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Captions that have been submitted to Contest # 31:

Losing bingo finally started to take its toll on Billy. by Christiana
BILLY: *whispers* dom...
DOM: wot?
BILLY: my fingers are stuck together again...
DOM: oh for pete's sake! didn't you learn not to play with glue back at contest #27?
BILLY: who's pete?
by Mrs Aragorn
Dom : (hit Billy's Hand) stop playing with ur finger nail.
Billy : What?
by Mrs Obvious
Too much lembas! *groan*

Dom: Billy, put Elijahs flea down! He's looking for it! Give him to me! Billy: If you want him, Come and Claim him!
by Fiona LotR Lover
Pippin: I'm not sure what I ate last night was chicken... by AllaBella
Pippin was ashamed when Merry confronted him about his missing tomatoes. by Bird
Billy: Oh my nails sooo need a manicure! The horror...what would Legolas say?

Billy enjoys knitting clothing for small, invisile people in his freetime.
by Eryka
*thinking* This candy tastes funny...

Why won't anybody dance with me?
by Tallulah
I never did like bacon. But did Pete listen? Noooo. *sigh* I need cake. by Elwing
Is anyone coming? Good. My preciousss..." by Hannah M.
**groan** These brownies are **graon** strong.... by _liz_elf_girl
Billy as a phychiatrist:
Dom (lieing on a makeshift sofa made of cafeteria chairs and a tablecloth): ...And then Orli and Elijah were taken by all the raging fangirls! I was the only one left! WHY DOESN'T ANYONE LIKE ME?!
Billy (filing his nails and pretending to be sympathetic): Uh-huh...uh-huh...yes, but how does that make you FEEL?
by Pendragon
Billy soon found out that eating like a chipmunck wasn't as fun as he intended. by ElijahFreek17
*thinks to self* Right, if I jes caulk meh head aroun thes way, I can hear wha' those people behind meh are sayin' about Elijah's brownies... by gollum on atkins
Mabe, when noone is looking, I can put on the ring and freak everyone out. by Sara
Just another day at work! by Dreamcatcher
They don't know about Second Breakfast, Merry.

Can I please get a bigger mushroom?
by Tinnurien
Billy: I didn't do it and I didn't see Dom do it. You can't blame us.
Dom off screen: *snicker**snicker*
by Lily
Random people: AHHHHHHHH! *scream and run away (notice empty chairs next to him).
BILLY: Maybe all those beans this morning wasn't such a good idea...
by Shaya
YUCK! Cinnamon! I HATE cinnamon! by Deb
Billy: (singing) Nobody knows the trouble I've seen .... nobody knows my sorrow ... by Tiffany
Bill was disappointed to lose the cheese eating contest by MerryMary
Billy:The Ring is mine, my own!
Elijah:Are you ok?
Billy:This is what not getting enough sleep can do to you, precious
by Scottish Elf
While smiling at the paparazzi, Billy secretly tries to slip on his fake nail before anybody notices... by Bagender
Dom: hey is that Elijah doing his boy george impression again....?
Billy: *looks*.....I seriously dont know him...
by Shieldmaiden
B: eww this cafateria food taste like eowyns cooking. by amanda boyd
Nobody knows the trouble i've seen... by Rachel Baggins
Pippin stayed out if the conversation feeling left out.
Pippin:"they wont see...if i ...can just... get the last lembas bread..." *merry turn towards pippin*
Merry: "where is my lembas bread?!"
by alisha
dom never learned his lesson about being thankfull for what he gets.although its less than what everyone else has by sohaib
Billy: "Oooh...pretty hobbit lass! Maybe if I look pathetic and lonely she will come over and talk to me!" by Laifanawen
*Billy*: This is my pet Frog and he does an amazing trick... watch
*Frog*: "One door leads to the Tresure the other to unspeakable death"
*Billy* : Isnt it amazing!
by Aragorn's
Billy didn't feel so good after thwacking his head on the too close camera

Billy: Firsssssssssst we will take over the canteen tent, preciousssssssss. Then the world! *manic laughter*
by Ben
dom: hide it!
billy: where?
dom: i don't know!
billy: *scrunches up piece of paper in between fingers*
dom: yeah, nobody will suspect a thing
billy: yeah
by Caitrin
Why did i have to be sent to the naughty table? It should have been Dom and Viggo... *evil plotting and mumblings* by SupaLorLor
BILLY: Where IS Dom?? He promised to dance with me! by Chessy
*Billy tries his hardest to look completely innocent after dumping half a container of hot-sauce on Dom's hamburger...* by Elvenarcher007
billy tries to use his "Psychic" powers to tell frodo to pass the jam. by sohaib
"Lij just stole my sandwich. I thought he said he wouldn't use that ring anymore."

(slipping 'the one ring' onto his finger) -"Heh. heh. This should be fun."
by sarah
Billy forced himself to focus on the impending doom of Elijah's pet flea rather than the disappointment he felt over his missing brownies. "Revenge...yes. He will pay." by haleycopter
Billy had no idea how to tell Faerie- He'd ruined her Legolas t-shirt in the wash. by Faerie in Combat Boots
The cast tries Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans..
Orlando: (off screen) Yay, orange!
Pippin: to bad..earwax!
by Jllz
pip: oh merry while your up would mind getting me a plate of mushrooms? sure pi pippin cuts him off and a bowl of salad? okay but cuts him of again and some old toby and some patatoes and carrots and a few onions? thanks merry your the best by pippin the great
Billy**thinks** Elijah gets a huge line of fans, Viggo's been signing autographs for hours, Orlando could hardly get out his door...But not me, no body wants my signature. Why can't I be a hearthrob. **weeps** by _liz_elf_girl
Billy; I wonder what will happen if i throw this paper at Dom! by Kayleigh
Billy Boyd as an Avon representative. (doesn't he look like he has mascara on?!)

Billy (to Merry): That yellow vest is so not you, daaahling.

I don't care what Dom says! All girls are princesses... even me!
by Anne Winters
Billy: ...but the splinter was really only this big. by Elanor
merry-pippin!!!what's wrong?
pippin-it's *sniff* just* sniff sniff* well....*hiccup* legolas said....*hiccup sniff*
merry-what? what did legolas say?
pippin- well...he said * sniff* that.... my nails were ugly *sniff* and i eat too much!!!!
merry- he forgot to mention that your hair looks dirty...
pippin-MERRY!!!!! waaaa..
merry- on i was just kidding pippin!!! get over it he does it to everyone! he's just mad because he missed his last hair appoinment and his roots are showing again...
pippin- you think
merry-i know..don't worry about it
pippin-*smiles* ok!!(jumps of chair) where did i put those mushrooms?
by Lady of Lorien
Honestly, Dom. Don't be so SILLY! I CAN form a heart with my fingers... by saruman
Billy: "But I don't WANT to eat my veggies!" by Robin
when are the mushrooms going to come? by SamWiseTerry
Being a small lad helped when he was eyeing up Eowyn. by solith
Billy: "psst! Hey, Dom?"
Dom: "What?"
Billy: "You see that lady over there?"
Dom: **evil snicker** "Yes"
Billy: "My mom and her mom...are both mothers"
by Rose
Billy*to invisible person in hand*: Don't worry Dom didn't mean that-did YOU Dom.
Dom: Billy, come on. There is no person in your hand. No more brownies for you.
Billy: HEY! You're hurting Bert's feeling. Now apologize!!
by Sheena
(speaking to Dom, using a 'can i trust you' type of voice)
Billy: "You won't tell Frodo that I took his precious while he was sleeping, will you?
by Bubble
Hmm... this food tastes funny. Kind of like hair spray....LEGOLAS!!! by Adrienne
Billy started wondering if he should be worried about why everyone left in a rush. by Brooke
I wish Dom would brush his teeth more often. All that food stuck between his teeth is really gross. by hobbitmum
If I dont look at Dom mabye I wont have to tell him that he has something stuck in between his teeth. by Tolky
I can't believe Elijah ate the last of my brownies...I'm gonna get him for that. *thinks* maybe I can get Legolas to put makeup on Elijah in his sleep again..... by Legolas gurl
Wait! Elijah! It was a joke! I didn't mean what I said about you not looking good in pink!

It took me three hours to get this gum out of my hair last time . . . and Gandalf throws it at me again!
by Anàwiel
Billy: No one will notice that it's gone. It's only a small gold ring after all. My preciouss! by elf buddy
To everyone's surprise, and his own dismay, Pippin was the only Hobbit not asked to dance. by Isilehtele
Why Pippin shouldn't bear the Ring- Reason #43: "MAN I'm hungry... I wonder how angry Aragorn would be if I ate it..." by Reasonably Crazy
*singing* All by my self... don't wanna be... by Firithfalaswen
*reading desert menu: One desert per person* Decisions, decisions.
*sighs* Why is choosing a desert sooooooooo hard? I want the cheesecake, but I also want some of those tasty, melt-in-your-mouth-to-dye-for brownies.
*looks around* I wonder if anyone would notice if I had both for desert?
by Ainamenelwen
'I know Dom told me to stop playing with the gum under the table, but...c'mon it's fun!' by Raelyn
Thinking:Will the guy ever finish up this story, I really have to get this painful hangnail out it is just killing me ! (I honestly don't mean to be rude.) by L.A. am I getting the cake or the pie?Eenie meenie miney mo...cake or pie... by Goldilocks
Bilbo, stop laughing at me! You know I can't do the "my precious" thing. by insomniac ranger
"*sniffle* What's wrong with playing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'? I bet a lot of guys do that in their spare time..." by Hannah M.
Finally met a mushroom he didn't like. by llama person
Pippin: Man, this party sucks. by Gloria
*billy stares wistfully at the sumptious food set on the table at the other side of the food tent...* "gah, if only i wasn't on the atkins diet!" by anonymous
Billy: And then I said to Liv... omg here comes orli! holy jeebus look at his nails, they're Nothing compared to mine, see look.... and who does he think he is with that orange top?? I soo wore that last week! by StephGreenleaf
Pippin: *sniff* I can't believe he ate the last doughnut...

Billy wonders how long it will take Elijah to realise he replaced the One Ring with a hula hoop...

Billy waited patiently for someone to ask him to join in the cast photo...
by Holz
pippin wishes he haden't eaten that last brownie

noyicing the empty chairs around him pippin realises the isy bitsy spider is not very popular
by pippin the great
billy wasn't quite sure what to do after he super-glued his fingers to do. by entwife
*thinks* "That rules you out,Pip". Oh yeah?? I'll get you for that one, Dom, I'll get you... As soon as I've got something to eat. by Rustui
Billy: I wish I had one of those. by Hobbit of Feets
BILLY: What did the little invisible people slip in my drink, Dom? by jennifer
billy decided that he wasnt getting enough attention so he tried to do a frodo and only have 9 fingers
it diddnt work
by Gemma
Dom, call me pippin one more time and see what happens.... by Stromy
Billy: And now, to unleash my plan-to rule the WORLD! Mua haha ha ha!
Dom (from distance) What was that Billy?
Billy: Nothing nothing, nothing tra la la!
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Billy couldnt bear to look as the Manicurist of Doom did her work upon his cuticles. by Celebalqua
Billy: They'll never be able to caption this. by Gloria
When Pippin was suddenly transported out of Middle Earth to the twentieth century he decided to play it cool....
Pippin: Just calm down Pip, find out what the he*ll these things your sitting on are and why that Merry look-alike keeps calling you Billy.
by Eryka
Pippin remarks to the joke his friend told him: NO, Its still not funny... by jennifer aka merrigold
Must look Pathetic!!!!!!!!! Pretty Hobbit girl over there!!!!!!!!!!! (Thinking evily)That'll show Orli & Lij I do have a fan girl! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!! by Elanaduial
I can't remember was it you can't tig on a tag or tag on a tig? by hobbitongal
Pippin: Orlando, you can't possibly be serious about wearing *that* shirt to the photo shoot! by gimli_is_da_bomb_diggity
Billy could not understand why all the fangirls left the table when he told them that Orlando was outside sitting on the garden bench.....alone. by Melody
Billy: Ok, so I was the one dressed up as Gollum at the end of ROTK. Finders keepers I say, and you are NOT getting this ring back from me!!! by mevie
Billy immediately regretted eating the lembas that Orli had given him the night before the Who-Has-The-Cutest-Puppy-Dog-Eyes-Contest.
Somehow it didn't taste just right...
by Myelftoo
Hey, is that Dom over there with my girlfriend? by TeenDramaQueen
sniff sniff* Do I smell....*sniff*....BROWNIES???!!!

Superglue...*sniff*...brownies...oh great...this must be a Grey Panthers caption box....
by ShieldMaiden
Billy returns to LotR's "Isengard Lake" set for reshoots after filming "Master and Commander":
Billy (sees water from the food tent): Oooh no, not again *groan!*
Dom (off camera): Screw the drowsiness, just take some Dramamine!
by anonymous
after a full five course meal and seconds billy was still hungry.
Billy: God i am still starving were is that cute waitress i think she fancied me maybe she will give me more food OH!! like brownies. i love Brownies. HEY MISS.........
by mrs elijah wood
Nasty little hobbitses! They stole it from us! They stole the second breakfast! by Triss Merigold
Billy: thinkiing* What the Heck is that?
Orlando: I don't know!
Billy: How did you know I said that?!?
Orlando: I can read you MIND!!
Billy: cool! Teach me!! Teach me!!
Orlando: I can-
Billy: Yay! You can teach me!!!
Orlando: No! you cut me off so it only sounded like I SAID I "can" but I really said "CAN'T"!
Billy: Wha? Shoot! I thought you said you could! Oh well!
by Legolas' Elf Girl
*singing quietly to himself* "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts..." by Melvasaiel
Billy: Damn it! Why do they make oranges so flippin' small?!?

Billy discovers the difficulty of peeling a grape.
by Me!
Billy: *just swallows the last brownie of Elijah and is staring veeeery innocent away from him*
Elijah: what's up?
Bily: *tears catch his eyes* I think I just ate your last brownie...
Elijah: what brownie?
Billy: ow nothing...
by Orelinde
wonder if merry will notice if i steal some of his food...i missed second breakfast, he'll understand. by Emily Anne
Oh jeez...Frodo's fallen again... by Just_Kidding
Pippin (thinking): Yes...very nice...that plate of food is very nice...when he turns around I'll snatch it from him! Yes...nice....I like that plan...yeeesssss...... by Jessica
Pippin soon became worried that his date had not returned from the bathroom after an hour. by Galilmathien
Billy: I knew I should have gone to bed on time! by Legolas' Elf Girl
Photographer: Come on! Give me that pouty "my precioussssssss" look!
Billy: Sorry, that's Lij's thing.
by Tomi
Man those GP brownies look soooooo good.... Wish I hadn't just started on the Atkins diet..... by Lyra
Faster than a speeding bullet...
Its a bird...
Its a plain...

This is where Pippin realized that playing with super glue always leads to bad things.
by Pippin the dumb
BILLY: So here's my sad clown impression...hey! Where'd everybody go?!?! by arwentheelf02
Billy: Yes, but why are all the brownies gone? by TheLadyGreenleaf
~no comment~ by Lady of Lorien
Billy got a bit discouraged with the World's smallest rubix cube after 78873 tries. by Tari
(1)*thinks* "Paparazzi! Not again! Maybe if I put on my bored-annoyed face they'll go away...."

(2)"Maybe I shouldn't have gone on a diet; Dom's food looks awfully good! Do you suppose he's still eating? He doesn't look THAT hungry, perhaps he wouldn't mind...."

(3)"Well, everyone sure left in a hurry! I wonder if I should let them know I was just joking..."
by anardun
Billy: Well yeah, i went along with it. But it wasn't my idea, honest... by lu
Reporter **in annoying happy voice**: So, Billy, what's like to get up at 3 am every morning?
Billy: **glares sullenly**

Billy: ...I feel thin. Sort of stretched, like butter, scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday...
by _liz_elf_girl
Billy: Of course not, Frodo! I didn't steal the ring! Why do you ask...? by Spazzy
I wonder if Legolas knows his tights have a big hole right in the tell or not to tell... by Star
Pippin: Um,Orlando, stop stating to OBVIOUS.
orlando: This a purse. It is white.....
by Pippin's Pervert
Billy: I knew I shouldn't have cheated on that test... by Lady of the Woodland Realm
Billy: that orlando, he just thinks he's so perfect... Dom: uh...bill?
B: and you know, i heard he's not a natural blond?
B:*whispers* he's behind me isn't he?
by laurefin
oh crap here comes petunia maybe if i look away she wont notice me by petunia_buffer
Billy knew he shouldn't, but the sight of the one ring lying on the table in the open just proved to much for him. by Lawrence
*pout* why does LEGOLAS have more fan girls than me? I am just as cute! Stupid elf... by Kahli
Billy: I knew I should have gotten a job over there selling pictures and giving atographs but did "I" listen to myself??? NOOOOOO!!!! *grumbles* I can't belive it fangirls looking for me but they don't know where I am! *later with a flower* I tell 'em where I am, I don't tell 'em where I am,... by Legolas'Elf Girl
Billy thinking: "I don't think this is going to be one of my better photos.." by anonymous
thinks* i bet i'd look better in that tutu than legolas does...... by Lozi
Where is Dom with my second breakfast...*sobs with a whine* I'm hungry! by GondorianGirl
Dom: So, what are we going to do tonight Bill?
Billy: The same thing we do everynight Pinky- er, Dom: TRY RO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
by Cassandra
Gosh... They should have known that only ONE cake wouldn't be enough for the 4 of us...
Everyone knows that I can eat a cake like THAT all by myself.
by Dernhelm
Narrator: Here you see when Billy was being a turtle during charades.

Note to self: Elijah's super-Lemon flavored brownies are *never* to be touched...
by Stefanie
No, I'm not trying to secretly open a piece of candy. Why do you ask? by Uniswift87
Billy still could not get over the fact that the girls though Dom was more handsome. by Rowan
V.O(billy) We needed to get rid of orlando in tonights tribal council... I just dont know how to do it...
Dom: so if we get rid of orlando, elijah will probably win, unless you get immunity.
Billy: that'll work(looks over his shoulder) V.O.(billy) little did i know orlando was standing right behind me)*looks back* i'm screwed...
by Shieldmaiden
Dom:*talking on and on about nothing in particular*
Billy:*Thinking* hmmm, well this is...boring, i'd rather talk about something fun. Hey what's that on Dom's face. Eww! It looks like a giant zit. Amazing I never noticed it. I must be blind to not see that thing. Stange...
Dom:What are you staring at?!?!
Billy: What? Oh nothing.*hehehe I wonder how long it will take him to notice it...*
by Jozi
...and the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout again! by Lindsey
You see this face Aragorn? Do Ya?
Well, this is what happens when you deprive me of second breakfast!!!!!
by Lady of Lorien
Pippin was the only hobbit at the inn that time, everyone else was at Bag End.

Billy Boyd had to sit by himsef at the restaurant for not having a jacket and a tie...or shoes

Pippin was plotting how to steal Sam's beer without him noticing.
by Efren Took
No. That is NOT a pickle. by MerryMary
i don't know about this stuff... hey, what are they eating over there? by fl0
Don't worry, Billy. Just keep telling yourself - it won't hurt when that hobbit foot comes off... if only you hadn't used superglue! by Lómódë
*sings quietly*"i'm all alone, theres no one here beside me......." by kiraz
everyone else had already left the cinema, but Billy was too busy contemplating what exactly had happened to Elijahs face in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind........ by kiraz
Billy- yeas, Elijah, you are getting very sleepy. Sleepy. Now, trade me your spam for my eggs. Gooood... by DomKnight
Billy? Pshaw! I'm Mr. Burns...excellent... by gollum on atkins
Pippin: Merry?
Merry: What Pippen?
Pippin: Will you dance with me? I feel left out.
Merry: Are you joking me? [Merry left]
Pippin: [talking to self] I guess theres nothing else to do but to sit here and clean my nails. My gosh, They sure need a cleaning. Legolas would be so diapointed in me.
by Legolas's Wife
Pippin: *thinking* Oh man! I can't beleive Gandalf put me in time out! *pouts profusely* by Peregrin Took
*looks menacingly* You come anywhere NEAR my preciiioooussss.....*cough* I'll bop you upside the head. Do i make myself...clear? by Elf of the West
*hums innocently whilst slowly and quietly wadding up a piece of paper*
*takes careful aim at Orlando's neatly washed, combed, and braided head and throws paper wad*
Billy: [snicker]
by Cassandra
Hmmm...if I ask Merry for his cookie, I know he wont give it to me...but if I try to steal it, I'll get in trouble! Unless I get Frodo to steal it for me, then he'll get in trouble! Heh heh...but then Frodo will eat the cookie! Oh, what will I do? Well, now it's too late. Merry ate it. by insomniac ranger
*snuffle* so sad.......why does Gandalf have to be so mean........*sniff* by Daniel
It's been...two days last pint...of ale...can't wait...any longer!!! by Tabetha
Pippin finally realises what haggis is made out of. by Diablo
Merry: Hey Pip, do you know what happened to Frodo's ring?
Pippin: *looks off*
Merry: Are you hiding something?
Merry: Pip?
Pippin: Alright, I ate it
by Caitrin