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The Bagginses

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*meanwhile, under some random rocks...

Frodo: Go away! Aragorn! I mean it! find your own hideout!
Aragorn: Did the fellowship mean nothing to you?
Frodo: ... cheap trick Aragorn, ok, you can hide with me, but we can't stay here, he heard you, he will come for us! *thinking* next place I'll hide won't be big enough for a man.

Damdidudam shidababadado, heh, it's some great lyrics! Hmm.. Elrond said he saw Aragorn and Frodo playing hide and seek out here someplace, I wonder where they can be..

Frodo: Now run to the fontains, I'll be right behind you!

Aragorn: *has stumbled right into Boromir, obviously.
RUN Frodo!! He's here!!
Boromir: Huh? what do you mean? Aragorn, Aragorn, I just want to say I'm sorry I got mad at you guys! Aragorn? *thinking* Man, why do these things always happen to me, must make not to self: always grab someones arm when talking to them, otherwise they'll run

Hey Merry, Have you heard? Boromir found Aragorn and Frodo, and now he's chasing them up in the mountains! *snickers*

No way! you're kidding, right? Man, he's persistent! Well, he'll never think of looking for us here, at the dinner party!

No, I know, we're hiding at the most obvious place! We're very smart, hobbits of some special intelligence

Did someone say obvious?

(a GP in-joke: Legolas as "Captain Obvious" since he always stated the obvious in Return of the King)

*thinking* I wonder why everybody is running away from me, am I smelly? Aragorn has a much morse personal hygiene than me, can't be that.. Oh well, I'll go grab something to eat.

Pip, we got a problem.. guess who just entered the room..

Shite, what are going to do? we can't run from him in here, there's only one entrance, and there's lots of people here as well.. What are we going to do?

Err... act normal, maybe he won't see us!

*acts normal*
Merry: You know Pip, you are allowed to breathe...
Pippin: pheeeew, now you're telling me, I ran out of air a minute ago!

Hmmm.. I think i see Merry and Pippin, strange, they're sitting completely still.. how odd.

Hey guys! Enjoying the food? *grabs Pippins arm* Now, listen to me, I just want to say that..

We're sorry Boromir!! We didn't mean to take the lyrics!!! please don't hurt us!! It was Frodo's idea! We had nothing to do with it!

Yeah! Frodo's idea! you know, how he acted when he had that ring! Sure you understand that we didn't know it was your lyrics! We thought Frodo had made them himself!

Is that why you guys have been ignoring me? And running away from me since I came? I only wanted to say that I'm sorry I got that upset, it was only some lyrics! You didn't really think I was still angry with you after a whole year, did you?

So, you're not mad at us.. great! We didn't realy think you were mad at us after all this time, but you know Frodo, he freaked out the minute he saw you and said we had to hide! Have you told frodo and Aragorn yet?

No, I havent' they ran away from me when I met them.. I think they're hiding somewhere in Elronds garden.

Pippin: seems like the rumours about him chasing them up in the mountains was a bit exaggerated then..

Merry: Say, Boromir.. Do you want to play a trick on them? Find out excactly how scared the king and ringbearer are? It will be fun..!
Pippin: Yeah, lots of fun! Let's see if we can scare them enough to stay in their rooms all night!

Hmm... That would be fun.. How do we do it?

Merry: Simple, you do nothing, just don't mention that you're not mad at them, and we'll tell them that you're planning something, and that they ave to stay in their rooms...
Pippin: Does this mean we can have their share of food for tonight then?
Merry: Sure Pip!

Ok, I'm in!

Ok here comes Frodo, you know what to do. We want him as scared as possible, got the camera.. this is going to be fun..

Hey guys!

Did you here what boromir is going to do to us for looking in his journal?

No what?


Well I heard that Gandalf overheard his uncle's sister's brother's aunt's cousin who said he think he might have thought he heard somone.....

Get on with it!

... that Boromir is going to make soup from our skin and squeeze the jelly from our eyes to put on the bread he makes with our bones

Well, that's not too bad.

Is there something wrong with you, Pip?

Ahh it's worse then that, before he shreds us he is going to make us walk around in TELETUBBIE SUITS!

oOOOoO i loove telerubbies...... i mean OH NOOO NOT THAT !!!


Merry: Well that was good, I think we scared him real good!
Pippin: What was with the teletubbies thing?
Merry:Gee I ran out of ideas ok?
Pippin:Whatever, I have a pint that needs atttention right now

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