Smiling Frodo

The Bagginses

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How long do you think we have to hide, Aragorn?

I don't know, Frodo. Those teletubbies are terrifying. I can't believe Boromir would do this.

Yeah, it was only a song, gee! But are we really safe here? There will be no teletubbies?

I don't know, I don't know....

Hey Frodo, do you want to hear some songs?

Gee, I can't believe this! Who would know that Aragorn would insist on singing songs all the time! I'm sick of it.. Maybe if I practice my disstressed angsty face he'll stop..

*50 songs later*

Aragorn: *snore*
Horse: *thinking* what an odd place to fall asleep on

Finally, he's asleep! Now I can get out of this place

*one hour later*

Gee, this tunnel is getting long, it must be time to start digging upwards now!

Finally!! Free! I'd rather have lots of teletubbies around me instead of hearing Aragorn sing another song!

Pippin: Look! there's Frodo!
Merry: what is he doing here? He should be somewhere else with Aragorn

The food! Now we won't have his share! crap!

Hey guys I'm back, I figured dancing in teletubbie suits was better then listening to Aragorn sing every song ever written.

Pippin: Merry what do we do now?
Merry: I don't know Pip

But what about the food?

I can't believe Frodo ditched me, just because I was trying to entertain him. Oh well there is only one way to deal with this.

So you're saying, that all you said was a joke, and you made me suffer 3 months with Strider just so you could eat my share of the food?

Yeah, that pretty much says it all.

We better get Strider before he does something drastic.

Merry: What would that be?
Pippin: MEEP I don't want to know

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