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Caption Contest # 28

Peter: Give us that Elijah my love...It's my birthday and I wants it precioussssss
Elijah: *gulp*
by Galilmathien
PJ:Is that an AWARD I see?!
Elijah:Sorry, but it's mine, my own, my preciousss. And stop looking at me like that. You're scaring me.
PJ:Need award!
Elijah:This is where I run away.
by Scottish Elf
elijah: so...about those brownies you promised....
peter: *mumble* err
elijah: hand over the brownies or the award gets it!
by dudette
Kiss me you fool! We just won a golden globe! by Undomiel
Elijah: Come on know you want to give me this award...
PJ: Oh, I don't know Elijah, I really want it too....
Elijah: *puppy face* pweaz?
PJ: No! Not the dreaded puppy dog face!!!
by Christiana
Lij: Listen you keep Dom away from me for the ceremony so I dont do anything stupid...and I'll give you your golden doorknob back.
Peter: Globe. Golden Globe.
Lij: Whatever.
by Celebalqua
Peter- Give it to me as a birthday present!
Elijah- no! It's mine, my precious
by Death Watcher
Look, ah, Pete. I know you really wanted one, but...everybody just thinks I'm cuter--you know, I am younger. Really, dude, I'm sorry. by, well, whatever
Elijah: yes, I know the guy handed the golden globe to me and not you so I get to hold it for the picture ooookkkkk??
Peter: must....have.....award.....!!!
by Shieldmaiden
EW [thinks]: Just keep smiling...move slowly...maintain eye contact...then he won't notice...that I have the globe...and he has an empty champagne bottle... Now RUN!!! by Holz
PJ: Give it to me, it is my precious!
EW: No, it came to me! My birth-day present!
PJ: I'll swap it for some brownies.
EW: Done!
by Lilka
Elijah: 'Trust me, my friend, when I touch you with this magic stick, you'll be just as goodlooking as I am.' by Janie
After taking a wiff of Peter Elijah couldn't take it anymore and just GAVE Peter his new colone.

Elijah: Peter! Where's my speech? Oh Darn! Peter, where IS it?!
Peter: Hold on! I've got it here somewhere! No, not that pocket...
Elijah: I will bonk you over the head with this! Do you want me to bonk you over the head with this???
Crowd: Speech! Speech! Speech!
Elijah: Hurry.......
Crowd: Speech! Speech! Speech!
Elijah: Oh will you shut up already!
Crowd: *crickets* *crickets* *crickets*...

E:Listen Peter. I use Loreal Paris, because I'M worth it...
P: Well...I use Maybelline, because 'I' was born with it...

Elijah: This guy behind me is driving me crazy. he keeps slapping me on the shoulder while talking to other people. Um...should I hit him with this? Ya know, just a little hit? I mean, it's ok, I'll still be famous. Oh...and I still got my health.

E: Hey, have ya ever heard the one about the blind man?
P: No.
E: Either did he! *ready to burst out laughing*
P: mind.
by lil~elf
Elijah:Has anyone told you that you have the most beutiful eyes
Peter:No, your my first
by Ashley
PJ-Do you think this maks me look fat
EW-*just smile*
by Dom's girlfriend
Elijah- you have beatiful eyes...
Jackson-why thank you but...
Elijah- no really they are almost as gorgeous as mine
Jackson- Elijah hand over the gloden globe
Elijah- sigh.........fine
Jackson- and your hand....
by maggie
PJ: Give me the award.
Elijah: No way.
PJ: Way.
Elijah: You know this award really is nicely shaped like a knock-out weapon...
by Melody
Jackson: It's mine, my own, it came to me!!!
Elijah: Yeah, but you weren't the star in the film.
Jackson: So what?!
Elijah: You're really starting to get on my nerves...
by Melphie
Elijah: You swear on the right of being the director of LOTR that you will give this back to me when I return?
PJ: (impatiently) Yes, yes, now give it to me!
Elijah: And you swear to give me all the glory?
PJ: Yes!!
Elijah: AND you will comb your hair?
PJ: Er...
by mevie
PJ: I wonder if they put the Great Eye on this Golden Globe on purpose..... by Lara
EW: so anyways, I was talking to billy and i told him to wear his blue and red kilt, not his blue and maroon one, but he said no. But i told him it would match his eyes better but he was being so stuborn...but anyways what I was going to say is that he didn't come to the awards tonight all because we had a disaggrement...isn't that crazy!!!....and also sean said.....
PJ: (thinks to himself)what is he talking about? all i hear is blah blah blah.....he better not drop that award, hmm...i wonder how i could take it from him. Hey! Elijah!! whats that behind you!?!?!It's a ent!!!
Ew: huh? where?!?! wait a minute , there is no such thing as ents, Peter...Peter? Peter!!!!!!
by Danielle
EW: Give me back my Ring, and I'll give you back your award! by Mrs. Frodo
Elijah: Since the movie was basicly all me... ill be taking this by anonymous
PJ: Elijah, next time you ask Dom for hand-lotion, make sure it is lotion, and NOT superglue!
Elijah: For goodness sakes Peter! It's not my fault you wanted me to hold the award AND help you get your wallet out of your back pocket....
by Lil Pip
Peter: *whispers* I know this isn't the best time to say this, but I think I left my wallet back in New Zealand. by Anna
EW:, me, award....
(*EW tries not to laugh)
PJ:Just give me the award back and i'll let go of the hold on your neck...
by Lydia
PJ: That's a nice award Elijah!
EW: Thanks..
PJ: But it's weird you got it, I overheard Orlando saying that it would be hard to win against Viggo!
EW: Must've been luck or something..
Viggo in background: ALRIGHT! WHO STOLE MY TROPHY?!?! EW: Heh.. I gotta go!
by Little Bunny
Elijah: I'm sorry, but THIS award was for best dressed...and I HONESTLY dont know why you diddnt get one... by Shieldmaiden
Elijah: You have beautiful eyes.....
Peter: Elijah, how many brownies have you had????
by Niki
*Nature guy voice in backround* Whislt the old male sizes up his adversary, the young male prepares himself for the fatal headbutt. Watch closely, you may actually hear some form of prehistoric words from these two! by Eryka
You wouldn't be looking at my trophey now, would you, Peter? by Eowyn Greenleaf
Peter:I don't Know why all this hospitality and congratulations suprise you, Elijah.
Guy on Right:Who's Elijah?
by Rachel Baggins
Lij: "No Peter, I will NOT wear those hobbit feet again. You can't make me! I'll hit you on the head with this if you try."
Pete: "Aww come on, you're the best hobbit there is. Sure you don't want to play a young Bilbo?"
by elfqueen
Elijah: Peter, I'm so proud of you for wearing pants in public instead of your shorts. Who's a good boy... by Jillian
This picture was taken just before Elijah Wood made a snide comment that provoked Peter Jackson into a rage. A fight ensued.
*In background* "Come back here, you pansy! I'll bite your legs off!"
by pitbull
EW: Pete, you really could have brushed your hair.
PJ: eh?
EW: here look at your reflection in the globe.
by lotr
E: For ME? Thank you honey! by Asmodeus
Elijah: Ohh, but Peter, it is just so shiny. Cant I keep it? Please?
Peter: No you already got to keep the ring, and sting and those are shiny.
Elijah: And your point is......
by Tolky
Elijah: Pete.
PJ: Yes?
PJ:And why's that?
by Jordan
Elijah: See?! I told you I'd get an award! My ten bucks?
Peter: Fine! Stupid bet...

Elijah and Peter finally realize maybe being together for years at a time, in hindsight, isn't a good move.

Again, Dom's superglue makes an appearance!

Elijah: Ooooooooook...What do I do with this thing?
Peter: First, thou shalt take out the Holy Pin. Then...
Elijah: Not this again!!!!!
by Si Black
Elijah hunts down Sean Astin to play a good ol' fashioned game of "Monkey in the Middle!" circa1700
Elijah: Peter, I know it was you who put superglue on my hand.
Peter: Promise I can have it and I'll help you get it off.
by K
Peter-"24-carat gold plated. Not solid. Are you sure?"
Elijah-"Positive. Sorry mate. Your dreams to buy New Zealand will have to wait."
by Daronda
Elijah: You want this?
*PJ reaches for it*
Elijah: Whops! Can't have it! ha! ha! ha!
No, really, do you want it?
*again PJ reaches for it*
Elijah: Can't have it! ha! ha!
oh, ok! ok! Enough joking! Seriously now. Do you want it? *looks at PJ smiling*
*PJ (already mad)looks doubtfully at the award, then reaches for it*
Elijah: You can't have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, i'm waaaay to funny (laughs madly)
by Frodo, the Ring Bearer
The staring contest had been going on for hours and even the award was getting bored by Em
Lij: you seem familiar, im sure i saw you in Bree or somewhere...?
PJ: Oh, no, i was only directing the award-winning movie that you starred in and that got you that award, you know, nothing major.
Lij: so, if its award winning does that mean it got an award?
PJ: ...
by Jenny
Lij: Stop looking like my award like that!
PJ: But if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have got it!
Lij: Mine!
PJ: *brings out brownies*
Lij: *smiles*
by *wild*
PJ: *whispers* Please, please, let me hold it. Just for a little while. I promise, I'll raise your salary.
EW: *whispers* In your dreams, you already payed me my salary. Do you think I was born yesterday? Go get your own award.

PJ: Listen, can I take a bite of that thing? I'm starving.
EW: Are you really that hungry? Can you not wait untill dinner?
by Tallulah
PJ: I thought that thing would be bigger!
EW: I know! What a rip-off!

PJ: So, kid. Do you wanna go out for some ice-cream after this?
EW: Oh, Peej. You are always so nice to me!
by Tallulah
Elijah: No, but seriously Pete, if I just clonk these press people on the head with this thing we can make a break for New Zealand.
PJ: Isn't there an ocean between us and NZ?
Elijah: Ocean! Smocean!
by Eryka
Lij-I still think we could have gotten more awards if you would have called the movie "Elijah saves the day" and edited the parts that aren't about me! by Angelcake
E- " Way to go Pete! We did it! Mind if I borrow it for awhile? "
P- " Hmmmmm let me think. No. "
E- " Pretty please. "
P- " Why? "
E- " Well you see I made this bet with Orlando an well I bet $500 that I could win this and well you did so could i borrow it? "
P- " You did not. "
E- " Actually yeah I did. "
P- " You moron. And the answers still no. You'll never live this one down buddy. " *pats back*
by Rae
I let you keep the ring, now give me back my award! by Lady Jane
PJ: Okay, Elijah, you have three tries to guess what's in my pocketses . . . if you don't get it, I get the award!!!
Elijah just smiles; he knows he can run a whole lot faster than Peter . . .
by AnÓwiel
Lij- and that my friend is how we know the award is ours
Pj- fascinating this new learning. tell me again how sheeps' bladders can me employed to stop earthquakes.
Lij- certainly, my director.
by DomKnight
(At this point, Peter and Elijah have been surrounded by ferocious members of the Academy)
Elijah- so, what's the plan.
Peter- Okay, on the count of three, attack.
Elijah-Are you sure that'll work.
Peter- Of course, it worked for Aragorn didn't it.
Elijah- well......

Elijah- Now Petie! See what happens when we don't wear shoes to the awards ceremony...That's right, we don't get our award, so what does this mean?
Peter- That I should wear shoes next time.
Elijah- There's a good boy, run along and play now!
Peter-(*mumbles*)If it wasn't for his good looks, he would get NOWHERE in life! Because his itellect doesn't help at all!
by Gil-Estel
Elijah: Seriously Peter, What is it?
Peter: I believe it's from a different centery. Apparently I made a movie about you. Elijah:Ohh! Peter! I'm blushing!
by Kelly
Peter: Ok Elijah give me over the award.
Elijah: Peter, if touch this award, you DIE!!!!!
Peter:*gulp* ok Elijah you can keep it.!!
by anonymous
Elijah: *smiling paifully* It's great that you won and award and I didn't!
Peter: Uh, thanks. Could I just have that back?
Elijah: WHAT?! My preccciouss? I mean, sure, sure of course.

Elijah: This is such a pretty award. It makes me feel so warm and happy inside when I touch it.
Peter: You know that is mine, right?
by Lady Knight
PJ:sneakies, we wins golden globes and you calls us sneakies(He rushes toward the golden globe)
EW:save it for the movies
by Gandalf Greyhame
PJ: Not to embarass you in public or anything Elijah, but your fly's un-zipped.
Lij: Awwww rats, the fangirls must be in the throes of passion.
PJ: Ohhhh yes indeedy.
by Faerie in Combat Boots
PJ Ok now give me it
EW no
Pj yes
EW come and get
PJ don't make me step on you !!!
by Sara
Elijah: Peter PSST! Peter!
Peter: Elijah, you should really be able to find the bathroom by yourself by now.
by Tolky
Elijah: Oh come here, you snuggly bear you!
Peter: I'm Peter Jackson, Lij, Not Sean Astin..
PJ: Oh, for me? Aw, you shouldn't have!
EW: Actually...this is mine.
EW: Well, you know I went through all the dirty work, all you had to do is say "cut".
PJ: But...but I thought that...
EW: Well...We MAY be able to arange something...
PJ: *exicted* YES?
EW: *whispers* Got any brownies?
by Queen of the
Lij: You know that in a staring contest you look at the person's eyes, not their award, right? by Earwen Ar-feiniel
Lij: Ahhh, Peter, I hate to be the one to tell you this but your fly is open man. by Mrs. Frodo Baggins
PJ:come on Elija, you know you want me to have the award.
Elija:No, no. I am pretty sure you said that i could dissplay any awards that we won in my house.
PJ:No, I dont remember that. Come on 'Lija, hand it over...
by Lily Greenleaf
PJ: "Lij, for the last time. Would you please give me back MY Golden Globe?!"
Lij: "I just want to hold it for a while, ok?"
by ImABloomaholic
Breaking News: Peter Jackson caught in the act!
Peter Jackson, the world famous director for Lord of the Rings showed up at the golden globes with Elijah Wood, we thought it was wierd that he wasnt talking much, and making wierd grinding noises. we sent our camera team to investigate only to find that it wasnt acctually Elijah at all, it was one of those darn RC ones with an award superglued to his hand, what did Peter have to say for himself? well just listen in on this tape recording we took just moments after...kkkkkrrrrrrrccccchhhh scratch cccchhhhhhwiiiiiiiiwwwwwww..... well um we had some difficulties with the recording, but if you dont believe us, just look at the picture above.
by Shieldmaiden
Elajah: No Peter, this one's MINE. I'm sure you'll find your one in the lost and found.
Peter: I could have sworn....
by Asmodeus
EW - Ha! Hey PJ, look at this, they left New Zealand of(f?) the Globe! by Alex
ELIJAH: Ok, Peter, just a bit of fashion advice; when wearing a tuxedo, do not wear a shirt underneath with a pocket. Very tacky.

ELIJAH: If I weren't holding this beautiful award, I would be so tempted right now to give you a Pillsbury.
by Melvasaiel
Elijah: "You know... you have the lovliest eyes I have ever seen!"
Peter: "No Elijah... you still cannot keep the precious over night. It's mine! My own!"
by Frodo_fan08
peter: hey lij giv it here
pet: yes
Pet: yes
by anonymous
P.J.: Elijah, I think that award belongs to me.
E:But I want it, its so shiny!
P.J.: Yeah...but you know what else is shiny?
E: Ice cream!
P.J.: right!
by faith
yo pete ! check out what i just stole from nicole kidman.. hahah !!! by gala
Peter: Look into my are getting very will give me that golden globe on the count of 3. 1...2...
Elijah: NO! Its my own, my love, MY PRECIOUS!
by Undomiel
Lij: Now, let's look at it this way, Pete. If you don't let me have this, you're going to be meetin' Bob the Balrog tonight.
by Lassemista
Elijah: "Now, Pete, about that raise..." by Robin
Elijah: So you're saying if I want to tig the photographer I have to give you my Golden Globe award? by OrliLuver3
Peter: Can i see your award elijah?
Elijah: No! It's mine! My own!
Peter: ......
Elijah: My preciousssssssssss
by Aranel
elijah--so explain this 'winning thing' again?
by Lilly of Mirkwood
PJ: You draw far too much attention to yourself, Mr. Underhill.
EW: Okay, that is so 2001.
PJ: Are you frightened?
EW: Now that you mention it...yes.
PJ: Not nearly frightened enough to not give me that golden globe award.

PJ: Hey, Elijah, is that a new tie?
EW: Yes, Dom helped me get it.
PJ: Hey, is that a Golden Globe Award?
by Efren Took
Pj: ok Lij your goning to take this here award and do this *pj spinning around* and throw it! *at this time pj accitently trows the aword into Camara*
by Hannah W.
PJ: [hisses] Give up the award, hafling!
EW: If you want it, come and claim it...
by Efren Took
P: this is what i have always wanted from the beginning!
EW: and what that??
P: The chance to be made fun of in a caption contest. (Edit LaWise - hey, you should see the caption submissions I get here that I *don't* put up! :) )
by charity
PJ: It's just that--I love you man.
EW: Sorry, Pete, you still can't have my golden globe award.
by whoever
Peter: Hey, Elijah, not to alarm you, but you are still wearing those prosthetic hary feet. by Efren Took
Elijah: Now Pete, you've had enough of these awards for today. You know what they do to your digestive system. by Aglaroenanor
Elijah: Now Peter I can pay you 100,000. think of it 100,000.
Peter: No, I think I'll be keeping this one Elijah.
Elijah: 200K
Peter: No!
Elijah: 500k
Peter: No, Elijah, NO!
pETER: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
by Alexandra
E: I have a ! It's called tig, I've been playing for years. Wanna try. *evil smile*
P: Sure how do u play?
E: Well...
by Johna
Peter:....ok, so we have a deal? Forty-seven boxes of brownies and a lifetime supply of Mac 'n Cheese for you, in exchange for the fancy Golden Globe for me?
Elijah:Parting with this solid gold award is so worth it.
Peter:That's what you think, buddy.
by Captain Kirk
Elijah: *looks at other captions* I'm not! He's not! I swear! It's just that it's after the Globes and I'm so tired and all of us always hug eachother and I'm so tired so I blinked and someone snapped a picture and it made me look all heavy lidded and I'm not looking at him like that! Get over it! *roles eyes in disgust*

Elijah: *exasperated* Yes, Peter, it is green. Yes, Peter, it is clean. No, I'm not quite sure I can explain that to you. *sighs and closes eyes in defeat*
by Fiowyn
Conjoined twins....sorta by Heather
Elijah: No, Peter, it doesn't have any chocolate inside. by Uniswift87
Elijah: May I?
PJ: *sigh* Everybody else does...
PJ: Woohoo!
by Butterfly Guitar
Peter: Does this tux make me look fat? by Esther
Just let it go, Peter. I'll never win an award! You'll win lots. Umm...I'll let you borrow the tux! Please!!! by Katie
Peter: C'mon Elijah give up the award. Elijah: NO My precioussssss by Lily
dude you might be the director but i'm hot hobbit totty so i think this is mine... by galloping elf
Elijah: let me hold this little award for you , PJ okay? good PJ.... give it to Lijie like a good director.. by Dwarf Princess
PJ: I'm too sexy for legolas, too sexy for this award, too sexy to hold it!
Elijah: NO more lembas 4 u.
by Orli's Love
Elijah: were did you get the award, PJ?
PJ: i found it!
Elijah: found it? in middle-earth? but the award is tropical!
PJ: What do you mean?
Elijah: Well, this is a temperate zone.
PJ: The swallow may fly south with the sun or the house martin or the plumber may seek warmer climes in winter yet these are not strangers to our land.
Elijah: Are you suggesting awards migrate?
PJ: Not at all, they could be carried.
Elijah: What - a swallow carrying an award?
PJ: It could grip it by the globe!
Elijah: It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a 1 pound award.
PJ: Well, it doesn't matter.
Elijah: Listen, in order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow needs to beat its wings 43 times every second, right?
PJ: Please, just shut up and give me my award back!
by DwarfPrincess
Peter: Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes. Right you are now hypnotysed and you will give me that award!
Elijah: I'm not falling for that again Peter!
by Kail
E(singing):"I've got the whole world in my hands, I've got the whole wide world in my hands..." PJ:*groan* by gollum&smeagol
Lij:ok now 10 more pounds and i will hand the award to you. You know the deal.
Peter: *gumble* yeah 10 more pounds
Lij: Good this will stay in my house till you do.... and no more piggin out!
peter: *grumble* Do you want me to kill you!!!
by Pippinrocksmysocks/Scottish Lass
It was not without horror that Elijah realized that, just as they snapped the picture, he was about to SNEEZE by Fiowyn
do you think they noticed we nicked it? by ellie the ent
Peter looks longingly at the Golden Globe after Elijah won it with a coin toss.
Elijah: I told you to pick tails. Always pick tails.
by Alana
Elijah: No Peter, this is my prize! It's for having a pair of great big hairy feet, not a great big hobbit film! by suzy
Lija-Thank you! Thank you! YOur 2 kind!!
P.J. *growl*
Lija- YOu want it don't you.....
P.J. Gimmi!!!!!
Lija- *screams* HE"S AFTER GIMLI! RUN!!!!!!!!!!
by Nassty Hobbitses
lij: please, pete, please? i want one too, but the meanies didn't give me one... *sniffle*
peter: no, i need to add this one to my ever growing collection. it would nicely next to my oscar... i f they ever decide to give me one...
by Felicia
Lija-PJ wants my award. He wants it all for himself! I knew he was trixy! I bite nassssty directorses head off!! Feel my rath!!!! Mwahaha!! by Nassty Hobbitses
PJ: What's that?
Elijah: It's our golden globe award!
PJ: Where'd you get it?
Elijah: Er...
PJ: *sigh* I knew it. Harry Potter again, right?
by Mel
Elijah: Look PJ! It's our golden globe award!
PJ: Right Lij...then what's that "costs $3.00" sign on it?
Elijah: Well...erm...
by Melphazoid
PJ: *trying to be modest* Oh no, I couldn't take it..I just couldn't...
Elijah: Ok, Mr. Bigproducer, how about I just march over and give give this to the nice little director of Seabiscuit...
by Myelftoo
Peter: Eligah...can I have it pretty please with a cherry on top?
Eli: No! It's mine my pressious...
Peter: thinks *he takes this movie a little too seriously...*
by Frodo
PJ: **thinking "maybe i can use mind control powers to make him give me that Globe..." ** by Hannah
Elijah: No Peter, I'm sorry, Fran made me promise I wouldn't give it back until you brushed your hair!
PJ: ...Peter has no hairbrush, Peter needs no hairbrush.
by Elanor
Peter: Look into my eyes.
Elijah: Why?
Peter: Do not ask me why, just do it.
Elijah: Er...okay.
Peter: You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Now, what you are going to do is this...give me that award so I can run away and claim it as my own.
Elijah: Why would I do that?
Peter: You're hyptonized and you will do exactly what I say.
Elijah: Dude, I'm not hyptonized and you're not touching my award.
Peter: Well, it was worth a shot.
by Linaewen
Pj...*looks in awe..and wispering* are.. you... a .... Leperchaun!!!!???... I mean the green and the gold and ...oo those eyes have to be the rainbow!!!!!
Lij.....not again first the lady on the red carpet and now Peter!!! omg! i am burning this suit when i get home!
by Flying monkeys, soldiers doing stunts, and midevil Scottish Highland Clans!
Elijah: You call this an award?!
PJ: That is what its called...
Elijah: I've caught bigger fish!!!
PJ: O shut up and be grateful i didnt get nowt!!! sniff sniff!
by Kirsty
Look Peter, small guys like me can win awards too! *smile* by Orelinde
Peter: It's only fair we should give that to lawise for all her hard work, elijah..
Elijah: No!! It's mine!! My own! My preciousss! *runs off*
Peter: maybe three years of filming was to much indeed..
by Jllz
Pete : Give me that Elijah my dear.
Elijah : [giggles] Why ? Because it's your birthday and you wantssss it ?
Pete : No, because it has "Best Director : Peter Jackson" on it.
by Camellia
P: Golden globle Golden globle Golden globle Golden globle Golden globle Golden globle
by PjT
PJ: You silly boy.....I could have told you Tig wasn't a real game...
Elijah: (not paying attention) did you know your ears are pointed?
by Lala
by DwarfPrincess
Lij: I'm glad your here with me Peter.. here at the end of all things.
Peter: Erm.......okay...
by happy hobbit
Elijah in a sickly voice: you have beautiful eyes....
Peter: uhh..Elijah? How many drinks have you had?

Peter: just..just let me hold it once!
by Marisol
Elijah: Peter, let it go. Let me bear away the Golden Globe into the West, where it will be evergreen.
Peter: But never more than a memory!!
by Katie
Peter, don't look at me like that, i got the award, it's mine, it is precious to me. by Galadriel
Elijah: ...and I know that he's going to ask for it, so when he does, I'll CLONK him on the head!

Peter: and whem you attach it to your toilet, when you flush it, it'll say 'Sauron Sucks'!

Elijah: So you said Dom hid the GP brownies in the announcers jacket? Lets go clonk him with this shiny thing and get them!
by Stefanie
elij; sorry to break it to you pj but I did'nt ask for an oscar I asked for a coke by joe
Elijah: King of the Ring is my golden sceptor...
PJ: Who are you calling King of the Ring?! Who's the producer here?
Elijah: Yah, but where would you be without me? The all-adorable Frodo?
PJ: (mutters) I think you'd be alot more adorable if you'd just hand that "sceptor" over to me...
by Phazz
Elijah: Okay, now, I'm gonna flip a coin. If it lands on tails, you get the award, and if it lands on heads, I get the award. by Sabra from PantaLoons
elijah: pj?
PJ: yep?
elijah: well number one, im happy your wearing shoes.
PJ: and number 2?
elijah: they happen to be firmly planted on my feet, and it hurts. please move!
by mrs. aragorn
Elijah: Look, Peter, we both agreed that Sean gets to keep it in his house for a little while...
PJ: *intent on shiny gold thing* They steals it from us, preciousss, and we WANTS it!
by Mellyrn
Pete: You got the award?
Lij: I got it.
Pete: Ok, we take 'em all out with this hairdryer I found in the back of Orli's trailer and sprint up those stairs. Then we do a couple a summersaults, backflips and two eggrolls with a side of mu-shu pork, jump of the side of the building and onto those jet-propelled bikes waiting for us. Oh hi Orlando! No, this is my hair-dryer!
by anonymous
Elijah: Aren't you happy we won it Peter? Pete? Peter?!?
Peter: mine... Mine... MINE!
by Erika
Peet: sob sob mwaaaaaaaa!!! sniff sniff NO MORE CAPTIONS!!
Eli: stop crying Lawise still rulez the world anyway...
Peet: oh in that case, i guess its that shiny thing for me?
[Edit LaWise: Well, thank you, Elijah. ;) ]
by Shieldmaiden
Pullover-button-down shirt...$300
Winnig a Golden Globe Award...Priceless

Finally saying goodbye to LOTR and hello to OSCAR night...

Look a this amazing new weight-loss product...The left side of the picture is the before. And the right side of the picture is'll feel and look so good, you could win A Golden Globe award.
by Tahiri Greenleaf
PJ:Hey Elijah, look behing you, something shiny!
Elijah:Not fallin' for that one again PJ.
by weeny beany
Elijah: Five bucks and my VW.
by Sk8erdame
PJ: 'Hey Elijah, remember when...'
Elijah: 'Shut up, or else I'll hit you with this...'
by Elanor
Elijah: Tig
Peter: Tog
Elijah: HA! You can't tog at the Golden Globe Awards, therefore, the Globe is mine and you know what you have to do.
Peter: Feck. *Gets down on knees and acts like an oliphaunt as Elijah prances around like a leprechaun*
Dom and Billy (watching on TV): How in Mordor did he pull that off?
by Fred&George
Peter Jackson: "My, my, Elijah. I thought you were the Hobbit, not me!" by Ashley
Elijah: What's wrong PJ? You look sad.
PJ: It's the last caption contest. *tear*
[Edit LaWise: awww, not so bad... there are others... ;) ]
by Goldilocks
pj:lij, don't look now, but there's a flock of fangirls disguised as bald security guards...and i dont think they're after ian.... by laurefin
You Have an eyelash, maybe if i blow it will come off. by Roach :)
PJ: i promise i'll give it right back! now gimme the award, you filthy hobbit!
{coughs; gollum,gollum} Elijah: SEAN, HELP ME!!!!!
by allasse-elven-maiden
Hey maybe Elija can use that award as a bat! Maybe that'll keep people from rubbing their hands on his already messy hair!!!!!! by nassty hobbitses
pj:"don't worry, Billy will never know that his award is missing."
EW:"yeah,I guess you're right...i only hope he doesnt find out I ate his brownies."
by holly
PJ: Give me my preciousssss
EW: No, you give me my precioussss
PJ: For the last time Elijah, I DON'T HAVE IT!!! I gave it to Dom, who gave it to Howard, who gave it to John, who gave it,...uh...
EW: Back to you. YOu want your award back, right? Then give me back MY ring!

So anyways Pete, there is this really annoying fangirl who's stalking me, and I was wondering if I could "borrow" this award, you know, for self defense (*thinking* And knowing Pete, he'll completely forget that I have it. Hahaha)

EW: Aw come on Pete, you know I made it big, don't I deserve an award?
PJ: BECAUSE OF ME!!! You made it big BECAUSE OF ME!!!
EW: Ok, Ok, you can have it back, all you had do was ask. And by the way you've really improved on your Gollum impression.

PJ: That's a really ugly tie.
EW: That's not going to get you your award back any faster.
PJ: You have lovely eyes.
EW: And that's just wrong.

EW: No Pete, I am not going to give you your award...ooh brownies.
PJ: *thinking* Hehe, thank you Grey Panthers.
by MarillŰ Gil-Estel
Lijah: Im all right.
Pete: no you're not, you're exhausted, it's the paparazzi it's this place, it's that thing in your hand, I could help a bit, I could carry it for a while.
Lijah: STAY AWAY!!!
by Stephanie
PJ.....FIGWIT LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by supporting roles are awesome
I'm sorry, PJ, I was instructed to under no circumstances give you this award. After last year's "incident"... by leaflady
Elijah- Come on, Pete, does the gold go with the green or what? by Rachel
PJ - Why, hello Elijah! by Joanne