Smiling Frodo

The Bagginses

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*mumbles* No one understands my genius, I feel so misunderstood. If that's how they want it to be, so be it! I have lived out in the woods alone before, I can do it again. Maybe I should ask Arwen if she want to come along with me.. Them hobbits wouldn't know a great musical artist if they stumbled over one..

Aragorn: Will you not come with me? Arwen: No, I'm sorry, my father needs me here, he's not the elf he used to be, his vision is getting blurry.. *thinking* Spend parts of eternity in the woods with him singing all those selfcomposed songs, I'd rather admit Legolas got prettier hair than me!

*sniff* Let them have it their way, I don't care..! Arwen would just have disrupted my creative writing anyway. *sulks more*

*meanwhile, back in Rivendell*

Frodo: So, what you're saying is, the whole story about Boromir being angry at us was just a joke?
Sam: Bless my hobbit feet, Mr. Frodo, I had nothing to do with it, I swear!

Yeah, that's pretty much it, are you going to eat that? Can I have it?

But what about Aragorn? He still doesn't know!

Do you really care, after all, he way boring you with all those songs.. You ca have his share of food!

Frodo: Oh, ok, food does sound nice, where is that waiter anyway?

*still out in the wild...*

*singing* in the bedroom, two pillows, his and hers.. In the carport, two ca-aars, his and hers... in the bathroom, two towels, his and hers *thinks* yeah, that sounds good

*sigh* I feel lonely.. Maybe I should get back to Rivendell, I'm sure they all miss me, and after all, I got a new song, I could make it to the evening entertainment if I hurry up..

I'm back, have you missed me?

*thinking* Oh no, not him, we had enough of him last year..

Elrond: Huh? Has he been gone for a while?
Gandalf: Errr.. I don't know, I didn't notice.. But when you mention it, the karaokee machines have not been used for a while..

Have none of you missed me? I feel... sad.. heartbroken..

Erm.. not really...

Frodo thinking* If I just ignore him, maybe he'll go away..

Well, guess what people? Living in isolation out in the wild really got me thinking, and I've composed some new songs, mostly about loneliness, love and emotions..

Oh no, he's going to sing again!

He better not use my lyrics again!

Aragorn singing: In the carport, two cars, his and hers...
Legolas thinking: Oh man, those lyrics suck!

Oh no, here we go again, will this madness never end?

Auch, the pain, has he no social intelligence left after those weeks in the wild?

Nope, I never wrote that, I got more talent than that!

In the bedroom, two pillows, his and hers...

Elrond: Now do you know why I've always been sceptical about your relationship?
Arwen: Yeah, I should bnever have doubted your word, ada, this relationship is ending tonight!

Gee, talk about social suicide..

I'm good, right?

... yeah... We have to go do something now, see you later...

Well, I think we can all agree that it was something quite extraordinary...

Legolas: Maybe you should focus more on your royal duties for a while? Aragorn: You think? I guess you're right..

Pippin: Right! Then that's settled, now, where's the food?

The End.