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Contest # 33

WARNING: handling this item may result in the change of fantasy world...
Faramir: *looks around* Oh darn!

by dudette Faramir took it literally when his bottle of archaic orange juice said "Concentrate" by Hobbit Eyes He had heard of prizes at the bottom of cereal boxes, but this was ridiculous! by Laifanawen How do they get the ship in the bottle? by Sarah Daisy didn't know how to tell Elijah that he had failed as a babysitter and accidently let Elijah's pet flea die from lack of nutrition. by Mrs Aragorn Do you know how to get to Minas Tirth from Transylvanina? Thanks. by Jordan
and, obviously:
But why is the rum gone? Mrs Frodo Baggins was the first to submit that classic line!
To read all the submitted captions, please go [here] . They are all great fun, it was hard to choose!

Boromir *thinking* - I think I lost these crazy birds that keep pooping on my head....
Oh great... here they come...

submitted by Psychosmeagol

The Great Cicada Invasion

The newspapers are full of it: [The Cicada Invasion]. Billions of black, shrimp-size bugs with transparent wings and beady red eyes are beginning to carpet trees, buildings, poles, and just about anything else vertical in a wide region of the U.S. What do the actors of the Lord of the Rings make of it?

Elijah - Look man! I'm serious, there's like a million bugs headed straight for us!

Dom - Yeah. They're Cicadas. Come here little buggies?

Sean - Aren't Cicadas the ones with big claws that come out every 17 years?

Dom - Yeah. Come land on me! Yeah, man they're beautiful!

Elijah - Dude, don't encourage them! I hate bugs!

Dom - Relax, Lij! They're only about this big!

Elijah - Moommmmy!

submitted by Lindsay

Elijah *thinks* - I hate summer school.

submitted by EllaG

I want people to fear me!

I want them to look at me and think "Aaarrgh! Noo! Not Sauron!"

I want them to cower beneath my might!

Do you want pancakes with that?

by Queen Ian, Elijah's Grey Panthers