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Caption Contest # 28

Picture suggested by Tallulah.

Elijah- Come on, Pete, does the gold go with the green or what? by Rachel PJ: HOLY CRAP!
PJ: Yep?
Elijah: Well number one, im happy you're wearing shoes.
PJ: And number 2?
Elijah: They happen to be firmly planted on my feet, and it hurts. Please move! by mrs. aragorn Elijah: Since the movie was basically all me... I'll be taking this by anonymous Lijah: I'm all right.
Pete: no you're not, you're exhausted, it's the paparazzi it's this place, it's that thing in your hand, I could help a bit, I could carry it for a while.
Lijah: STAY AWAY!!! by Stephanie Pete : Give me that Elijah my dear.
Elijah : [giggles] Why ? Because it's your birthday and you wantssss it ?
Pete : No, because it has "Best Director : Peter Jackson" on it. by Camellia Elijah: "Now, Pete, about that raise..." by Robin I let you keep the ring, now give me back my award! by Lady Jane Peter-"24-carat gold plated. Not solid. Are you sure?"
Elijah-"Positive. Sorry mate. Your dreams to buy New Zealand will have to wait." by Daronda
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Merry finally figured out that big hairy feet were not in style anymore.

submitted by DomanMetheTreeLvrs

Geez, what I would do for a haircut these days....

submitted by Kemi

Sean decides to show people that he did not, infact, need hobbit feet for this shot.

by HippyHobbit77, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Legolas - Gimli's *finally* coming with the food.
Aragorn - Good! I'm tired of eating ropes.

submitted by David

Gimli- Here's another challenge for you, Master Elf!

submitted by Bubbles

Elijah's training for the part of his life started early...

put together by HobbitObsession, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Orli turned to dirty tricks in order to keep his spot as the prettiest. He "borrowed" the sketch the planedecorator was going to use and drew a mustache, a big beard and horns on Aragorn.

by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Denethor tried to prove to Gandalf that he can "fly you fools".

submitted by DwarfPrincess

Elijah found it necessary to borrow Billy's Scarf of Doom when doing extra scary things like meeting fangirls.

by Celebalqua, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Sean And elijah decided to fond their own political party, and are currently campaigning their political program.

Sean: We fight for the little people! They've been ignored far too long, but we'll make sure YOUR voice is heard!

Elijah: And We'll make sure that NOONE is starving, as we're going to arrange mac'n'cheese stations all over the nations to feed the starving.

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Elijah just realised Sean's wig is on sideways.

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Pippin confused everyone when he spontaneously burst into a bass voice rendition of "you are my sunshine" as a farwell to Elrond.

Frodo: This is going on waaay too long!
Pippin: You make me happy, when skies are gray...

Frodo: Oh Eru, he smells of pints.
Merry: yikes, i think he forgot the words...
Pippin: Hiccup!

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Inspired by O Brother Where art Thou

avatars by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers