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Contest # 34

Shadowfax (thinking)- So that thing is my dance partner? *sigh* He better not step on my hooves... by Shay
Pippin:It's digital right?
Pippin:Press delete! Quick!
by Scottish Elf
After a moment of thought Gandalf decided that a game of Chicken with the Witch King wasn't such a good idea after all. by Rachel
Pippin found himself wondering what was the worst to look at: gandalf's bum, or the fiery wringwraith. by cuina
The staring competition had gone on for 4 weeks and 3 days when Gandalf felt himself cracking by Fiona LotR Lover
The Day Gandalf Took Pippin to the Big City-
Pippin: That's funny. I thought pigeons were smaller...*gulp* and didn't kill pedestrians...
by Pendragon
Feeeeed the biiiirrrrds... by AllaBella
Pip: Gandalf, are you sure that you read the right address on the babysitter's ad? by Fishface
Pippin: Um, I think we may have taken a wrong turn.

Gandalf (as an action figure): Oooh, I am going to kill the kid who set me up to fight the Nazgul!

The ULTIMATE Battle:
Nazgul: Ok, loser has to take on the fashion style of the winner!
Gandalf: You're on!
Pippin: Please win Gandalf! Black just isn't my color!
by Starling
Shadowfax: does my bum look big in this? by dudette
Pippin: Hey, Gandalf isn't that your line?
by hobbitgoddess
So it was you that bought the last flying horse! by Emily
Nazul: Pardon me, old chap! I mistook you for a lady of Rohan! by Gollum Reincarnate
Pippin:It had started with a pony...then the witch king got a cool black ringwraith then Gandalf had to get a shiny white one...
And then...

Nazgul: Have you seen scene 42 anywhere? I'm supposed to be at Osgiliath this week shooting the whole Frodo holding out the ring malarky...only I stayed a bit too long at the prancing pony...

Pip: know what happened last time you said "You shall not pass..."
by holz
Gandalf: holy moly mackaroni!!!!
Pip: Gandalf, thats no mackaroni its a fell beast.
Gandalf: Fool of a Took!!! I know that.
Pip: Oh, I knew that.
by moocow
Gandalf: Man, you need a tictac or something, 'cause your breath STINKS!
by Lady of the Woodland Realm
Ringwraith: (Trying to steer creature away)sniff sniff Come on, Come on let's get away from him. I don't when the last time he had a shower. by Viggo2000
Shadowfax:Oh what large teeth you have! I mean, white, sparkling teeth! I know you probably hear this from your food all the time, but you must bleach or somethin, cause that is one dazzlin smile you got there! And do I detect a hint of minty freshness? And you know what else? You're-you're a girl dragon! Oh sure, I mean, of course you're a girl dragon You're just reekin in feminine beauty!
-Winged Nazgul, Gandalf, and Pip:.....
by Swan of Imladris
Pippin: Uh Gandalf, are you sure we're on the right floor? this doesn't look like the hardware department. by Pip
Pip: uhhhh, Gandalf where are we going?

Pip: Holy Eru what is that thing?!?!?!

Pip: Big teeth, big teeth....Iwanna go hommmmmeeee!!!!!!
by Rowan
White cloak...$50
Beautiful white horse...$200
Reins and bit...$250
Being confronted by a Nasgul...Priceless

Pippin: Ok, I think Pete's imagination went a LITTLE too far.
by Tahiri Greenleaf
Behind the Scenes:
Pippin: Ya, Pete wanted to make everything seem real(the costumes, the ears, the feet). That's why the movie made millions of dollars.
Gandalf: However there was one instance where things were a little too real. That's why the medical doctors made millions of dollars.
by Tahiri Greenleaf
Early morning traffic... by ZZZZZZZ
Blast it Peregrin Took! You've driven my elven brooch right into my larynx with all your yanking on my cape to ask me all your questions! by Noldie
Gandalf: So the magazine said horses were out of style?
Ringwraith: Yep, that's why we all got Fell Beasts, they're the new "Evil Horses"...
by AllaBella
Alright, which one is the flying beast, and which is Shadowfax's rear end?
You'd be surprised how many can't tell the difference.
by Mrs Aragorn
Witch King:"My Nazgul shall eat you and your puppet of a man"
Pippin:" Oh come on Gandalf I want to feed the pretty birdy"
by Bird
Gandalf: Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
Pippin: Geez, Gandalf. I think you need glasses!
by elfdoctor
Gandalf: I KNEW blind dates were a bad idea!

Pippin: Happy thoughts, think Happy thoughts!
by Anne Winters
Gandalf: It's the Nazgul from Scene 24!
Pippin: What's he doing here?
Gandalf: He is the keeper of the Bridge of Death. He asks anyone who seeks to cross five questions.
Pippin: Three questions.
Gandalf: Three questions, and then you answer the five questions
Pippin: Three questions
Gandalf: Three questions, and then you may cross.
Pippin: What if you get one wrong?
Gandalf: Then you are cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
Nazgul: Any questions?
by Anne Winters
Mordor Gandalf, Left or right? by preshus
Gandalf: So what do we learn from this, Peregrin Took?
Pippin: Don't feed stray animals. You'll never get rid of them.
by Angela
Nazgűl: Give up the halfling she-elf!!
Gandalf: *thinks* Stupid WiKi...
by Firithfalaswen
Gandalf: ooooo Denethor is just going to absolutely love this cardboard standee of a Nazgul!! by Shieldmaiden
Shadowfax: You!
Ringwraith: You!
Shadowfax: I haven't seen you since we danced the Tango at the highschool prom
Ringwraith: Why didn't you -call- me?
Shadowfax: Well... there are quite a few reasons actually.
by Jessica
MAN Who peed in HIS cornflakes!!!! by Trina
Shadowfax: Nothing like Nuzgul urine to put out raging background fires!

After an hour the 4 vindiloos, 3 curries, 2 buckets of chicken wings and a six pack of beer began to start having an effect on Mr Nazgul
by roo
Nazgul :Your package has arrived sir, if you would please sign here, here and initials here.

Pippin regreats feeding the fellbeast nitro glycerine (as do all the people behind it)
by The It
Gandalf:Shut up. Shadowfax!!!What have I told you about excreting in nerve racking situations!!!
by Sarah
Stop hidding behind my back, Pip! It is a CG only! by Mrs Obvious
pippin: gandalf, i don't think you're bug repellant worked...i think it made things worse!
gandlaf: *reads bottle* "for use in normal world only; won't work especially in fairy tale lands" *gulp*
by bits
Gandalf: You shall no pass!
Nazgul: You wanna bet?

Nazgul: STOP! There aren't any warrior princesses around? Are there?
Gandalf: No.
Nazgul: Oh, good. (roars) Let's finish this shall we?

Pippin: You have a plan, Gandalf, tell me you have a plan.
Gandalf: No.
Pippin: But your Gandalf, your supposed to have a plan.
Gandalf: How about this. We'll fight real hard and try not to get killed.
Pippin: I do't know that I like that plan.
Gandalf: You asked for a plan, you'll have to take what I can give you.
by Marille
"Uh AWAY! RUN AWAAAY!! by Princess_lu
OH my gosh!

Nazgul- Peekaboo i found you!
Gandalf- Aw shucks you always beat me at hide n seek

Gandalf wait patiently to wride the fell beast at the end of their grocery trip.
by hobbitongal
EvilNazgulFlyingThingie: *squints* Is this the mail order bride I ordered from e-bay? I asked specifically for my own species! And for no passengers! by anonymous
gandalf:so -thats- a dwarf woman?! well whodathunkit!
gimli:actually it's a ringwrai...
gandalf:...a dwarf woman...
by lozi
GANDALF: Oops....maybe taking that right turn wasn't such a good idea... by Chessy
Gandalf: Didn't you die?
Ringwraith: I was about to ask you the same thing!
by Hobbit-Eyes
Let's just say Pippin and Gandalf's exact last words were censored. by Faerie in Combats
Verizon guy hidden behind the robes of the Nazgul) "Can you hear me now? GOOD!" by tinuviel gil-galad
You didn't slay the dragon?? by MerryMary
Pippin: Hey, I thought this is 'Lord of the Rings' not 'Jurassic Park'! by Triss Merigold
Gandalf & Pippin found a whole new meaning of feeding the birds. by Dominic rocks my world
Gandalf realized the hard way that the first thing on a ringwraith's grocery list isn't always tic-tacs by Lady of Lorien
Gandalf: Alright, who's been feeding the seagulls?!?!?!?!

Gandalf: Fetch the Holy Hand Grenade!!!

Gandalf: Alright, remember Pippin, on the count of three, yell Expecto Patronum!
by Lyra
Pippin: Er, guys, we're not going to get anywhere like this.
by insomniac ranger
G: Well there goes the only exit!
P: Oh I hate these movies!
*channeling spaceballs teehee*
by standerbyslol
Nazgul: Can I keep him, pleeeeease?
Gandalf: I already let you have the freaky black horse, and look what happened to it! You'll never be able to take care of a fell beast!
by Kitty ŕ la Mode
Wraith's Steed: You shall not pass!! by Tiffany
Pippin: Um, Gandalf, I have go to the bathroom. by it
nazgul: it's duck hunting season
Gandalf: no it's rabbit hunting season
by David
Gandalf thinking: Hey, he has a better steed than me. Not fair!

ringwraith: shire...Baggins.
Gandalf: dude, that was soo two years ago.
by Mrs Frodo Baggins
Fell Beast: Halt! Whoever crosses the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three. What is your name?
Gandalf: Gandalf the Grey.
Fell Beast: What is your quest?
Gandalf: To help in the destruction of the One Ring.
Fell Beast: the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Pippin *sniggering*: I don't know, aren't you one?
by Pendragon
Gandalfs plan of letting Pippin jump out and scare the Fell Beast away might not have been that good. by merrigold the undying
I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! by L.A
Fell Beast: ***SCHREEEEECH***
Pippin: Erm, Gandalf, I don't think he liked what you said about "great big ugly wings"...
by ShaLaLa
Gandalf: Can you waltz? by ILuvMerry&Pippin
Much to Pippin and Gandalf's dismay, the Nazgul won the bet for who can get to the top of Mina Tirith first. by Christiana
There you two are!! There has been one thing that I have been ordered to do by the Grand Master Sauron....Billy, Can I have your autograph?? by Moriah
Pippin: *thinking* Find a happy place...find a happy place...find a happy place... by Elvenarcher007
Pippin: (thinking)wait a second! this shot wasn't in the movie!

Gandalf laughs when he notices that a giant rohan helmet is sneaking up on the witch king...

the nazgul tries to hold back his misbehaving fell beast... "down blackie, down!(to gandalf) sorry, he isn't starting obedience school 'till next week."
by laurefin
It was at this moment Gandalf realized he should have taken that left turn in Albequrque... by Baggender
Gandalf:Pippin!I told you not to feed birdies pipe weed!
Pipppin:Meep!It wasn't pipe weed!
Gandalf:Then what was it you fool of a took!
Pippin:MEEP!..My left overs from bean burrtios AND pipe weed mixed in together
by CC
Nazgul: Hello and welcome to Fellbeast Air...we`re about to take off, so please put your seats in an upright position, fasten your seatbelts and relax as our flight attendants *coughmecough* serve you a very special drink named Black Breath...
Gandalf: On second thought, I`d rather go on by horse...
by Lady Este
Uh... that's CGI, right? by Hobbit-eyes
Pippin: Now THAT is a horse!
Gandalf: Pippin, that is NOT a horse.
Pippin: Oh, and the thing we're sitting on now is?

I wonder what size coconut would be needed for a thing that size...
by Frankie
pippin: it's airight for the gandaf to battle the witch king he smote his enemys ruin on the mountain but why did we have to be atacked when I'm with him? by pippin the great
Pippin: Gandalf, the nazgul kite won't fly *starts to cry into the back of gandalf*
Gandalf: Fool of a took! I told you not to fly it near the tower tops, now look, you've ripped it! right up there in the left wing!
by ladygaladriel
gandalf: excuse me sir were in a big hurry to get to minas tirith so we can defeat souron would you ming giving us derections?
nazgul: screech! [atack]
pippin: and he called me fool of a took!
by pippin the great
Gandalf thinking: 'And I thought I could escape that usher.'

Nazgul: 'Why didn't you called me?!'
by Chloe
Gandalf: Look Wraithy, I brought you a wee present!
Wraithy: yum.
Gandalf:*thinking* This'll get his breeches in a twist, the little bugger...
Gandalf: Heh heh heh...
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Pippin: Gandalf, move your big head, I can't see!
Gandalf: Okay, but you asked for it.
Pippin: On second thought, I really don't need to see. (quickly buries his head in Gandalf's cloak) Please Gandalf, just make it go away.
by elfchick
BITE ME!! by SamWiseTerry
Pip: A plan would be nice
Gandalf: ...
Pip: it doesn't have to be that good, but it would be nice
You do have a plan? Gandalf?
by Tinuviel
Pippin: Gadalf, I don't think that bird watching was such a good idea. by Dylan
Fellbeast:*slavering* One day, in a less traumatic environment, you will all laugh at my unporportionate head.
Pippin: Eeep! It talked!
Gandalf: Can I laugh now?

For the first time, since he had become The White Wizard, did Gandalf feel that a Nazgul had outcleaned him.
Pippin: *retching* I knew potatoes before the ride were a bad idea.
by ChildoftheGna
fell beast:Knock,knock.
Gandalf:Who's there?
fell beast:Orange.
fell beast:Orange ya glad I already ate!
by weird elf
Ringwraith: hey Gandalf,ole buddy, ole pal!!! remember that little comment you said about not likeing my black horse in the fellowship? well whadda ya think of THIS!!! mwahahahhah!
Pippin: oh NOW who's the "fool of a took"?
Gandalf: gulp
by Lady of Lorien
Just after seeing Birds, Pippin started having halucinations at the sight of a sparrow. by Margaret
polly want a cracker? Pretty Polly! by frodo baggins
ANNOUNCER: All of Middle Earth has turned out to see the famous Toreador Nazgul-fight. It promises to be an exciting event with the Witch King on his fell beast, facing off against Gandalf the White on Shadowfax, with Peregrin Took as his handicap! The winner of this contest will go on to compete in the Running of the Cave Troll.
GANDALF: Torro- Torro!!!
by Elfin Maiden
Gandalf: *looks at fiery cloud behind Fell Beast* Oh for Elbereth's sake, you need to get some Beano or somthing cause wheeeyeeewf! That stench could raise the Dead Marshes!

Gandalf: Right, Pip, you're a big hobbit now so I'm gonna let you handle this one.
by Eryka
I told you this was the wrong movie theatre frodo, this movie is rated R. close your eyes you are to young to see this. by Marie
flying nazgul thingy: give us a kiss

flying nazgul thingy: rar!
gandalf: guess wut? i just saved a ton of money on my car insurance with GICKO!
by fl0
Gandalf: Pippin? ...Gandalf needs to breathe. by Alicia J.F.
Pippen: Wot's that?
Gandalf: It appears to be a rather large bird.
Pippen:Wot's a bird?
by Gollum
Nazgul: Excuse me, which way to the bathroom
Gandalf: 3 blocks then a right at the sign Can't miss it
Pippin: Erm..Gandalf...what are you...
Gandalf: **whispers** don't worry I gave him directions to Eowyn.
by _liz_elf_girl
Got Nazgul?

Who knew Italian Cyprus trees grew in Middle Earth?!?!
Dear Mom,
I had a lovely time at camp...
by L and G
Nazgul: poor birdie bye he hurt his footsie wootsie dont worry the nice wizard man will make it feel all better!
NAzgul: dont try to eat him hes trying......,.noooooooooooooooooooooooo
by Ms Micci Took-Greenleaf
Pippin: I'm right behind you, using you as a shield! by amie
Gandalf: TAKE YOUR PROBLEMS OFF THE ROAD! by Fiona LotR lover
pippin:gandalf I want to pet the birdie!!!
gandalf: no
pippin: why not? it lookes so cute!!
gandalf: that #§!ç& birdie of you wants to eat us !
by Naraewyne
The temptation to sing "Bats in the Belfree" proved to be too much for Pippen to resist!! by Daronda
Pippin: Hey Nazgul nice dress!
Nazgul: Its not a dress its a robe!
Pippin: Its a dress!
Nazgul: No its a robe!
Gandalf: Acctually I would have to agree with Pippin-its a dress.
Nazgul: You wanna bet?
Pippin and gandalf: Yeah we'll bet you 50 bucks its a Dress!!!!!!!!
by Viggo2000
This is a perfect example of birdwatching gone bad.
Pippin: But he said he was a pretty birdie and said that I was very incompetent...That's good right?
Gandalf: *sighs*
by Cassandra
*Shadowfax* I shall; kick the foul beats to death for you Gandalf
*Gandalf* Shadowfaax you do know that the wraith is digital right
*Shadowfax* really no i didnt
*Pippin* well Gandalf if it is digital cant you just press delete?
*Gandalf* well Pippin i have never thought of that lets try
* tries to no avail*
*Gandalf and Pippin together* well i guess that rules that method of destruction out then.
by Jessica
Gandalf: Rar.
Shadowfax: Yo, Wiz. Next time let ME do the "i am horse, hear me roar". It just aint your thing, man.
by Elwing
Pippin thinking: I wonder when it's time to eat. I'm starving. by Smeagz
Tacos!! I need tacos! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes.... by Caitrin
shadoefax to nazgul : draw, you lily livered son of pig! by crazy she elf
nazgal-ha found you!! your turn!!
by aragorn_horse_lover
Gandalf: Hush, Pippin. It's just a bunch of pixels.

Gandalf: Your Nimbus 2004 doesn't impress me much.

Steed: Whaddaya mean I gotta pose like this until the extended edition?
by Bubbles
We're not in Kansas anymore... by L and G
Pippen: I see dead people!
Gandalf: How many times do we have to tell you? Nazguls are neither living nor dead.
Pippen: I see half-dead people!
Gandalf: *sigh*
by Smeagollum
Nazgul: I'm a Diana fan.
Gandalf: Well I'm a Fantasia fan.
Nazgul: Die!
by _liz_elf_girl
(Middle Earth prepares for the 9th Annual Kentucky Derby)
Gandalf to Ringwraith:
"Meet my horse, ShawdowBisquit".
Ringwraith to Gandalf:
"Meet my flying horsedragon, OneUglyMoFo"
OneUglyMoFo: *screeches*
by BubbleBuddy
Much to their dismay, Pippin and Gandalf discover that feeding the birds wasn't really such a good idea. by Uniswift87
*Romeo and Juliet theme song* ... 'Twas love at first sight, and poor Nazgul, Gandalf and Pippin were caught in the middle. by anonymous
Witch King: Welcome to the caribbean! by Jack Sparrow Lives on
1. Gandalf: Whoops, wrong way.

2. Gandalf: Dont worry Pippin, they'll cut this bit out of the film

3. gandalf: This is not the hobbit you're looking for, no i'm serious, you're looking for the wrong hobbit.
by Luke
Ohh my. It didn't say in the manual what to do if it didn't smell me and take off on it's own accord. Where's Aragorn when you need him? And now it's getting closer...Yoikes. Hrm, let's see. Take a step back. Ok, not a good idea. How 'bout one forward? Ok, nope, not that either. How bout I just stand here and play dead. I don't got the Ring... by Stevi
Nazgul: Ah Gandalf, here you are. You must help me, my Fell Beast's tail is on fire... by Dernhelm
Tour guide: And coming up on your right we have the large-winged flesh-eating monster you have been hearing so much about. Please keep your arms and legs on the horse at all times, this critter tends to bite. by rosieposie
Gandalf: This town ain't big enough for the both of us, punk. by Rosie Harrison
Dragon: "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!! Were you scared? Tell me honestly!"
Gandalf: "I was close to being scared that time."
Dragon: "I'm going for fearsome here, but I just don't feel it! I think I'm just coming off as annoying."
by Robin
Nazgul in fake French accent: You don't frighten us, Shire pig-dog! Go and boil your bottoms, son of a silly person. I blow my nose on you, so-called Gandalf-wizard, you and your silly Hobbit K...kaniggets. *blows raspberry*
Pippin: What a strange person.
Gandalf: Now look here, my good man!
Nazgul: I don't want to talk to you, no more, you empty-headed animal, food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. You mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
Pippin: Is there someone else up there we could talk to?
Nazgul: No. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.
by phonebook
Pippin: Gandalf...i'm scared! Hold me!
Gandalf: i can't hold you when ur're behind me. Just close ur eyes and mb it'll go away.
Pippin: ok *closes eyes*....*opens eyes* NOPE IT'S STILL THERE AND IT'S GETTING CLOSER!
by AJ_Brandybuck
Pip: May Istart panicking yet?
Gandalf: Darn it! It's illegal to do a U-turn in this lane!!!! Oh, sorry, you may start panicking now.
by Aubrey Bloom
Nazgul: "Umm..Gandalf,You've got something..someone on your back..."
Gandalf: "Why nonsense, I've been alone for the whole ride...Eh..? PIPPIN! I thought I told you to stay in Edoras!!"
Pippin: "Well, You kept talking about Minas Tirith and the White Tree....and....I just wanted to look!"
Merry: *out of nowhere, off in the distance* "You always want to look!!"
by Peregrin Took
Pippin: Where's Carl and his holy water when you need 'em!?

Gandalf: Don't worry, I know what they're saying! They want us to stop--
Fellbeast: RAAAAURRGHH!!!!
Gandalf: Okay, that one's a little tougher- either we should "move to the back of his throat" or he wants a rootbeer float!
Pippin: Of course we should move towards the back of his throat, that's EATING US!
by Kitsune-Chan
Ringwraith- Uh i have a delivery for a mister peregrin took
Gandalf- Fool Of A Took What Did I Say About No Ordering Food It Costs Money And You Have No Money
Pippin- Uh that would be him
by meriadoc
nazgul: heheh hee... i'll get you my pretty, and your little hobbit too by rachel
Gandalf: Fool of a Took! Of course it's evil! by SaskChic
Gandalf: *Yells* Nazgul!!! *points to butt and makes hand move ments like fire*
telling the nazgul that its but is on fire!
by the known ruler of the Universe
pipin(just waking up from the long ride)-*gasp*...I think i'll be going back to bed now!
gandalf-o crap!....i cant find my sword....maybe u should go back to bed pipin.
by Hat
Nazgul: Hello and welcome to Minas Tirith Air! We ask that you refrain from smoking while on board. Remember that tampering with the smoke detectors IS a federal offence. In the case of an emergency... by Lily the Bucklander
Gandalf: How did you know I was here?
Ringwraith: We tortured the moth.
by Vexorg
Pippin: Are we there yet?
Gandalf: No.
Pippin: Are we there yet?
Gandalf: No.
Pippin: Are we there yet?
Gandalf: No!
Pippin: ARE WE THERE YET??????
Gandalf: NO!!!!!!!!
by Viggo2000
Gandalf: Pippin hide behind me. I'll protect you.
Pippin remembers the incident in Moria
Pippin:(thinks)Oh I feel real safe.
by Courtney
Wraith's steed: I could've danced all night, I could've danced all night and still have begged for more ... by Tiffany
Pippin: *swallowing hard* "Gandalf?"
Gandalf: "Yes, Pippin?"
Pippin: "What kind of horse is that?"
Gandalf: "I don't really know. It must be a new breed of somekind".
by SamuraiWarriorElf
You never know where you will be when your diarrhea returns. by Lila
Nazgul: Hold on there!! its a shilling to tie your boat up at the dock!
Gandalf:um.... wrong movie mate
by Steph Greenleaf
Is this the right room for an argument? by Kail
Black Rider: So we meet again, young Gandalf...but for the last time.
Gandalf: I will never let you kill killed my father!!
Black rider: No...I AM your father!!
by L and G
At the moment when Gandalf needed him most, Pippin was too busy picking fuzzies out of Gandalf's cloak. by Eryka
Shadowfax... your date's here."
"It followed me, Gandalf, can I keep it?"
"Excuse me sir, could you tell me how to get to Hogwarts?"
by Dom's Brown Bobcat
Pippen: This land it dinna' belang ti ya!
WiKi: It dinna'?
Pippin: Na! It dinna'?
by EllaG
Pippin: Why doesn't OUR horse have wings, Gandalf? by Tinnurien
WK: "Gandalf, long time no see! But if I may say so, it's after Labor Day, and you are just now switching to white? Bad form, old man, bad form!" by Luthien
Where will you be when your laxative starts working? by phonebook
Pippin: Hey, that Nazgul owes me money!
Gandalf: That's great. You go ask him to pay up while I get the heck out of here.

Nazgul: God, I hate riding on dinosaurs.
*notices Gandalf*
A horse, a horse! Mordor for a horse!
by Kaisa
Pippin: who is that?
Gandalf: That is the lovely woman we have agreed you to marry. Isn't she gorgeous?
Pippin: yeah gorgeous to who? you?
by Viggo2000
One measley horse, hobbit, and wizard against the Witch King and his steed; small chance of success... What are we waiting for?!
(Reference to ROTK, Gimili's line)
by Mrs Samantha Bloom
Witchking: Who approaches the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three ere the other side he see!
Gandalf: Ask me the questions. I am not afraid.
Witchking: What is your name?
Gandalf: Gandalf.
Witchking: What is your quest?
Gandalf: To help Frodo and company destroy the Ring and save Middle Earth.
Witchking: What if your favorite color?
Gandalf: White.
Witchking: *hiss* Right. Off you go.
by Spazz
Random science teacher who stops tape and hops in front of screen: And this, class, is an example of *emphasis* Balanced Forces.*un-emphasis* A balanced force has no effect on the motion of an object, and therefore does not interfere with Newton's first law... *talks into the distance*
by Spazz
I knew I should have taken a left turn on Albackerky!

Gandalf: This is why you don't feed wild animals!
Pippin: Ooops! My fault!
by Pippin's Pervert
Pippen: O.k. So what you're saying is we have to run at this thing with a big pointy stick and hope to knock him off?
Gandalf: Pretty much yeah.
Pippen: And we have to do this while he's trying to do the same to us?
Gandalf: That sounds about right.
Pippen:Eeep! Gandalf one request before we face our doom.
Gandalf: And that would be?
Pippen: If you should make it through this nightmare then make sure my coffin is made out of mahogany and not cherrywood. Gandalf:?
by Raelyn
oh no it's nazgul 11. and he is mad he didn't make it in the movie by David
he will be my squishy an he will be squishy and he will be mine!!! here little squishy squishy squishy... by zoey
NAZGUL:'re supossed to be dead!
GANDALF: Am I not? *looks at self* Oh...
(Think about could work even when the other one says it...)

NAZGUL: Awww, Gandalf, can I keep him...?
by arwentheelf02
Nazgul: He whosoever approacheth the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see... by Aglaroenanor
Shadofax: "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" yourself pipsqueak!
by Cassandra
Nazgul: "Pardon me, but could you point me in the direction of Mordor? The witch king was too stubborn to ask for directions".

Gandalf decided that this was the end of the playdates for Shadowfax.
by Laifanawen