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Caption Contest # 30

"I need more fans in her agegroup, she just ignores me."

by Chloe Oh come on guys!! What happened to my limo?!?! by Mrs Aragorn Elijah just loved his new walking Suzie doll with stoller. by Rachel Baggins Elijah: *sniggering* ha ha she'll never pass her driving test with THOSE parking skills! by Chessy Exclusive newsflash from the Valinorean Times: Spotted: Unemployed ex-ringbearer finds new goal in life:
Babysitting Elf children, while their mothers pay a visit to the hairdresser. by Lassie Rowan Gamwich "Ah... it's so sad to see them so sweet and innocent now, and know that in about ten years, they'll turn into crazed fangirls..." by Hannah M.
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Cockroaches always held a certain fascination for Elrond and his children.

submitted by Anne Winters

by Kitty a la Mode, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Nazgûl - *Screech!*
Frodo - *looks through book* Hm... I can't find that in my field guide to birds...

by Aduialel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Billy: Ahhh.... That was a good meal!
Dom: Yeah! I'm gonna read my fortune cookie now.

Billy: What does it say?
Dom: "That wasn't chicken"

by Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Fly, you fools!


*sniff* He owed me some money...
[or: He was carrying the Brownies...]

submitted by Rachel Baggins

Orli - u-oh..
guy - What?
Orli - ...
Guy - WHAT?!
Orli - You've got gum in your hair.

by LaWise

Frodo: let me feel your temperature... *does so* poor thing, no wonder you're not feeling good, you got 40 degrees!

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Don't you give me that look, Legolas, you don't know what it is like to have a younger sister!

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Aragorn just took off his shirt... I can't compete with that!

submitted by Brooke

Yeah, I decided against the Brown Jacket again...

by Emily Anne

Elijah - *cough* crazy *cough*
Lady - I heard that!
Elijah - argh!

submitted by Emily Anne

submitted by Anne Winters

Last Minute Character Change

by Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen

Even our four favourite Hobbits were shocked by the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

both submitted by Anne Winters