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Do not let ELijah Wood babysit your kids while he is intoxicated with brownies.
by Mrs Aragorn
Journal Entry of April 25, 2004: For the past day, this little girl has been following me around with this empty stroller shouting "WANNA RIDE, MR?!" After having to sneak past her for the fifth time today, I can't help but laugh as I think, Yeesh, they sure do make fangirls young these days. by Pendragon
Little girl: I see dead people by Chris & Vernon
Lij: Hi, little girl.
LG: Hi! who are you?
Lij: My name is Frodo...
LG: Frodo?? Yippies!!!
*Lij fills up with self pride*
LG: So you can tell me where can I find Leoglas???
Lij: Crap...

Lij: Cute little girl, nice little girl...
Lil' Girl: *thinks* If he come one step closer to my carriage, I'll kick him right in the... head!
by Firithfalaswen
Elijah: Wow those are some hot wheels....I wish I could have one of those. by _liz_elf_girl
I thought I had gotten away from all the hobbits! by Shay
"Hey, look! A hobbit!" by Blood Roses 1619
Elijah: Thinking wistfully *Iwish I had one like that, mines not blue* by Lady of the Woodland Realm
aaww look at that short lil kid wait shes almost up to my waist does that mean that im short has my Lord of the Rings character influenced my life so much that i am shrinking what will i do if i become hobbit sized how will i order my cappucinos at starbucks how will i ever survive by bird
Aren't you a cute little hobbit?

I used to have one like that when I was a kid.

Good thing Sam's daughter looks like her mother.
by Efren Took
Elijah: Ah, Mini-me! As my new Mini-Me, you have to learn the basics of life...such as not walking around in public with a stroller, and not leaving the house without brownies. by Stefanie
E.(thinking):"Aww, what a cute little hobbit lady, I wonder if she has some mushrooms...?" by Eleniel
Elijah watched happily as little Katie started chanting Arwen's little spell by the curb, obviously sensing that her stroller was ready to wash away some terrible Nazgul or something. by Melody
Elijah couldn't believe that little Annie would just stroll away right after they got to the Black Gate of Mordor. by Elf Catcher
Lija- Hey! Why does she get a dollie and I don't? *brakes out into tears* by Pippin the Dumb
Elijah (thinking): I wonder if her mother makes good brownies.... by Shay
Elijah and the Hobbit Déjà Vu Week
Day 5: "Wonder if I could fit in there..."
by Alquawen
Elijah: (thinking) That looks like the doll I used to have when I was young! by Lilka
Elijah: Hey, look! A hobbit! by OrLiLover3
Hey look its a little girl and she has a stroller hey isn't she a little too young to be a mother oh wait a minute she could be a hobbit. by Lily
Lij:Oh how cute! A little kid pushing a carrige!
Kid: I wish he would quit saying that,this is the 12th time he's passed me!!
by anonymous
Lij- Hey, that thing looks alot like the thing Orli used to carry around his make up and hair supplies! by Bethany Z
Elijah just loved his new walking suzie doll with stoller.

What would have happened if Frodo kept the ring...
Just keep walking...Just keep walking...Just keep walking in the street.

Elijah:For 50 bucks a kid babysittings no big deal.
by Rachel Baggins
Oh come on guys!! What happened to my limo?!?! by Mrs Aragorn
Elijah (thinking): Wha- Is that a ring on her finger? Ooohhhh, my precious, it is. And we wants it.
*shakes his head*
Dude, it was just a movie...chill.
by Tinuelen
lij: she has gum in her hair. by fl0
EW: (thinking) Hey! She kind of looks like me! But I'm not a girl, I don't like dolls, I'm not young, I don't have blond hair... by Lil'Dude
Elijah: hey kid. could you give me a ride in your stroler to mordor. by Amanda Boyd
Elijah: Hi, what's your name?
Girl: I am Okami! And this (points to her doll) is Daigoro! (wheels her cart away) *gara gara gara...!*
Elijah: What a weird kid...
by Kitsune-Chan
Little girl: "I swear, if you don't sign my poster the stoller gets it!".
Elijah: "hehe...cute kid".
Little girl: "I MEAN IT!!!".
by Laifanawen
Elijah helped to start the first ever Hobbit strike. by Heather
Elijah chuckled evily as the car came closer and closer to his unsuspecting victim...
Elijah: That's what happens when you don't look left, then right, then left again! [Edit LaWise - not that I think he'd do that... ]
by Felicia
frodo was delighted to see someone shorter than him even if they were a lot younger by cat
Elijah: I remember when I was that tall...
Fans: yeah, you were in Back to the future II *swoon*
by Morganpony2
Hey, I had the same one during my childhood... by Resa
EW: Hey kid! Can I have a go in your pram?
EW : sheesh I was just asking.

I wonder if anyone told her about the 'Kick me' sign stuck on her back?
by Fiona LotR Lover
Elijah: Awww, how cute!
Little girl: *thinks* He suspects nothing... I´ll just wait until he has walked by - then attack! Hehe, it´s fun to be evil!
by Rustui
Road Safety Rule Number One:
Don't not let small children wander near busy roads
Elijah: Dammit!
by Vicki
Elijah: Look! A child!...Wait a minute - I'm not Captin Obvious!

Elijah: I wish I was as good with kids as I am with the ladies
Man in left corner: *Snorts*
by Angry Bean
Lijah grins to himself tht he managed to get out of his mothers idea of him marrying as a toddler, as he watches a young mother push her babay across the road!! by Susan
Exclusive newsflash from the Valinorean Times: Spotted: Unemployed ex-ringbearer finds new goal in life:
Babysitting Elf children, while their mothers pay a visit to the hairdresser.
by Lassie Rowan Gamwich
Lij: Ha! Look at that small child thats about to run into a main road... *pause* Oooo... not good. by Charlie
Elijah: What a cute kid...she looks familiar...
Girl: Daaaaad! Help me with this...
by Lorency
Liji: Aww what a cute little kid
Little girl: *thinking* hehehe, if only he knew my evil plan
Liji:Hey that's my cat she has in there!!
Little girl: *pushes stroller into oncoming traffic* mwahahahaha
by Josi
ELijah: OMG i am not the shortest any more!!!!!! by Captain Obvious's Love
Elijah: HEy I wonder if she knows how to play tig. by Lily
Lij: *thinks* Hey! What's that little girl doing with MY stroller and dollie. by Stephne
Elijah: HA! Who's the hobbit now! by Natalie
EW: Awww...looky at the cute kid!
Kid: The hobbitses is talking to Smeagol? Nasty filth, taking his precious...
EW: Wah! I thought the flashbacks would stop!
by Tomi
*thinks* oh look a child!
*slaps forehead* oh gawd i had an orlando moment!
by Standerbyslol
Elijah: "Look mom! A little girl! Can I keep her?" **gives mom puppy eyes** by Robin
Elijah: I wonder when that little girl will notice that I snatched her doll and put it in my pocket..
Little Girl: hey - why is my stroller empty? Where's my dolly?
Elijah: dee dee dum.. oh, what?
by Goldberry
Eli: Ooh! A Pretty Princess Dolly! I want one! by Emily
Elijah: Oh I love kids!So sweet and harmless-just like brownies! I'm gonna give this one a pat on the head...
Little Girl: *thinking* That's right, dude...come a bit closer and we'll see just how innocent 4 year olds can be...Trust me. These carriages are used for more than doll-walking...
by Elvenarcher007
Lij: *sigh* I remember when I had a doll like that... by Me
Elijah: Come here, little girl... I've got some candy... by Reasonably Crazy
Elijah: I wonder what'll happen if I tell her her baby doll is attatched to that 4 by 4... by Cassandra
EW: Can I get one Mum? Pleeeeeeeease?! I'll be your best friend!!! by Kahli
Lij : the kid is going away...
little girl : cos captain Obvious is over there.
Lij : tat's y i'm stating the obvous!!!
by Mrs Obvious
Elijah: Awww, ain't that sweet. Man, I want a kid.
Faerie: That can be arranged. *evil grin*
Elijah: Ummm, never mind.
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Elijah: Oh, this is nice.....little boys with baby carages.... by Shieldmaiden
oooohhhhh, a hobbit baby! by Woody
Elijah: Nice selection of attire little dude....(note what Elijah's wearing) by Shieldmaiden
Wait a minute is that Orli? Nah it can't be he's too tall. Maybe i shouldn't have had that last brownie. by anonymous
Elijah: I will call her Squishy and she shall be mine. She shall be my Squishy. Come here little Squishy, come here little Squishy.
@girl walks into the road@
by Cassandra
Elijah: Hey! That's mine! Get back here! by Laredith
lij: hey kid wer'e marching! get back in line! by john
"I need more fans in her agegroup, she just ignores me." by Chloe
Elijah:*thinking* And we give the child a little nudge and she'll fall, let go of the stroller and bye bye Stroller of DOOM
Random Child:*thinking* That's what you think Mr. "I played Frodo, so I can save the world"
by Cary
Elijah: See, it's not only me who can look good in a navy jacket!

Elijah: Thank goodness i did my jacket up otherwise everyone would know that I was wearing the same top as her!
by Elf Kiss
Elijah: It's a kid!
Kid: Thanks for the info, Captain Obvious.
by Lily the Bucklander
Lij: Why, yes I am! *gloats with pride*
LG: Do you think you could introduce me to Orlando?
Lij: AGH!!!
by jess_ica
Elijah: How cute.
Little Girl: Where's my baby?!y
Elijah: *points to doll in road* You mean that baby?
by Captian Holly Short of the LEPrecon Police
Little Girl:((to doll)) Let's go for a wride, Mr. Fwodo!
((elijah smiles, full of self pride))
little girl drops doll into sewer, puts a new doll in the stroller and pushes the stroller across the street.
((elijah's smile turns into shock))
Little Girl: Sam's my favowite!
by Gir and Mini Moose
How to tell a future "Daddy." by Alquawen
Elijah*thinks to self* Hey, I'm finally taller than someone!!

Elijah: Hey! Little girl! Look out for that-
Elijah *thinks to self* Kid? What kid? There was no kid!
by Eryka
Lij: Oh wow look! a REAL hobbit...i always knew those existed! *stares* It's so small... by ElwingV
A hobbit!! They do exist!! by Angela
Elijah was estatic when he recieved his complementary hobbit escort for playing the part of Frodo in LOTR. It didn't go very fast, but he ocasionally got her to make coney stew just like Sean used to make. by Peregrin Took
Elijah: Her hair is blond
Sean:(offscreen)NO!!! HE caught the Orli disease!
by ManniElf
OMG! Im actually taller than someone!! Yay!!"

Little girl: (thinking) Why do I get the feeling someone's staring at me?
by Fahmi
i wonder if my daughter will look like that someday [slightly edited]

hey yo!! can i have a ride???
by holly
"Ah... it's so sad to see them so sweet and innocent now, and know that in about ten years, they'll turn into crazed fangirls..." by Hannah M.
hey look, a cute little kid running out into the middle of the street. use to do that when I was a little kid. drove dear old Mum mad. by lily
thinking- Hey I could use one of those. I wonder if it has a CD player. by katydid
Elijah to friend: Aww, isn't she a cute little girl?
Girl pushing stroller: *thinks* Ha! That's why we are "very rarely seen by the big folk"! Huh! I bet he thinks this is a doll!
by Elfin Maiden
Lij:I didn't know kids could get tattoos... on the back of their neck... of Orlando...
Kid*thinking*: Wait til he finds out it's tempoary.
by Mirkwood Princess
hehe! the kid has a stroller! by leggy_luv01
Elijah tired of being made fun of about his hight, started hanging around with 2ft. tall toddlers to boost his self-esetme. by *Lij'ismyluv*
i look bad standing next to this kid by jay
Elijah: Wow, that's a little girl! Orli: *comes in from no where* Hey that's MY call

Elijah: YES!!! Another helpless person! if I help 3 more helpless people across the street I'll get my Helping badge!:o)
by StephGreenleaf
Lij- Hey Sean look at this little girl she's got a blue stroler!
Lij-*crying* I want a blue one I've only got a pink one!!
by Taylor
Lij-Now,Now, Patrisha you know what Mommy said don't you?
little girl-Patwisa! who's Patwisa? Who you calling Patwisa? What in th- Oh! Ewijah Wood!
Lij- Yes that's me!
little girl- Do you know where I can find ORLANDO BLOOM?
Lij-(slaps fore head and looks up) Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Oh MAN!
by Taylor
Elijah sighs contendly: I love toddlers, they're so much smaller than me! by WickedBiccie
how come she gets a doll? i wanna doll too! Mom! can i have stroller too! please? PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!! by jennifer
Fake laugh and thinking: *where* is that girl going with *my* buggy!? by Orelinde
Elijah: *sniggering* ha ha she'll never pass her driving test with THOSE parking skills! by Chessy
ELijah: Can I please play with the stroller?
Kid: No.
Lij: Plleeease? Kid: NO! Go away creepy man!
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Elijah:Hey look! She is playing with a frodo doll!
Little girl:Don't worry frodo,I won't let Shelob get you.
by Righthurr1234
"wooww i want one!" by dudette elfit
Elijah: OH! I want a jacket like's almost as pretty as my brown one! by Bouncingferret02
Hey little girl aren't you a little young to be a mom? by Hobbitmum
Little Girl: Pushing a stroller off a curb takes a lot of concentration, and the speeding cars are distracting me. by insomniac ranger
Awwwwwwwww, cute kid!!! {thinks} If I see another hobbit, I'm gonna FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Moriah
*Elijah take on Captain Obvious*
Elijah: Look, it is a child. She has a stroller. And there is a doll in it.
by Tolky
guy in brown jacket:Look elijah! someone shorter than you!
elijah:*smiling/whispering* as soon as this photographer leaves, you're dead...
by laurefin
Girl: I had four biscuits, then I ate one. Then I only had three...
Elijah: Hehehe, i can see those brownies have taken hold nicely. *evil maniacle laugh*
by Voldy
Lijah: "Wow, for the first time ever, I can say i'm taller then someone! Yahooo!"
Little girl: "One day, I'm going to grow up to be taller then Elijah Wood!"
by Miryia
elijah thinks to self, and they have down in history as hobbits being the smallest creatures, i think not, look at that its a girlpram, very rare creature, very tiny, almost like a child by kareece
Elijah: Hey little girl where'd you get you Super Excercise Barbie stroler???
Little Girl: At Barbie Mania!
Elijah: Thanks, but I don't want to go there!!
Little Girl: Well you have to go there IF you want one!!!
Elijah: Good Heavens!!! Never mind I'll just go to BabyLand and get one! :)
by Frodo's Hobbit Girl
elijah thinks to self: she doesn't realize what a privilige it is to meet me the nerve shes not even clamoring for my auotograph! by pippin the great
Ha ha! Even my wig was better than that! by Alandria
Frodo: Hey look, a hobbit! by Ceana
Little girl: Hey Lij' why did the little girl cross the road?
Elijah: To get to the other side?
Little girl: No, to get away from you. Quit walking past me already!!!
by Melphie
Elijah wondered how many brownies he'd have to give up to get a ride. by haleycopter
Aww. It reminds me of my old Hobbit days. Shaq, I still am a Hobbit! *chuckles to self* by Vanael
Elijah:She will be perfect for my lecture on how hobbits can be great!!!(evil laugh) by LOTRgirl
"Hey there! I have one just like that!" by Jaime
Elijah:Gimme back my brownies...or else.
Kid:My doll ate 'em
by Isilwen
Elijah: "Awww, isn't that little girl just adorable!"
(who's her rocker)
Little girl: "Why is that guy smiling at me like that? Can't he see that i'm a grown woman taking a stroll with my child?!"
by Minmay
Yey! a hobbit smaller than me!

by The It
Little Buggie Baggins out on his midday stroll spotted another hobbit who also had a buggie and wondered if they were related.

The hobbits......theyre alive and multiplying!

by Roo
*thinking* Elijah," Man, I wish I still had my stroller and then we could play together!!!"

Elijah" Have fun crossing the street!"
Girl" I will!"

Elijah walking up to the girl smiling,"Hey, little girl what happened to the baby in your stroller?"
Girl" It's in the street."
Elijah" Oh, well, would you like me to go get your doll for you?"
Girl" No, just leave her."
Elijah" But she will get ran over. Are you sure you don't want me to go get her for you?"
Girl" I'm sure. She was being bad to day and I told her if she didn't behave I was going to put her in the middle of the road. Well, sure enough she wouldn't behave." Elijah giving her look like 'what a violent girl' walks off at a pretty fast speed.
by L.A.
E: oh how cute! thinks to self hobbits actully exist? by Pippin the Great
Elijah: Ah! Yet another recruit just waiting to be snapped up for Hobbit Traiing! by Ben Maynard
eiljah:must ....not....kick....kid..
**child kicks elijah in the knee**
elijah;first it was seans trick pony fariy and knoe his kid
*elijah falls*
by vharry lavery
Elijah- "Oh what a cute litt..."
Director- "CUT! Look Elijah, I said you could have a walk on role in Seed of Chucky. But only Billy Boyd gets to speak!"
by Daronda
Little Girl: What?
Elijah: You are the fourth hobbit-size child I have seen in the last five minutes.
LG: Whatever.
by Cary
Elijah Wood checks out the ladies!
*thinks* She'd be cute if she wasn't wearing those shoes...
by Dom's Brown Bobcat
Elijah- Okay while she's not looking I'll put this "kick me" sign on her back. by Hobbitongal
Never let Elijah be around Orlando--
"Hey look, it's a child!"
by Lindsay
Elijah: *thinking* Aww, how cute, and -- HEY! SHE'S ABOUT TO PUSH MY TEDDY INTO THE ROAD!!!

Little Girl: It is time to meet your doom in the highway, Elijah-doll!
Elijah: *thinking* Keep smiling...just keep smiling...
by Starling
Elijah: Oh, a penny! by gollum on aktins
boo ya grandma by Michelle & Granma
Elijah: Aww...look at the little girl and her---WAIT! ARE THOSE *MUSHROOMS* IN THERE?! by Luthien Nenharma
Elijah: "Alrighty, then, have him back by 5. See ya, sweetie.!Be a good boy for Mommy!"

Little girl:(to self) If that man asks me "What have I got in my pocketes" again, I'm gonna call the cops!

Elijah to self:(through gritted teeth) Why does ORLI get all the hot chicks?
by Baby_Leggy
Little Girl: Now Elijah, you have to hold my hand if you're gonna cross the street.
Elijah: But I don't WANNNA!!!!!! mwahahahahahaha!
by AnaLee
Elijah: Wow... for once I'm *taller* than someone... by GollumtheGreat
Elijah: That little girl's really cute... but where's her mom? People need to be more careful! (Walks into the back of a car) Hey, who put that there?
LG: Sheesh, that guy needs a mom!
by Marigold
lij: hello little girl
little girl : you arrrre fwodo arwnt you
lij : well actualy
little girl : aww, you look like him
lij : my actual name is michael jackson
by Amariel
girl: my doll! where's my doll!
elijah: it's mine, my own, my - he! no! please don't cry! here's your doll! you want some brownies? here!
by Jllz
thinks to himself* "Hey, that kid has brownies... hehehe..." by *wild*
Lij is amazed as a little girl storms the Black Gates with a pushchair... by Pancakes or Brownies
aahh...memorys of being a hobbit!

oh! I used 2 have one of those!

That kid is cuter than me! Someone call the police!
by emily anne
little girl:look dolly there's a hobbit behind us
elijah: ok that's it!!! i said the next time i heard someone tell a hobbit joke i was gonna kick them...... thinks*good thing there's a red light right now*
by Lady of Lorien
*in gollum like voice*
you stole my precious. Give it back! Me promises to play nice.
by Raelyn
What the heck is that baby doing. by Koogle
Who is a sweet little girl? You are you little hobbit! by Krazy
Lig:Abubububoobitibooo! Adoobadooo! Ar oo oh oot!
Girl: Geez, I'm twee, don't talk to me like that you *&&^^^%
Lig:OOOOOOOOOOO! Tha a bab baby! Baby don cus!
by anonymous
KID: Stop! Who would cross the sidewalk of death must answer me these questions three...
ELIJAH: I'm getting too old for this!
by arwentheelf02
Elijah: I knew there were hobbits! by Lorddess Dom-may
"To self" Wow, finally someone I'm taller than! by Nicholas Turner
Elijah: Oh how cute! *thinks to self* Hobbits actully exist? by Smeagol the Snatcher