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Caption Contest #26

Sean: Arr! Blast this static cling!!

by Happy Hobbit Frodo just stands in sullen defeat and watches as Sam demonstates that his Irish dance is better than Frodo's. by youknowho You were right, Mr. Frodo. An Oliphaunt HAS gone through here! by Mother Bird Sean: Must get feet in shot, must not have been in make up for hour and a half for no reason. by anonymous Getting used to the Hobbit feet: Day 1
Sean: "Hey, look! If I walk like this, I won't trip over-" WHAM!
Elijah: "...I think I'm just going to wait for the car..." by Alquawen Sam always pratices his dancing even on his way to Mordor, I mean hey you never know when you're going to see Rosie. by lady_of_the_mirkwood SEAN: the ants are attacking my feet!!
ELIJAH *smirks* i dont know why that sugar water didn't repel them.... by brittany Frodo and Sam were quite surprised when the Elvish cloaks they had recieved in Lothlorien began to attack and nibble them. by Stephanie Sam: Mr. Frodo, lets hopstotch to Mordor. by Alicia Look man, you ARE NOT a sundial by SupaLorLor Sam; You put your right foot in..... by Stradler
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This is what would've happened if the "Lord of the Rings" hadn't been a success.

by Robinos, Elijah's Grey Panthers; Picture by jago (

You think the face-lift is too much?

submitted by Brooke

Another night of drinking and partying in the Shire...

submitted by Tallulah

Aragorn: You go first.
Legolas: No, you go first.
A: Well, I'm royalty.
L: Well, so am I.
Boromir: Well, there's only one of you, Legolas, and there's two of us men so you go.
L: No, the second man is expendable so you can go.
B:Okay, oldest to youngest.
A: How about youngest to oldest, instead?
L: Boromir, I'm your best friend.
B: Exactly. That's why you'd go before me.

by Draca of Min, Elijah's Grey Panthers

We come to it at last... the Great Dinner of our time.

submitted by DwarfPrincess

by haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Oh why did I eat Frodo's hot dog before the voyage...?

submitted by Kayla

Playing the harmonica seems to lighten Boromir's mood.

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

"Stop! In the name of love!

submitted by Gil-Estel

Sam - Oh, look Mr. Frodo, a King Fisher!
Frodo - Sam, not now.

submitted by Ellie & Jack


Gandalf, that wasn't fair! Just because our height was gaining on you doesn't mean that you had to go drink ent-draught, too!
Merry - Yeah!

submitted by Gil-Estel

So, this is the "poin-tee" end? And this will only put them to sleep? For how long?

submitted by Kahli

submitted by Lathrawen 2927

Doms thinking to himself while posing for cameras at an award show.



Yet another camera.

Oh look, there's my friends Dizzy and Artemis!


by Dizzy Brunette, Elijah's Grey Panthers

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I don't know, why DID the chicken cross the road?

submitted by Starling

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If they try anything on Mr. Frodo, I'll kill 'em.

submitted by Ellie & Jack