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Caption Contest # 31

Billy: They'll never be able to caption this.

by Gloria
... they were... *chuckles*
They don't know about Second Breakfast, Merry. by Tinnurien Billy started wondering if he should be worried about why everyone left in a rush. by Brooke Billy returns to LotR's "Isengard Lake" set for reshoots after filming "Master and Commander":
Billy (sees water from the food tent): Oooh no, not again *groan!*
Dom (off camera): Screw the drowsiness, just take some Dramamine! by anonymous Billy enjoys knitting clothing for small, invisible people in his freetime. by Eryka Pippin soon became worried that his date had not returned from the bathroom after an hour. by Galilmathien "Lij just stole my sandwich. I thought he said he wouldn't use that ring anymore." by sarah
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He struggled to the top of Mount Doom...

... he lost his friends and was tormented by the One Ring...

... walks back inside Bagend...

... and found this on the table...

by Dizzy Brunette, Elijah's Grey Panthers

One day, somewhere out there, in the wilderness...
Dom - What do you mean, we're lost. Weren't you supposed to read the map?!?!
Sean - Everyone makes mistakes, Dom.
Elijah (muttering) - Sure, just not when you have nothing left to eat...
Sean - See the positive side of it all, we get to know each other better!

submitted by Dernhelm

"Ahh, smell that sea air!"
"Urg, see my lunch come up."

by Nyasa, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Peregrin Took, from [here]

Lady Galadriel?

Yes, Frodo?

Can you tell me once again which star is called Earendil?

by Triss Merigold, Elijah's Grey Panthers

After a hard day's work Orlando doesn't always look his best.

submitted by Emily Anne

by Blithesome, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Aragorn - I love you...
Arwen - You have a very fine fuz on your face...
Aragorn - Did you here what I said?
Arwen - Very fine fuz...

submitted by Kelly W.

submitted by Peregrin Took, from [here]

submitted by Tinnurien

submitted by Peregrin Took, from [here]

My goodness!

What now?

A tree!

And look! A rock!


Duude! You have shoes!
Well so I have...

by Queen Ian, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Lady - Hey, this is the due from Lord of the Rings! Rock on! I, like, totally felt inspired by your character, dude!
Elijah - Hmmmm....! Strawberry flavour!

submitted by Emily Anne

Coffee! Coffee!! Give me my coffee!!!

submitted by Emmiesfairyworld

Oh my God! It's a ball! Everyone stay calm...! I'll try kicking it!

submitted by Lindsay

I won the Caption Contest on [Pippin's World] with the following caption:

Right at this moment it was clear to everyone in the room that Gandalf, after much thinking, indeed had a bright idea.

Thanks for the award!