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Contest 35

Horse: *singin* On the road again.
Gandalf: What did I tell you about singing.
Horse: Then can I wistle it?
Gandalf: No!
Horse: Can I hum it?
Gandalf: Sure.
Horse: Hums
by Lily
by Scottish Elf
How do you do my lady?
Um........perhaps later
by Jordan
Gandalf: Do you know where a Target is? by Someguy
Um...excuse me, sir, I'm looking for a Disney Store, Pippin got lost. by Pippin's Pervert
1. Gandalf: Phew! its hot today

2. Vicar: I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the horse.

3. After shopping in Bree, Gandalf brought himself a second-hand horse and a second-hand wizard's hat
by luke
Gandalf~" see guys this is the new member of the fellowship! He is represting the horses! by Peri
Saruman in the background: The hour is late and Gandalf the grey rides to Isengard seeking my counsel that is why you have come is it not?
Gandalf: Huh? What do you mean my hats too pointy?
horse: i told you you needed hearing aids gandalf but did you listen to me nooooooooooooooooooo.
gandalf: oh thats what you said I thought you said i needed speaking aids so i came to ask Saruman for it
horse: (rolls its eyes)
gandalf: well sorry saruman i need to go to the ear wizard goodbye
saruman: anytime.......i guess
by meriadoc
Hi, do I know you? by Jordan
Gandalf: "You know...these hobbits don't appriciate me anymore. Look at all I do for them! And...blah blah blah..."
Horse: *thinks* "I knew I should have slept in this morning".
by Laifanawen
Gandalf: is this Isengard? No, wait...Frodo? What are you doing here? Oh, hi there Saruman, thought you were Frodo for a second. Ohhhh, I so should not have eaten those brownies.... by The one and only Baggins
Horse (thinking): Not Slytherin, not Slytherin! by katydid
Gandalf: (Takes off hat) Yes Thank you, Thank you, very much!! I have acctually comepleted the task: Petting the horse!! Viggo2000
Gandalf-yippee!!!.....a rest stop!
horse-*thinks*-if he doesnt let go of my reigns going to make him into a rest stop!

gandalf-guys, I know i said i wanted to play freeze tag but would u please unfreeze us?!
rest of the fellowship-way to go guys...*all crack up laughing*

gandalf-look horsie!...a pretty birdy!
horse-*this guy's nuts*
by HAT
Gandalf: You would not part an old man from his hat?

Poor Gandalf... didn't see that big grey trombone coming...
by Hobbit eyes
Gandalf: Wow.. he he.. This pipeweed is starting to get to me... you want some too, doncha horsie... i know you say you dont buckle under peer pressure, but man... this is good stuff! by Sonya
Gandalf:What do you mean he's not home?! I ride all the way out here house on this smelly horse,and you tell me HE IS NOT HOME?!?!
Wormtongue:Sorry. But would you like to make an appointment?
by Pippin the Pyro
Horse: I told him not to drink and smoke that much last night! by sammi
But why's the rum gone? by Miss Hobbit Maiden
Gandalf's horse: And this is Elijah Wood sir..
gandalf: To the actor i can never best
by Nightcrawler
G:Holy Brownies! It's the nija hobbits!
Billy:Just shut up and sign this paper thingy.
by Someguy
Gandalf: Up in the sky
it's a bird........
it's a plane.........
ITs.... oh wait it is a bird never mind
Horse rolls its eyes
by hobbitongal
*singing*: OH what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. I've got a beautiful feeling. Everything's going my way. *mutters under breath* except when Frodo stoled my brownies! by Mrs Frodo Baggins
Gandalf tries his hand at ventriloquism. son of durotan
"Tut-Tut, It looks like rain." by Sarah
Waiting for the fight with the Balrog: a lotta days
Waiting to come back from the dead: a lot more days
Waiting to have bright white clothing and a huge white horse: even more days
Picturing the look on their faces when it all finally happens: Priceless!
by Fahmi
Gandalf: And watch as I, The Amazing Gandalf, pull a horse from my hat! TA-DA!! by Faerie in Combat Boots
I can use this hat as a disc weapon, you know...... by Pecok up yours
And you see? I pulled the horse right out of my hat! Magic! by Josephine
Gandalf: Mr. Horse, do you think I'm bald?
Horse: .....?
Gandalf: I've got this shiny spot on my head you see...
by Melphie
No matter how charming Gandalf tried to be, his horse still refused to budge out of the parking lot. by Melody
How did I get my lovely new hat you ask? Well, I got it at the All-New-And-Not-Fake Wizard Store! It was a SNAP!!
Horse: Dude, that's the front of a shield. And it's made out of plastic. Whoever sold it was mentally-retarded. Savvy?
by mevie
Gandalf: Do you smell that?
Horse: It's the road.
Gandalf: It is NOT!!
Horse: You said it goes ever on and on. That's GOT to get it rotten sooner or later.
by Myelftoo
Gandalf talkin to the horse "Just think horsey in the next film ill be dressed in all white and youll be the fastest horse in middle earth!!" by Bird
saruman needs to use a little less of that bleach on his cloths by alisha
Gandalf: Whhhheeeeewwwww! May I offer you a tic-tac? by Alicia J.F.
Gandalf quickly learned to position his hat behind his ear to hear better after he couldn't hear the horse call him a buffoon by ruth
*says to horse* why did you have to go here?
*thinks to self* now I have it all over my shoe.....
by leggy_luv10
eh? say Wuuuuuut? ooooooohhhhhh (starting singing)*throw yo hats up in de air, throw yo hats de air, throw yo hats up in de air, throw yo.....* by Kelsey
Gandalf to fellowship:
Gandalf: "Can somebody PLEASE help me get on this horse?! I'm an old man for pete's sake!"
by BubbleBuddy
Horse: *eyes hat* That is NOT a carrot, Gandalf... Gandalf: I'm trying to bow, you fool. Get out of the way before I call you a fool of a Took, too! Horse: *snort* *snort* by Elorie Rohana
Gandalf:"I can`t read the text.It`s too small. And it`s some form on elvish. Can you read it for me horse`i?
Horse: I`m trying...i`m trying, but i`ve lost my lens. I think it says "Mellon".
Gandalf: Are you sure? It`s seems to me that it says: "Welcome to Sauron - the finest eye doctor in Middle -Earth."
by someone
Thus proving that pets really do look like their owners... by star
Teaching Gandalfs horse the Hokey-Cokey was hot work. by Princess consuela banna hammock
Gandalf: And I was like "No way!" and he's like "Seriously dude!" and i'm like "Sweet!" andhe's like....
Horse: And to think Shadowfax is stuck with this guy everyday.
by Margaret
Gandalf: Woo-pi-di-yii-yaa I go my way...Back on the saddle again.

Wizard Cloak in New York...$20
Large gray Hat in Montana...$30
Horse food in Nevada...$90
Finally reaching the your home in California...Priceless.
by L and G
This is exclusive footage showing Gandalf attempting to do the defy-gravity-swing-on-horse move that Legolas created in The Two Towers...

Horse is listening to Gandalf who is complaining. Announcer: Being a designated driver means you get to choose who you want to drop off first...
by Tahiri Greenleaf
Horse: I can't believe I have to stand next to this guy. by Dreamer
Horse: Come on, Gandalf! Either go away or take a shower! You stink of horse...wait a minute...I'm a horse *sniffs and faints*

Horse: I'm going to count to three and if you don't remove your hand from around my neck, it won't be just your hat that leaves your body...

Horse tries to help Gandalf home as he has had too much of the Elvish miruvor from Legolas.
by Jennifer
Gandalf: I take my hat off to you good pony!
Horse: Horse!
Gandalf: Horse!
by anonymous
Wizard hat:$100
Wizard robes:$300
Riding all the way to your friend and finding he's evil:Priceless
by Isilwen
(After an unfortunate accident involving a balrog and a bottomless pit, Gandalf was replaced by a confused Albert Einstien is costumed and put infront of a camera)
Einstien:I am a scientist, not an actor!
Camera man: like I care! Say the lines or I'll introduce you to my six-barrel.
Einstien: but-but.
(gun cocks)

Horse: *thinks* what did I do to deserve him?

after our ability to caption contest#31, Gandalf tries to strike an un-captionable pose - and failed *snigger*
by The It
Gandalf to horse: Do us a favor. Stay here and try not to do anything stupid.

Gandalf: I don't care if Saruman's got his orcs looking for us. I'm not leaving without my effects. (puts hat on head)
Horse: *thinks* Dude, that was SO last year.
by Marille
Gandalf: Pippin, what are you doing?
Pippin:Giving Diamond an apple.
Gandalf: But that's not what I witnessed.
Pippin:Oh shoot! you are good!

Oh my goodness! You've grown!

Do you know how to get toHobbiton from London? Thanks sir-I mean mamdam.
by Craper of the High Seas
Gandalf: Lookie! Aint it pretty?
Horse: It's a cloud.
Gandalf: But it's SO pretty!
Horse (thinking): I knew I should have gone with the hobbits...
by Mini Moose
Gandalf just remembered that he saved a ton of money by switching to Geico Horse Insurance... by Kirsten of the Panta-Loons
Gandalf: I'm tired of fighting Balrogs and saving the hobbits and giving that ding dong Aragorn advice. Here, horse. I'll give you the hat and you be the wizard for a while.

Gandalf: Finally the trailer is here! I've been trying to fit the horse in my hat for an hour!

Gandalf: What am I going to do now that the horse puked in my hat?
by Psycho-Smeagol
Eew, horsy! No more cabbages for you! by Tallulah
Gandalf: So when i was young they never had all this new fangled.......
Horse: *thinks* Oh good grief
by ben
horse-would this old frod get his hand off my shoulder
gandalf-*wiping his hat off his head* good morning madam your hair looks quite nice to day
horse- suck up
by Erin
Gandalf: No, you silly horse, it is NOT your turn to wear the hat!

Horse (thinking): Must... not... mention... hat hair...

Gandalf: One day, my lad, all this will be yours...
Horse: What, the curtains?
by Frankie
Horse: Hey! Gandalf isn't supposed to be in this close-up of me! by Lil' Dude
Gandalf:And that is how you pick up horse poop my friendly flying nazguls!
Horse:Oh whatever..
by CC
Do you have "Isitari White" in stock?

G:Oh poop!
Gandalf thinking: Maybe I should have left my hat on. Wouldn't want my wig to blow off and have the horse laugh at me AGAIN. by Smeagz
Gandalf: starts to mutter to himself something about pipeweed
Bill the pony: *Rolls his eyes and shakes his head*
by PrincessofHalflings
Gandalf: Oh Juliet, oh Juliet..wherefore art...I mean... It is the east! and, no i'm ready now...Keep it secret, keep
Horse: darn it, Gandalf. I thought you were going to quit that pipeweed!
Gandalf: This time i have it! *whispers menacingly* Harrrrryyy...Pottterrrrr
Pete: Someone confiscate the pipeweed.
by elwing
Gandalf: I see mountains!
Horse: You need glasses!
by MerryMary
"Look exited...look exited...loox exited..." by Ben
yes thank you i have lost weight! by Miss Pippin Took-Greenleaf
Gandalf:When does it get this hot in April??! by Orlandolover
Gandalf:(continuation) so then when I was only 1254, I learned how to sword fight. when I was fighting my hat would always come off!! *hic* and so *stumbles* now I know how to fight..*hic*
Horse: ........crazy drunk
by Shieldmaiden
Gandalf: Is your wife a go-er eh? Nudge nudge, know what I mean, say no more eh? Does she GO eh? by Kahli
When Gandalf got blind he didn't know in wich hand he held his hat..

Gandalf: Ahh! Look, my horse! There is the rest of the fellowship. On top of that mountain. Take me there, will ya?
Horse thinking: *You got to be kidding me!*
by Little_pirate
Ian Mc Kellen: I'm back in the saddle again...I'M BAAAAAAAACKK!!!!!!!!
Horse: Oh dear, I knew Liv shouldn't of shown Ian her dad's band's CD...
by JuneBuggy
Rare shot of Gandalf during his first job in Middle-Earth: Travelling Door Salesman by Amy
(Gandalf )"And so...I just told Marie that you simply cannot use coke to get wine stains out of carpet, it's just unheard of! It was really quite funny my dear friend" by Eggplant
Gandalf having a conversation with the horse: You know, I'm not surprised. I had an awfully long talk with a squirrel one time, longer than I could talk to most humans...

Gandalf: Honey, I'm home!!!!
by Lyra
Phew! Not late! by Treehugger
Gandalf: see kids i'm not bald i have hair!

the kids where in shock when the clown showed up at there birthday party!
by HeidiofTheShire
people in back> YOUR LATE!
frodo> he arrives when he means to!
people in back> your late too!
by by HeidiOfTheShire
both together-Trick or treat by Weird Elf
hello ladies and gentelmen my name is gandalf the gray i'll be your server today. by pippin the great
Gandalf: Hats off to the one who can write a funny caption for THIS!!

Gandalf: Old crow... do you know where we might find... a SHRUBBERY? *dramatic chord*
by Anne Winters
Gandalf meets Mr. Ed by HobbitonGal
Gandalf:Good evening madam, may I interest you in one the finest used horses of Middle-
Hobbit lady slams door in his face.
Hobbit man: Lobelia? Who was that?
Hobbit lady: Just one of those used-horse wizards.
Hobbit man: {shakes head and sighs} And I thought we were on the "Don't even bother List" too!! People these days....
by Tanmetiel
Gandalf was delighted after hearing that he and his horse won middle earths "Lookalike Pet/Owner Hair-doo" contest third year in a row by Christiana
Gandalf: Oh yes, here it is: the "People Who Got Their Hand Stuck to Their Bloody Horse Anonymous" group. I've been looking forward to this for weeks!
Horse: Hey, I wasn't too happy about sticking around with you either, Pal.
by Reasonably Crazy
I lost 120 pounds on the Subway diet *shows all old clothes*, see how big my moo-moo was! by Tolky
Ugly brown horse: 50 golden coins
Ugly grey hat: 10 silver coins
Ugly and old grey costume: 10 golden coins
No hair washing for months: 50 silver coins save
Hearing Gandalf's excuses for being late: priceless!!

G: Excuse me miss, hehe, it seems I have lost my way... Could you tell me the shortest road to the shire, please?

Saruman: And Gandalf the grey rides to Isengard... With a horse that's not his, but mine! And he brings it all sweaty and dirty! HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS, LITTLE WIZARD?!?!?!?!
Gandalf: *grining* hehehe...
by Firithfalaswen
Gandalf: My Frodo, you seem to have grown.
Horse: You MUST be blind old man.
Gandalf: Nonsense, Frodo.
Horse: Ergh...
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Gandalf: hello, madame. you have beautiful brown eyes. would you like to get coffee sometime?
Anouncer guy: Bad judgement, another side-affect of hunger..
by Princess Elfie
Horse: And this, rangers and hobbits, is my dummy, Gandalf. Say "Hello", Gandalf!
Gandalf: Hello Gandalf!
Horse: Oh dear...he's being rather silly again...
by Trogdude
gandalf: ~snatches hat off of horse~ now my dear friend.... i know your ears tend to get cold, but with this hair, i cant go without a hat.

horse: ~thinking~ what ever happenned to 'singing in the rain'? it is DEFINATELY not raining.... so why is he 'singing'?!

gandalf: THIS time, i will pull not one, not two, but two and a HALF rabbits out of my hat!
horse: ....
by Ninja Hobbit
gandalf: oh, yes? mhm.... mhm.... ok... yah, ok, ill do it!!!
~awkward silence~
~crickets chirping~
horse: ...dont tell me youre hearing voices in your head again.

gandalf: it's national Hug-a-Horse-and-Take-Off-Your-Hat-While-Singing-to-a-Random-Tree-Day! how could i have almost forgotten?!

gandalf: this hat makes me look fat doesnt it?
by s.t.c.
gandalf: thats it! im through with lotr! i asked for a TAN colored hat! but what do they give me? gray. i tell you, service is terrible!

gandalf: just look at these grays!! i should just dye all of my hair.... or maybe i could just borrow some of yours, buddy-old-pal? *slings arm over horses back*

gandalf: "back when i was your age...."
horse: *thinking* 'here we go again...'
by mickey
Gandalf: And with my Vulcan death grip I will....
Pete J: CUT!! For the last time you are NOT a Vulcan! You don't even have pointed ears!
Gandalf: I have a pointed hat!
Pete J: That doesn't count!
by Daronda
Gandalf: "Forgive me. I misstook you for Saruman."
Saruman: "But...oh never mind!"
by Robin
Gandalf after his horse booted him in the crotch with his nose....
Gandalf: aaaaaaargh!
Horse: That's for ditching ME for Shadowfax!!!!!!!!!!!
by Phoebe
Gandalf: Rogaine worked for me! It will work for you too!
Horse: *mutters* Sell-out.
by Faerie in Combat Boots
When Shadowfax died, the fellowship did not have the heart to lie about "the big field in the sky", so they just replaced him...thank god for hobbit weed... by Holz
Gandalf:you know whats interesting? the fact in movies, no matter how far you ride a horse its never sweaty. by PetuniaBuffer
Gandy:he just loves wearing my hat it's just that he also likes trying to eat it! -

- Gandy:sam's going to kill me! i cant remember the spell to shrink bill back to his normal size!

they were out of "look like mommy" dollies, so gandalf settled for the pony...notice the matching mane (beard)
by laurefin
Gandalf: Look, Sam Gamgee! I brought you a friend!
Sam (in background): Bill! But you were just a pony when you left Moria!
Bill: I'm all grown up now *sniffle* I missed you...
*Horse/Hobbit hug*
Gandalf: Right then...

A rendition of Cabaret performed by Gandalf and The Horse.
by Starling
At last! We have arrived at the barber shop!

GANDALF: Well, I lost my coconuts, so I had to borrow this horse.
by arwentheelf02
Gandalf: Horsie! Your breath stinks!
Horse: Look who's talking!
by Prisca
Suddenly, Gandalf used his newly accuired jedi skills to "pick up" his hat

Please forgive *tips hat* I am very sorry for choosing Shadowfax..... He was was just so....horseful...I think
by INDYMaster
Gandalf comes out of the prancing pony completely drunk out of his mind. puts arm around horse and says: eh... how you doin baby? by Amanda Boyd
Gandalf: "The Road goes ever on and on..." Horse: Tell me about it...

Gandalf: Frodo, come give this old man a hand..*thinks to self* yay, horsey ride

Gandalf: Hurry! The Ents are coming after us! Who would have thought they'd get so mad after I was using my tooth-pick?
by Efren Took
Gandalf: Oh you silly pony, you're just jealous 'cause The Voices only talk to ME! by Kitsune-Chan
Gandalf, in his old age, doesn't realize that his horse isn't a little pony anymore, and getting scratched behind the ears is only fun for so long. by Fishface
Gandalf: *pointing to horse* This is my friend Phil-
Horse: *snorts indignantly*
Gandalf: Erm-One moment *looks underneath horse*
I mean, Philamena. BOW BEFORE HIM-er, HER!
by Cassandra
Gandalf: i would like to turn my horse for kill bill?
Guy: 155 shillings
by sofy
Hey! How you doin'? by Tallulah
Gandalf and his horse attempt to do the can-can.

The horse shows off his new saddle decoration.
by ShieldMaiden
Gandalf - So I say to the bartender, 'Not a half-wit, a hobbit!' *laughs histerically*
Horse (thinking) - That's the third time today. Once more and I'm going to 'accidently' sit on that ridiculous hat.
by Hannah
Gandalf laughed sarkily, as yet again, Saruman asked the hosre- Why the long face? by Charlotte
Boy this Rogaine stuff really works!." by Sarah
Horse: Psst- Gandalf-
Gandalf: What?
Horse: You forgot the brownies. Again.
Gandalf:Are you serious?
Horse: Yes, I am. You can even look in the little packs hanging at my sides. Gandalf: *Grumblegrumble*
Saruman: Um.. Gandalf? Sorry to bother you but... Why are you here, arguing to a horse?
Gandalf: *Swings hat off* Will everyone just stop bugging me?! Just because I forgot the stupid brownies.. Horse: Shh!
Saruman: You forgot.... the..... the...
Gandalf: *Points pointy hat to Horse* HE STARTED IT!
by Chani
But mommy, I want to ride the pony! by hobbitongal
Much to Frodo's dismay, Gandalf had indeed found a better use for Sam... by Bagender
GANDALF: hey look everyone! I can actually take this thing off! I always thought it had fused to my hair years ago. by Ani
Ahh, Frodo and Samwise, the noble pair, on the road, destinies at hand.... by Eryka
Gandalf: I feel out of place...
Horse: You need whiter clothes...
by Eryka
Horse thinks *Goodness me, the first time i ever get to be in the caption contest i'm in with this fool...
Gandalf: The sun'll come out tommarow, bet your bottom dollar that tommarow..
by Lady of the Woodland Realm
Gandalf: "A horse is a horse, of course of course, but no one can talk to a horse, of course. Unless, of course, the name of the horse is the famous Mr. Ed."
Horse: (thinking) "Where is that Balrog when I need him? This dude will NOT SHUT UP ABOUT FREAKIN' MR. ED!"
by Angela
After hours of gazing into the reflection in the camera, Mr Horse finally decided that brown and grey certainly do NOT go together. by rosieposie
gandalf: ok can i ride you to the shire now?
hourse:nee nee.
gandalf;THATS IT i wish i never nicked you for the knigths who say "nee"!!!!!
by vharri
I'm here for your shampoo, cut and blow dry special and a perm for my horse

Gandalf: "See there's nothing nothing under my hat."
Horse: "Why doesn't that surprise me."
by Ainamenelwen
and for gandalf's ladt magic trick *drum role* pulling a horse out of a hat! by lady anówyn
Peter Jackson (in the back): Yes, Ian, since Elijah couldn't make it today the horse is taking his place.
Ian: What?
by Just Kidding
gandalf: boy, this is tiring
bill: oh shut up and keep swatting. the flies are as big as oliphaunts around here!!!
by mango
Gandalf: Heck! Would you look at the size of that mountain up front! I don't suppose i could...?
Horse: *turns head slowly towards Gandalf and snorts alarmingly*
Gandalf: Right... yeah, i see what you mean - its not all that big when you squint at it...
by Groovy Gollum
Gandalf: Hello Master Hobbit. I'll be your waiter tonight, so what'll you start off with tonight?
Frodo: *Lists a lot of food*
Horse and Gandalf: * Frozen at the amount of food he is ordering for starters.*
by Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Police
See, Saruman? Rogaine DOES work! by Gollum Reincarnate
Gandalf tried to look brave as his horse stood there and squashed his toes, but alas, the pain was too great. by Adilane
gandalf: have you by chance seen the hair dresser? i haven't had a hair cut in one thousand years, and it is a rats nest!
Horse: I agree
by emily
Depicts one of Gandalf's lesser known accomplishments--kidnapping Sauron's Evil Horsey of Doom. by Aranel
Oh knights who so recently said "Ni", I have brought you this horse, instead of the shrubbery you asked for. Now may I continue on my quest for the Grail? by alana
Gandalf to horse = naaaa i dont think that hat suits you, we'll have to try another one by catz
Gandalf (to Saruman): You have lovely wife... both very pretty.
Saruman: Did that Samwise use his frying pan on you again?
by wouldn'tyouliketoknow
Galadriel's gift to Aragorn (not seen in the movie): Hidalgo by Pippin's Angel
Hats are my trade. I am a shrubberer- I mean a hatter. My name is 'Gandalf the Hatter'. I create, pattern, and embroider hats.

Yes. Shrubberies are my trade. I am a shrubber. My name is 'Gandalf the Shrubber'. I arrange, design, and sell shrubberies.
by Resident Crazed One
Gandalf: Yes, Yes! Thank you very much! I am pleased to say that I am the funniest guy in the world.
Horse: Yeah? Since when?
by JEL-elf-girl
After losing the Belmont Stakes and disappointing millions of fans' hopes of viewing a Triple Crown victory, Smarty Jones decided on a new career. by Rowen
Horse: I'm in a caption contest! *Maybe I'll win!* by Shay
gandalf : strong winds today!!! by jc sugrue
Frodo: Hi misterious stranger
Gandalf: *takes hat off*
Frodo: Oh hi gandalf when did you get here
Gandalf: *sigh*
by pla303
Gandalf: C'mon pretty pretty pleasy pleaaaaaaaasssse can I have another quarter for the mechanical horsie
Frodo: No Gandalf now let's get out of here before the fangirls come
Galdalf: I'll cook you mac'n'cheese for a year
Frodo: No the easy mac'n'cheese is too complicated for you Gandalf.
Gandalf: I'll give you browwniiieess
Frodo: mmmmm brownies.... GIMME
by pla303
OH MY GOSH!!! HE'S GOT SEVEN FINGERS ON HIS HAND!!!!! by FiowyntheMagnificent
yes, hello my name is Gandalf, andi like to regester for this race, this is my horse, Smarty Jones
(do ppl get this if they dont live in the western U.S.?) (edit LaWise: I don't know... let's try... ;-) )
by fl0
Gandalf Thinks: I don't feel good. Maybe I shouldn't have ate those burritos.
Horse thinks: Man I hope he doesn't blow chunks.
by Smeagz
Gandalf: Its a beautiful day-ay Yeah Baby! Uh-huh!
Horse: *Stares
Gandalf: What?
by Baby hobbit
*Gandalf throws hat in the air* Whoo hoo! I finally graduated! by Nicole C.
Horse: and I will just reach over and grab his hat....*reaches over*
Gandalf: No! you can't touch my hat! It's My Precious!
Horse: What the!?!....idiot
by Julie
Is my hat hair really that bad?

Gandalf decides to try for the role of Oddjob in the next James Bond film.
by Tinnurien
Gandalf: I'm sorry Mr Ed, you're qualifications are great! ...but we're gonna go with Bill for the part of the fellowship steed.
Mr Ed: *grumbles*
by Galilmathien
Horse: Look, I'm a horse, I don't talk okay, so please stop making captions about me talking, because horses can't talk, got it? by gollum on atkins
Gandalf: (singing) The hills are alive with the sound of music.....
Horse: Here we go again
by Rob
Horse:What do you mean I'm in the wrong movie?
Gandlaf: Heh... Yeeaahh.You see its uhhhhhh..... Peter Jackson's fault he cas too many and uhhh... heh...
by w/e
Hobbit Children: Fireworks Gandalf! Where are the fireworks? Gandalf: There has been a slight problem with the fireworks.. however... do not fear i have a hat and a horse!!!
Hobbit Chilren: *unimpressed looks*
by SupaLorLor
After Gandalf finished directing Frodo to Mount Doom, defeating giant armies at Minas Tirith, saving the lives of many people, and coronating Aragorn as King, he decided to follow an easier career.
Gandalf: Ah yes, here we are: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
by phonebook
Gandalf: hheey, wherree arre wee?
Horse: *annoyed* How do you expect me to know? You KNOW you shouldn't drink and drive.
by Gemini_Star
Gandalf- Would you like my hat or my horse? by Priss
Gandalf:Do the dew Mountain Dew
Horse: Oh boy here we go again! Gandalf and his soda pop jingles.
Gandalf: The taste pepsi!
by lotrfreak223
Gandalf: OK, so it's not exactly a rabbit, but still... by miz monkey
Gandalf: And lo, my little furry-footed friends, I've conjured a horse out of this hat! by Suzanne
gandlf:soooo your the horse of nee?
*horse nods*
gandalf;ok then.
*horse thinks;no wait it's now the knights who say srumdiddleyboomzipp krang!*
by vharri
Gandalf: (singing) And they call the wind Moria. by Angela Took
Gandalf-*Singing* She'll be commin around Caradaras when she comes ..Yee Haw... she'll be drivin six six strong Shadowfaxs when she somes Yee Haw!!
Horse-CGandalf what did I tell u bout singin
Gandalf then can i humm it?
Horse-oh fine
by Jessica Bloom
Horse: What do you MEAN you're replacing me with Shadowfax? by Lily the Bucklander
Gandalf: What's that in your ear?
Horse: Ignore him...ignore him...dude, we NEVER see your ears in the film of FOTR, if you hadn't noticed, so why are you bothering yourself with MY ears?!
Gandalf: Ah, so that's where my brownie went...
by elvenpeace
Gandolf:So do you think it's hot enough to fry an egg yet???
Horse:I don't know.... lets go try it with Saruman....
by Bob
Gandalf: *Nervous laughter* Well you see officer, I just SAW your horse standing around and I thought, 'oh poor thing, he looks so bored' and so I thought 'what the hell, nobody will miss him...' *Nervous laughter again* by Felicity
Gandalf: My hat is off to you madam!
Horse: You need glasses.

Gandalf: There there, someday your hair will be as pointy as mine.
by Lil' Dude
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
Starring Ian McKellen as Willy Wonka!

Gandlaf takes a bow after his performance at Gondor's first Rodeo
by _liz_elf_girl
gandalf- the sky is blue. the trees are tall. blah blah blah.
horse- thinking- omigod im sorry radagast dont leave me with this nut.
by demana
Is that really what my hair looks like from the back? (Edit LaWise: someone's seen Harry Potter, lol!) by Baby hobbit
and my pointy hat trick! by Lozi
And I was like, "You so need me in this Fellowship!" And Elrond was like, "No we don't!" And I was like "Oh yeah? If I HAD joined Saruman, you would be in so much trouble right now!" And he was like, "Yeah, right!" So, uh, I was wondering... is there still a job available here? by Hobbit-Eyes
Gandalf: Look at us! You see the resemblence! by Birthday Girl
Leave it to me to glue my hand to my horse... by anonymous
"Hello there gorgueus, how you doin'?" - Gandalf.
"Creep"- Horse
by Hobbit of Feets
Grey hat in Gondor...$30
Grey cloak in Rohan...$40
Wonderful pony in the Shire...$70
Finally reaching the West...Priceless

Gandalf: Speak Friend and enter
Gandalf resentfully bows at the coronation after a pompous king Aragorn says "I wasn't talking to you when I said 'You bow to no one', was I?!" by Nicole C.
Horse - Look, up there... It's a dead bird!
Gandalf - Where?
Horse - *thinks* Falls for it eeevveerryy time *horsey nort!*
by Aki
the sun, the yellow face, its so bright it burns us by Kayla