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Contest 35

No matter how charming Gandalf tried to be, his horse still refused to budge out of the parking lot.

by Melody Horse (thinking): Not Slytherin, not Slytherin! by katydid Galadriel's gift to Aragorn (not seen in the movie): Hidalgo by Pippin's Angel Gandalf: WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE GAS PRICES WENT UP AGAIN!? by ElvenArcher007 Thus proving that pets really do look like their owners... by star This is exclusive footage showing Gandalf attempting to do the defy-gravity-swing-on-horse move that Legolas created in The Two Towers... by Tahiri Greenleaf Do you have "Isitari White" in stock? by Rare shot of Gandalf during his first job in Middle-Earth: Travelling Door Salesman by Amy Horse: What do you MEAN you're replacing me with Shadowfax? by Lily the Bucklander

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by DizzyBrunette, Elijah's Grey Panthers

For the Rugged Halfling within.

by haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Mithindome of the Fantasylands/Goldenwoods forum

by haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Deagol: Why are we dancing?
Smeagol: I have no idea.
Deagol: Aren't you supposed to be strangling me?
Smeagol: Oh yeah! That's right. . .

submitted by Heather




Welcome to Lothlorien Piercing Studio, the finest in the whole of Middle Earth. How can we serve you, dear sirs?

Piercing...? Hmmm....

I'd like one hole in my tongue pleassse.

by Triss Merigold, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Christiana