puppiter of the group. by Lyndsay
Sam: Are you frightened Aragorn?
Aragorn: **groan**
Sam: Obviosly not frightened enough!
by _liz_elf_girl
Merry and Sam never notice as Pippin quietly exits the door at the sight of a big hairy human by Dimiavasiel Nerwen Surion
while sam thought his fists would be the best weapon against the ur kaki while pippen thought that the candlestick was the best option by cat reeves
SAM: bring it on!
MERRY: whoa....its..ummmm...bigger than i thought...
PIPPIN: Ummmmmm....I'll be out here - giving moral support....
by Chessy
Merry looks worried as he realises he has set Sams hair on fire.

Merry: Would you look at that, a candle
by Elviand
Merry: *eep* Sam...we have the wrong room!
Sam: So?
by Just_Kidding
sam/would you watch whear you put that candle stick
mary/sorry sam,but i drank a lot of al's.i can't help it!
pip/what are you talking about?!i had some too and i'm*hiccup*fine strider/*thinks*drunks
by libby
Sam: *barges in* I'LL GET YOU FOUL BEAST!!
Pippin: Is that my mother?
by Shieldmaiden
Aragorn: You in the front! If I were you I'd lay off the doughnuts for a little while.
Sam: Oh, yeah? Well if I were you I'd take a shower more than once a decade!
Merry: This could get nasty.
Pippin: I think that's my cue to leave.
by Psycho-Smeagol
Along with Sam's quick sense of bravery, he begins to smell something burning... by Christiana
Sam: I won't let you pass!
Aragorn: Hah, I'm not scared of you!
Merry: I won't let you either!
Aragorn: I'm not scared of you, or your stupid candlestick!
Pippin: Erm, er...
Aragorn: Arghhh! Scottish accent!
by Kaisa
Chanukah brings pints, pints bring rowdy Hobbits, and rowdy Hobbits brawl at inns. Here is one example taken from The Green Dragon:

Fat Hobbit: Ish not nicesh ta shay thash 'boutsh ma friendsh!
Stupid Hobbit: Merry, what's wrong with him?
Opposed 'Merry' : He's had too many pints.

And thus I conclude my Hobbit presentation. Also available under this title:
12244994 Hobbit call
12244995 Hobbit 'Drowzee' rifle
12244996 New Zealand's Map of Shire
12244997 Hobbit pints
12244998 Go unnoticed by Hobbits! Shorter pill, get 3 feet shorter FAST!

by Emily the Gna
The hobbits realise that trying to defeat the Flaming Eye of Sauron with only Sam's fists and a candleabra wasn't going to be the great victory it had appeared after one-to-many pints... by Tolkienite
Merry:(thinks)What are we doing this for, do we have a death wish or something?
Pippin:(thinks)We have fists and will power and that other guy has strength and a very sharp sword!
Sam:(thinks)Why on earth did I even bother to open my mouth, I am going to die EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by nerdbrain
Sam: Harm Frodo and you're dead. These fists were made for hurting.
Merry: Yeah, and I'll hit you with these candlesticks!
Pippin: I think I'll just stand at the back and look confused...
by Ce
Merry: Ooooh...the light...Pretty light...
Sam: Oh great!Well done Aragorn.You know what fire does to him...
by Pip Fan
Sam: Back vile Fangirls!
Merry: I'll burn you! I got fire!
Pippin: Eeep.
by Faerie in Combat Boots
"This little light of mine, i'm gunna let it shine. This little light of mine, i'm gunna let it shine...." by AJ Brandybuck
Merry-You now he is taller in real life than he looks on TV
Sam-Yeah i think i realized that already...
by Alicia Weatherbee
Merry:...You will find the Holy Grail in the castle--Aaaaaaagh.
Merry:That's what is says,"Aaaaaaaagh"
Merry,Pippin&Sam:*mutter mutter mutter*
Sam:Perhaps he died while writing.
Merry:You clodpole!If he'd died while writing, he wouldn't have bothered to write "Aaaaaaaaagh"!
Pippin:Maybe he was dictating!
Sam:No,no,it's "Aaaaaaaaagh";in the back of the throat.
Pippin: No, I meant "Aaaaaaaaaah!" as in a cry of alarm.
Sam:Ah.*does a double take* Aaaaaaaaah!
Merry:It's the Black Beast of Aaaaagh!
*random screaming*
Narrator:And they bravely ran away.
by An_unsocialized_Christian_freak_who_plays_the_ukalele
Sam: [drunk] let him go or i'll punch yur guts out...i can take all five of ya! [passes out]
Merry: let him go or i'll burn you! [candles go out] uhh...never mind
Pippin: just let him go...pleeeeease? [does bambi eyes]
by Mary
Clue: LOTR Version: the hotel room....with the candlestick. by Angela
Please accept out humble gratitude with this burning.......ATTACK NOW!!!!!! Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Police
Sam demonstrates his Karate to Merry and Pippin.
Sam: This my friends is how you punch someone in the stomach who's keeping MR. FRODO away from you!
Strider: sorry!!
by Legolas' Elf Girl
Sam: Get off Mr. Frodo or I'll have u longshanks. Pippen:Uhhmm... Sam you might wanta move away from Merry's candle. by Inwe366
sam: I won't let you get away with this strider1
Merry: sam, they're just browinies.
Sam: I don't care! they're mine, my own, my preciousss
by Mrs Frodo Baggins
Candle holder...$40
Sticking together in times of need...Priceless
by Tahiri Greenleaf
What do you mean they ran out of pints?? by Amanda
Sam: I'll have you, Longshanks!
Merry: Sam, I think that's a Balrog...
by obgal
Candles: 3 sliver pieces
Candlestick: 10 silver pieces
Boxing Lessions: 80 silver pieces
Finding out that strange people are abducting your friends and turn out to be the good guy....Priceless
by arwengreanleaf