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Thinking: "Does the entire world shakes or is it just me?" by Chloe
"pat-a-cake pat-a-acake, bakers man, bake me some lembas as fast as you can...." by Lozi
Frodo suffers from brownie withdrawal. by Uniswift87
Elijah: Man, now I know what Belgian beer is famous for! by Draigh
Sam............ a little help!!!! by hobbitongal
I guess climbing is harder than it looks! by L.A.
After eating too many of Gandalfs brownies Frodo started imagining him climbing a big stone wall

After losing the ring, Frodo found a lovely new thing to torment him. A wall, that if he fell off, the fall would kill him
by Fiona LotR lover
Part II: Frodo vs. the luandry basket of Doom!
by Eryka
Frodo: Whew! I don't think fangirls can follow me up here. Wait...can they? by abby
Frodo in a tough situation:
"Happy thoughts... Think happy thoughts. IT'S NOT WORKING!"
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Frodo: Whew! I don't think fangirls can follow me up here. Wait...can they? by abby
yikes! a big white thing! I have no idea what it is, but thats no reason not to run away from it! by pippin the great
If I hide behind this rock will they notice me? by Scottish the Elf
Oh my Go- I knew I shouldn't have aten Bilbo's brownies again! by Pippin's Pervert
Frodo learned the hard way to not climb the rocks at Joshua Tree National Park drunk at mid-night. by Pippin's Pervert
Frodo flees after accidentally eating all of Gandalf's brownies. *Maybe he won't find me here* Frooooodo....I see you... *Oh, no....RUN!!!!* by Lor
When P.J. said "we are moving sets," poor ELijah took it literally. by Mrs Aragorn
Elijah would go to any extent to save his pet flee. by ElijahFreek77
Look Sam, an Oliphaunt! by Insomniac Ranger
Frodo: "Is that a knee i'm grabbing onto??" by Athens2004
We're not in the Shire anymore SamSam by _liz_elf_girl
After mastering the winds of the emyn muil, elijah wood tried out for a more challenging roll in "Twister II-wrath of the Dark Lord" by laurefin
Where will you be when your diarehea comes back? by Eryka
Poor Elijah learned that holding onto sand isn't the most stable thing to hold on to. by Stefanie
After realizing he wasn't going out for the Peter Pan movie, Elijah now realized he was stuck after a fake flying attempt. by Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Police
Kitsune-chan (aka "anonymous") cringes at the sight of yet another "uncaptionable" picture...)
Frodo runs in horror after discovering that Shelob has a huge website devoted to him (yes its a bad pun - I learned from the best)!
by Kitsune-chan
Everyone who sees this picture for the first time:
What the heck?! When did this happen? Why's the background so blurry? Where is this place and who/what's Frodo hiding from? Is that even Frodo at all? I think that's his size double...!

...Five hours later the confused, yet loyal participants of LaWise's Caption Contest were able to write something funny about this picture, like "PLease stop the (Middle) Earth, I'd like to get off!!"
by Kitsune-chan
Oh my god! just drop the ring! by Mrs Obvious
okay legolas! I take it all back! your hair isn't weird! by pippin the great
Stage three of 'How to become a ring-bearer' training: scaling a cliff face made of playdoh.
Frodo: Even having tea with Sauron can't be this dangerous!
by Kaisah
Once again, Elijah gets a *little* carried away with hide-and-seek. by Kahli
Frodo: I feel.. so.. LONELY! *bursts into tears*
Rock: Aww there, there. Here, give me a hug and forget all your worries..
by InsanelyGiddy1
Shelob:*out of veiw and with scary voice* Don't you give me Elijah Wood eyes!!!!
Frodo: What about my eyes? Who cares if I give someone my Elijah Wood eyes??
Shelob: I doooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Frodo: Do you like nice, and cute, and fluffy,and sweet?
Frodo: So you don't like my Elijah Wood eyes?
by Legolas' Elf Girl
Look as frodo takes on the big stone spinning door of doom by Shieldmaiden
Ghost Busters was not for Elijah by Ben
Frodo: Stupid pottery wheel! by Celebalqua
Frodo: I knew that last batch of mushrooms tasted off by Galilmathien
Frodo held on for dear life as he was abruptly awaken from his nap in the dryer. by Isiletehle
Frodo (singing): "Climb every mountain..." by Robin
To the GPs' dismay, Frodo is accidentally thrown into the wash cycle with the Tide. by anonymous
Elijah thinks to self-I'm never going out with Dom for drinks again!!!! by Kristin
Faerie: *looks at picture* AGH! HOW WILL I CAPTION THIS ONE! by Faerie in Combat Boots
Frodo deeply regrets leaving home without reading the Middle Earth weather report. by Tinnurien
"Hehehehehe...those were some GOOD mushrooms! HEY! LEGOLAS! STOP SPINNING!"
Frodo finds out the effects of hallucinogens.
by Tomi
frodo- "Whew finilly I lost those crazed fangirls."
fangirl- "Ahhhhh look its him! get him!"
by aragornlover
Sure, go on the water slide Pippin said, it'll be fun. He forgot to mention that IT'S CLOSED FOR REPAIRS

Frodo realized that he had picked the worst possible time to develop a paralizing fear of heights.

Elijah- Good thing Safety Sean can't see me now.
Sean (off screen)- Elijah, I see you up there, get down this instant. You are going to fall and break your neck.
Elijah- What if I can't get down.
by Marg
Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place...wide open spaces...think wide open spaces.. by elwing
Frodo wasn't really in touch with his senses after that one incident with the "weird looking" mushroom. by Laifanawen
Frodo: Gosh! Is that another earthquake? I need to tell Sam to stop eating those beans! by Pippin the dumb
"They're coming to take me away, ha ha, they're coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha, to the funny farm...!"

Frodo, after much hindsight thinking, decided to never accept Brownies from Elrond again.
by Reasonably Crazy
FRODO:*sings loudly to himself* Looking for Sam in all the wrong places looking for Saaaaammmm. Searching...
SAM:Mr.Frodo you do realize I've been at the top of this hole the ENTIRE time,don't you?
FRODO:Quiet Sam,I'm looking for you!!
SAM:But I'm right HERE!!!
FRODO: shhhh!!
SAM: your hopeless.
by Altariel
On his visit to Middle Earth Museum, Frodo decides to climb on the life-sized dinosaur bones. by Su
Elijah: That was a good idea.
Dom: Thank God for scale doubles.
by Gollum on Atkins
Frodo: "Duck!...did you see that?!"
Sam: "No"
Frodo: "Neither did I."
by Rose
Frodo discovers the meaning to freezer burn...
Frodo: Come on Ice Cream, I know you're in there!
by Lady Marmalade
And this, my friends, is a pre-historic hobbit, frozen in a chunk of ice as he scavenges his main food source...brownies. by Capn' Kris


And that's why Frodo never made to the Pelennor fields
by Efren Took
now, if i could only get over this cliff, i would be rid of fan girls forever! by fl0
Sam, I have a feeling were not in the shire anymore. by Goopgirl
I shall climb this rock-oock. I shall climb this rock-oock. I shall climb this rock someday-ay-ay-ay-ay. For deep in my heart I do believe that I shall climb this rock someday!

Whew! Am I high or what?!?!
by Baby Hobbit
i wonder whats down here...AAAAHHHH(screams in pain) by jillian
F: *stomach rising* Uggh! Maybe drinking Legolas' miruvor wasn't such a good idea!

F: A white fog is following me! I'm holing to a rock! *shudders* I'm becoming Orlando!!!

F: *after a night on the Green Dragon* 69 botthles offf beeeer on the wall *hiccups* 69 botthles of beeeeer, thake one down, passs it arrround *burp* 68 bottles of beer on the waaaaaaall!!!!
by Firithfalaswen
Elijah carefully brushes off the archeological find of the century. by Anne Winters
Frodo:Oooh!What a pretty rock i wonder what will happen if-
Voice from above:Dont touch that rock!
Voice:No, Im mountain climbing, dont touch the rock!
Frodo:No need to shout!
Voice:But, im 50 feet in the air!
Frodo:Thats no excuse!
Frodo:No excuse times infinity plus a googleplex!

by RAE
Frodo discovers the affects of eating too much lembas can have on you.

elijah: uh, guys I don't remember Frodo being stuck on a wall in the book.....uh guys?......guys?!
by Mrs Frodo Baggins
Frodo: What is that?
Sam: Looks like a McDonalds take out Mr. Frodo.

This is really high! Who is Rohan Godess anyway? [edit LaWise: a visitor]
by Baby Hobbit
Frodo instantly regretted challenging Pippin to a spinning contest. by Brookola
Exclusive photo from the sequel "THE DARK CRYSTAL 2" Be there when Gelflings race against time, Pod People and more to return Frodo his elvish cape. by Daronda
frodo didn't know he was afraid of spiders until.......
Frodo: keep it away from me sam protect me from the spider.
Sam: i made a promise, a promise mr.frodo keep the spiders away from frodo and i mean to.....sam thinks to himself (what a baby afraid of spiders)......
Sam: Ah its coming toward me..........
by cat reeves
Frodo knew he had to be wary after his last expedition down the toilet.

No! The suction! Damm human toilets!

You cannot resist the increadible strength of the One Toilet of Mordor!
by The It
I'll never let go, I'll never let go. *sob* by Peter Pan's Twin Sister
"I want my mommy!" by Evi
Bloody crystal maze... by Holz
Frodo holds on for dear life... *gasp* "Sweet Eru! There are...BUGS! down there!" by merry_buddy
Lij: Ok, PJ's taking the realistic thing a bit too far; I know Frodo got stuck on a rock cliff with no ropes, but Elijah Wood sure isn't going to! by Varda
Dear diary, today I saw the inside of an olifaunt...
*just a little too excite* "Look Mister Frodo, an olifaunt." I think I will never forgive him...
by Dernhelm
::Frodo suffers from short term memory loss:: I think if i pull this lever here........then concentrate long enough while saying....."There's no place like home.......There's no place like home....." then ill be back at the shire...... by SamwiseTerry
I said I would TAKE the ring, not BAKE the ring! by MerryMary

Frodo to insane fangirls: NO TOUCHIE!!!!
by Alicia J.F.
Mummy. don't leave meeeeeeeeee! I don't like the babysitter! Waaah by Maggie
Elijah:Maybe if I just hug the wall and use my elvish cloaks I can hide from those fan girls.
random fan girl: THere he is
Elijah: Darn
by lily
Frodo (to Uruk Hai): I fart in your general direction! by RAE
I knew I shouldn't have had that 13th beer last night. Wretch. by Viggo2000
Frodo:No! MOMMY,I DON'T WANT A BATH!!!!!!!!! by Sara
After a long day, Frodo---wait a minute! That's not Frodo! His nose is different, and so are his eyes, and the shape of his face. What happened to our lovely Frodo? EVERYTHING I KNOW IS WRONG! by Shay
Frodo thinking: I knew I should have listend to Gandalf about going into Shelob's lair! I was such a fool to think that I could play with Shelob by myself!! I'm a BIG boy... *later crying* I want my MOMMY!!! *sucking thumb*

Where is Tinkerbell when you need her?
by Legolas' Elf Girl
As Frodo lay bewildered by what had just happened he noticed a small shiny object. picking it up he exclaimed (We are incredibly sorry but the following message couldn`t go through)
by Baby Hobbit
Sam I think I had a little too much ale I could use a little help here by Merry
After waking up to this blurry world, Frodo decided never to party with Merry and Pippin ever again. by Christiana
Nooo!!! My special rock! You can't take it away from me! Mine! by Alla Bella
Frodo realizes that, despite his age, he still does need his teddy bear during the hard times.
Frodo: I should've listened to Gandalf...he said to bring Mr. Snuggles with me because I would need him when the ring becomes a big burden...but I didn't listen...I guess this rock will have to do...*sniff sniff* I miss you, Mr. Snuggles!
by Alla Bella
Lij: Okay, Pete, so I just hang by these tiny ledges and look confused and devastated until you say the shot's over, right? Oh, and like you said, it's only two feet down, so no worries if I fall!
PJ: Right Lij (thinks) Two feet to the net, then another forty-eight to the ground, but we don't need to tell him that.
by Aniale
Frodo: Whew... that was a long climb... but they'll never find me here! by Marigold Took
When will your laxative start working?! by Rachel Lynn
Like many before him, Frodo Baggins found the teacup ride rather nauseating. by Whitney Anne
And here's MY little secret: I killed Mufasa! by Loony
after eating a stail lembas, frodo discovers that he must hold the world up by a single stone by Squee
Frodo: I should've checked that damn weather report before going on this adventure! by Asmodeus
the result of stealing mushrooms from pippin. by pippin the great
"Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down." by Frodo's Princess
this is why Tolkien named him FRODO...

F= Frantic
R= right (sometimes)
O= overwhelmingly cute
D= don's the Ring
O= ordinary Hobbit

by Legolas' Elf Girl
Frodo: don't look down...don't look down by orlando lover
Frodo began to regret devouring the WHOLE batch of brownies after the walls started spinning and the ringwraiths began a rather fine rendition of 'The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music' by Queen Ian
Frodo was terrified when he realized the ring had just fallen off his neck into the abyss! by brid
As you could tell, Frodo was really blown away by the "buy one get one free" offer at wall-mart... by lu
Frodo thought it would be a great idea to climb the rocks untill he remembered he was afriad of heights. by Pixie
SNAKE! OH GOD! I'M SEEING STUFF! WHY ME?! by Pippin's Pervert
Frodo: Um, Sam? It'd be great to have that "real elvish rope" right about now. by AllaBella
*heave, ho* The giant mushroom is stuck! by lotrfreek
Elijah: Gah. . . too many brownies. by Emily
Unfortunately, Frodo didn't know what the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow was, but he won't fall into the gorge of enternal peril without a fight... by DomKnight
Woah.. I'm never drinking beer again! The world's all shiny.. *hiccup* must--touch-something--solid... by Aiwendillie
Oh great! What would Viggo do? by SomeGuy
It's okay rock hold on you can make it! by MJ
Elijah: Someone turn off that vacuum cleaner!!! by Elfin Maiden
Frodo: (frantically) I'm holding up the order of the world as we know it!
Sam: I know your Quest is important, Mr. Frodo, but that doesn't mean you have to literally hold the world up.
by Alexis
Frodo officially decided rock climbing just wasn't for him. by Holbtya
Those polar bears leave some mighty big droppings... by Heather
What is this??
I didn't order the boulder?....SAM!!!!"
*behind frodo sam snickered loudly,rubbing hes hands together he wispeared*"pay back my friend pay back!!"
by lilath
Frodo: Oh why do I feel like something is on my back???

Frodo: *singing* I feel wooooozzzzzyyy I feel sickkk *hiccup* Oh why, oh why did I drink that 100'th Beeeeeeeeer!!?? *hiccup* I feel wwwooozzzyyy I feeel si-*thud*ZZZZZZZZZZZ...
by Legolas' Elf Girl
Frodo: Oh where, Oh where, could my precioussss be? Oh where, Oh where could it beeeeeeee?
Eye of Sauron: I have it right here you DORK! No, TWERP!! No, TWONK!!! No, TURD!!!! Yeah, TURD I like that better. O.k. lets try that again. I have it right here you TURD!!!!
by Frodo's Hobbit Girl
Frodo decided that he would never play truth or dare with the Fellowship again after Legolas dared him to go bungee jumping without a rope.

Frodo objected to the game "Hobbit Tossing" in which Legolas and Boromir tried to throw him the farther than the other. But since they kept threatening to leave him to the orcs, he was forced to comply.
by _liz_elf_girl
Frodo: guys!! I'm stuck, and, AAAAARRRGGHHHH!!! Nazgirls!!!!!
*More fun with hobbits and superglue!!*
by Aki
Suddenly, Frodo finds himself in the middle of a Van Gogh painting. by Anne Winters
"Wow! This really is snuggly soft!" by sarah
I luuuuuuuuurve rock'n'roll da da da da daaaaaa... woooooooaaah! Merry? Meeeeeeeeeerry? I like that new hobbit weed...we are the cheeky girls...Merry? Waaaaa why you dancing in my hand? You're small...Merry...good moves! *starts jitterbugging* by Tiniweil
frodo: why did galdalf have to tell me that "bright sunny day" poem? now i can't go to sleep and i don't think that he likes me hanging on to him so hard...
gandalf: frodo...frodo...FRODO! get of my leg!
frodo: i was right! help!
by Mary
Frodo suddenly realised that when he reached the top of the mountain there would be no beer, no naked women...and no other way down! by Laura
After eating one too many brownies, Frodo looked like he was about to puke by hobbitongal
Okay now, Frodo... Don't...Let...Go...OH GOD! SAVE ME, SAM!!!! by Rinoa
The magical land of Fabric Softener... by gollum on atkins
Aragorn: I TOLD you to stop spinning. by MerryMary
You best start believing in ghost storys Frodo, you're in one! by Lil'Dude
Legolas:*not in pic tho*BUT YOU'LL FEEL PRETTY!darn i'll try grima i guess...
by Alex
This is what happens to Frodo after eating all that Lembas. by Alicia
Unfortunately, Frodo chose exactly the wrong place to hold on to Gandalf. by *wild*
Oliphaunt-back riding can be harder than it looks.

When can I stop posing for this caption? I'm slipping...
by insomniac ranger
whoa, sam, i think that lembas might have turned! by frodolives79
I knew I shouldn't have eaten those brownies... by Fiona
Oooooooo, is me or does this mountain look like a blankie? by Clare
frodo:My thanks to Rohan Goddess for the picture???
rohan goddess:i did give them the picture didnt i
rohan goddess:[sigh]your hopeless
frodo:no im lost
by jillian
Frodo: "Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have had that drinking contest with Pippin. *MOAN*" by Peregrin Took
Frodo: And a pich of pixie dust and we're off! On second thought...I don't wanna fly! Let me down! GANDALF! by Tink
thinking* hey! this isn't the shire! by Amber
*thinking*must get to top before sam... by leggy_luv10
If you are a hobbit, it's not the best idea to hide underneath the bed clothes in the Prancing Pony. by Ben
After a hed butting incident with Aragorn, Frodo wakes up and wonders "where the heck am I?" by Hobbitongal
sam:frodo what is it wat do you see?!
frodo: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... a pack of rare, extremely rare endangered lion,tiger and bear...
sam: oh my..
ch-chera pie
Frodo (thinks to self) man why did sam hide my pack of skittles? hey wait I FOUND THEM!! but isn't this a statue? by bb
am i in heaven?!!! hallelujah! no wait, there's boromir screaming my name and crying, this must be the other place!! dun dun DUN!!! by nel
thinks to himself: don't look down! never ever look down! oh no i looked down! OMG i think i am gonna PUKE! by babcia
Frodo: WOW! That's the biggest mushroom I've ever saw! by Aragorn's girlfriend
As hard as it might seem for Elijah to hold on, you've got to put your sympathy with the camera-man . . . the ring might be heavier, but at least 'lij has hands he can use. by AnÓwiel
WoooOOOOO Iiiimmmm getttiiiinnngg dizzyyy....let meeee ooouuutt of the piiiccttuuurrreeee.... by mishE.L
rock climbing may be harder than it looks.. by harley
Frodo- after looking down at the ground, Frodo noticed that he was higher up than he thought.

*Thinking* If i get up before Sam, I can untie his "Sam knot"
by Dylan
when feeling insucure frodo hugs cliffs. by aragornlover
Frodo: free tour of his home gimli said. food ale and merrymend he said, well he didnt include the wonders of GETTING LOST AND EXTREMLY CLOSTRAPHOBIC IN THE CAVES NOW DID HE!!!!!!!!! by Squee
where will YOU be when your laxitive starts working... by Shieldmaiden
Since when did Bree open a climbing gym? by Angela
Don't let the next leading brand of painkillers stick you in this position. by sammi
When Frodo started on his full-scale replicas of the Argonath, he began to have second thoughts.
Sam: "Yes Mr. Frodo?"
Frodo: "I'm stuck in the clay, and it's starting to harden! GET ME OUT!"
by Aldawen
FRODO: Sam can u see the bottom?
SAM: No Mr.Frodo, but I CAN see yours!
by Chessy