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Caption Contest # 34

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by ZZZZZZ Gandalf: You shall no pass!
Nazgul: You wanna bet? by Marille Gandalf: I KNEW blind dates were a bad idea! by Anne Winters Gandalf: Didn't you die?
Ringwraith: I was about to ask you the same thing! by Hobbit eyes The Nazgul tries to hold back his misbehaving fell beast... "Down Blackie, down! (to Gandalf:) sorry, he isn't starting Obedience School 'till next week." by laurefin Pippin: I see dead people!
Gandalf: How many times do we have to tell you? Nazguls are neither living nor dead.
Pippin: I see half-dead people!
Gandalf: *sigh* by Smeagollum I wonder what size coconut would be needed for a thing that size... by Frankie Gandalf: Hush, Pippin. It's just a bunch of pixels. by Bubbles Gandalf: How did you know I was here?
Ringwraith: We tortured the moth. by Vexorg
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Aragorn: No news of Frodo?
Gandalf: No word. Nothing.

Aragorn: We have time. Every day Frodo moves closer to Mordor.

Gandalf: Do we know that?

Aragorn: What does your heart tell you?

Gandalf: That I need a cellphone.

by Dizzy Brunette, Elijah's Grey Panthers




You have some skill with a frying pan.

Hobbits of this country learned long ago: Those without cook-wear may still die upon them. I fear neither meats nor vegetables.

What do you fear, my young Hobbit?

A famine. To stay without food until hunger and thirst accept them and all chance of feasting has gone beyond recall or desire.

You are a son of the Gaffer, a gardener of The Shire. I do not think that would be your fate.

by Goldilocks, Elijah's Grey Panthers

White shores, and beyond...A far green country under a swift sunrise...

I guess that's not so bad...

No no my boy, not at all.

Do they have food there though? Because I am sure I will be quite hungry before all this is over.


by mrs aragorn, Elijah's Grey Panthers

How do we know Frodo is still alive?

What does your script tell you?

by Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen, Elijah's Grey Panthers

PJ: I won!
Philippa and Fran: We won!
PJ: I am king!
Philippa and Fran: We are king!
PJ: The world is mine!
Philippa and Fran: The world is ours!

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submitted by Frodo Babe

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