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Contest # 32

Lij: Okay, Pete, so I just hang by these tiny ledges and look confused and devastated until you say the shot's over, right? Oh, and like you said, it's only two feet down, so no worries if I fall!
PJ: Right Lij (thinks) Two feet to the net, then another forty-eight to the ground, but we don't need to tell him that.

by aniale Suddenly, Frodo finds himself in the middle of a Van Gogh painting. by Anne Winters When P.J. said "we are moving sets," poor Elijah took it literally. by Mrs Aragorn Lij: Ok, PJ's taking the realistic thing a bit too far; I know Frodo got stuck on a rock cliff with no ropes, but Elijah Wood sure isn't going to! by Varda Frodo deeply regrets leaving home without reading the Middle Earth weather report. by Tinnurien You cannot resist the increadible strength of the One Toilet of Mordor! by The It or
Elijah: Someone turn off that vacuum cleaner!!! by Elfin Maiden
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Read me a bedtime story, please!

Elijah? Will you read me a bed time story?

Only if you promise to go to sleep right away after it.

Sure, I promise.

Once upon a time, there was a cat, he was a very fine cat, and one day he..

I once had a cat, his name was Felix. He wasn't magical, but...

Yes, I know, he was a very fine cat too, now let's get on with the story, ey?

ok.. He wasn't magical, but he was very good at doing tricks. Like jumping through rings and climbing trees..

Were the rings on fire?

Frankly, I don't know, now, lets get on with it shall we?

..But what this cat did best, was to steal food from the kitchens in his neighbourhood. One day he sneaked into mrs. Pithalo's kitchen and...

Can I have a glass of milk? I'm thirsty.

Hey! I'm trying to read you a story here, and you keep interruping me! Now, that's very rude young man!

I'm leaving now, and I'm taking my book with me. Next time you ask someone to read them a bedtimestory, learn some manners, ey?

What a peculiar boy..

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Brad - Steal my wife, will ya?

by Heidi

The effects of smoking pipeweed

submitted by psychosmeagol
I guess the same effects take place after too much GP brownies... *that's* why I couldn't update in time!

Some people are not affected by pipeweed,

but for others it can cause harmful side effects, such as...


(before) (after)











MOOD SWINGS, inlcuding...

making icky faces at people for no apparent reason...

... or sticking your tongue out at them...

...becoming extremely irritable...

... and experiencing severe depression...

After some sideway glances, Elrond began to wonder about the mysterious stranger, and who exactly Mr. Anderson was...

submitted by Christiana