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Contest # 26

Sam: I can fly! I can fly I can-*Crash*
Frodo: MEDIC!
by Lindsey
Frodo: Nothing like the Riverdance on broken glass, eh?
Sam: We Hobbits get no respect! Where's my agent, so I can strangle him!
by CJ Blue
Frodo: Eeek! A bug!
Sam: I got it Mr Frodo.
by pixie
Sam decides that just perfecting the monkey face wasn't good enough.
Frodo: I'm not with him.
by Habitual Wanderer
Sam: DIE! Evil things! DIE!
Frodo: What the...?
Sam: The cockroaches! Evil nasty roaches Mr. Frodo!
Frodo: I don't see anything Sam.
Samwise: Oh! But they're there!
Frodo: Rrrriiiggghhhtt......
by Faerie in Combat Boots
Sam: One ... two ... three ... umm ... two ... left ... you know, Frodo, I'm starting to admire this Michael Flatley guy more and more. How does he bloody do that?! by Casquivana
After overhearing PJ's plans to film a remake, Sean begins practicing for the title role in "King Kong".

Getting used to the Hobbit feet: Day 1
Sean: "Hey, look! If I walk like this, I won't trip over-" WHAM!
Elijah: "...I think I'm just going to wait for the car..."
by Alquawen
Frodo was amazed to find that Sam had taken up Riverdance. by Jewel Took
Elijah to himself: 'We've been up since three in the morning, we've had to run up hills, fall of cliffs, walk in rain and God knows what more...'
Sean: 'But now it's lunchtime!'

Sean: 'Who put those ants in my pants?!'
by Janie
Frodo: Eeeeyyooo , you steped in it !! by Gala
Elijah: Calm down man, way to have a hissy fit!
by SupaLorLor
Sam- one step a hop to the right... aw Mr. Frodo, i KNOW i buried it here...
Frodo- hurry sam, we have to find it!
Sam- i know Mr. Frodo... it's the ring getting to ya... we'll just have to keep looking...
Frodo- but why is the rum gone?!?!?!

Sam- UGH! what is that horrid stink...must be a bog nearby...
Frodo- NO SAM! dont step in the...! *sigh* too late....
by Kathryn
Elijah: ok, just because they called for a lunch break, doesnt mean you'll break something...
by Shieldmaiden
Sam: *singing* We're skippin' We're skippin' lalalala
Frodo: Sam, there's needs to be two of us to be a "we"
Sam:*ignoring* We're skippin' skippin'
Frodo: SAM SHUT UP! do you want to destoy this ring or not!?!
Sam: sorry Mr. frodo
by FoolofaTook
Sam: "Wheeeeee!"
Frodo: "I do not know him."
by pharazgil
Frodo has learned the old saying "LOVE YOUR ELVISH CAPE AND IT WILL LOVE YOU!"
Sam however.......
by Daronda
Lij - Now is not the time to audition for King Kong!(edit by LaWise: this was independent from the first one) by Jane
"no sean, actually that's probably YOUR foot-see, it's bleeding again.."
"What?! nooooooo!"
Sean: Darnit! These darn prostetic hobbit feet are so hard to walk in!
Elijah: *gulp* Left foot... right foot... left foot.... right foot... who made these things?
by Me
Sean: I can still feel that splinter...guess I can't work today.
Elijah: But it been 3 weeks.....
by _liz_elf_girl
Sam (singing): I've got no strings to hold me down... by Rose
You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you...shake..No, no, Mr. Frodo, RIGHT foot..RIGHT foot!" by Robin
Sam: You're very lucky I agreed to do the legendary chicken dance for you Mr. Frodo!!! by Starling
You were right, Mr. Frodo. An Oliphaunt HAS gone through here! by Mother Bird
As Sean is jumping around yelling in disgust at what he stepped in, Elijah is trying very hard not to laugh. by viggo's lass
Frodo tries desperately to be incognito as Sam begins to dance.
Sam: You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you do the hobbit pokey and turn yourself around...
by Lilka
Sam: Mr. Frodo, this broken glass doesn't look very SAFE!!! by PnutandSamsMom
Sam trying to dance...note the key word is trying. by San Wolfanbe
Sam: I'm a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my...
Frodo: I KNEW I shouldn't've let him have that pint...
by Leo Valmort
Sean: Elijah dont worry i will find your contact. by Tolky
Sam: "You put your right foot in you put your right foot out your right forrt out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about..."
Frodo: I do not know him

Sam:. What am I? Ok I'll give you a hint oooahhhheeeaaahh.
Frodo: I dont want to play charades Sam.
by Annie
Nobody knew where Elijah's collection of Red Biting Ants had gone, but Sean Astin could guess... by Mrs Frodo
Sean(pretending to be sam):I told you Mr. Frodo! that Gollum fellow was dishonest!
Frodo: .::sigh::. Sean, we're off-set. PJ, did Sean get his meds this morning?
by KT orli's angel143
S:wooohhhh Stupid feet! This is day 57 of the feet not being on camera
E;(thinking) U must be really bored when u count things haveing to do with feet...
the guy u can see the arm of: I'm glad I dont have hobbit feet. (trips over rock)
by Johna
Sam: And then King Kong went like this, and he squished the people!
Frodo: Oh dear God, someone save me.
by Rachel
Frodo and Sam were quite surprised when the Elvish cloaks they had recieved in Lothlorien began to attack and nibble them. by Stephanie
Frodo:Sam, I'v told you a million times, Gollumn's not going to sneak up one you.
Sam:Please Mr.Frodo, just tiptoe, I'm scared
by anonymous
Sean: Arr! Blast this static cling!! by Happy Hobbit
Sam's monkey impression quickly became annoying to poor mr. frodo

Frodo told Sam not to use that laxative so early in the morning.....

Sam proves that artificial feet can be a killer....
by Heidi of Mirkwood
sam:...and all of a suuden this big, like HUGE bird came and attacked mr. frodo. luckily i had my frying pan in hand.
frodo: oh please, the bird was bigger than my thumb. show off.
by anonymous
Sam: Everybody polka!
Frodo: No.
by Bubbles
Frodo: *sigh*

Frodo: Finally, a picture that has nothing to do with a sharp and/or shiny object!
Sam: Hey, look! A penny!
by Eowyn
"And THIS Mr. Frodo is how we squish up the poe-ta-toes to make them mashed. Don't worry we'll have some wine too. Hand me those grapes please? by lilelf
Frodo: Sam, did you eat those magnets again? by Not Telling
Sam, stop trying to river dance. It's scaring Rosie, Pippin, Diamond, Merry Estillia, and exspecially,ME. by Jordan
Doin' the Time Warp is easy, Mr. Frodo. It's just a jump to the left... by Eddie McFarlane
Sean: ROTK got three Golden Globes! WHOO-HOO! (does happy dance)
Elijah: Dude, it's not like it's the *Oscars*...

Sean(singing): Let's do the Time Warp aaaagaaaaiiiinnnn!
Elijah: I wonder if I should tell him about the camera? Nah...

Sean: (English-accented gibberish) Hamumblemumblemumble $?*%+@# ANIMALS!! SHAAARON!!
Elijah: I should never have told him about helping clean up after the Osbournes' dog...
by Kitsune-Chan
Sam: So it's suppose to be a jump to the RIGHT and then a step to the LEFT. put your hand on your hips......
Frodo: No No No. It's a jump to the LEFT. LEFT you fool. Then a Step to the RIGHT. Really I'm never taking you to Rocky Horror again.
by Icky-84
EW: Sam what did I tell you about drinking on set?
SA: I wasssn't drinkin' Shut up, you, you hobbit!...I'm sorry, I LOVE you Mr. Frodo!!!!! *starts crying*
by Lindsay
Sam: Mr. Frodo I told you not to leave your tacks lying all around
Frodo: (giggle) sorry Sam
by Karen
S:aghhhh!!! there's ants in my PANTS!!!
E:i KNEW three years of filming would do things to him....

hobbit feet & prosthetic glue-$25.00
shortpants, vest, & cloak-$50.00
dancing lessons-$10.00 per lesson
watching a slightly over-weight hobbit attempt the riverdance-priceless
some things money can't buy...for everything else, there's master card...the choice of shire hobbits everywhere
by Captain Kirk
Frodo:Not me. Get Viggo.
*Viggo's voice* Oh, Sean...
by Scottish Elf
Frodo easily slipped on his cloak bought at the Lothlorien Semi-Annual Sale, but Sam had a little more trouble. by Samantha
SAM: Hey, Frodo can you teach me how to dance like you did at Bilbo's party... did you say step, jump, do a chicken dance or step, jump, squat, and do a russian dance?!?! by Dan
Sam - Climb every mountain!!!
Frodo - uhhhhhhhhh sam you did remember not to drink the water in Mordor riiiiiggggggght?
by missy
sam prepares the way for frodo in yet another way.... ant stomping! by Hannah
Sam: Mr. Frodo, lets hopstotch to Mordor. by Alicia
Harsh winters in middle earth!!!! by Heidi of the woodland realm
Sean- *cry* he called me fat ahha hha I'm telling! by Pippinrulestheworld
Frodo: Um...Sam, are you still drunk from last night party?
Sam: Um I don't think so.
Frodo: Okay. Let's try something, walk in straight line without staggering.
Sam: Okay!
*Frodo watches Sam not budging for a 3 minutes*
Frodo: Um what the hell are you doing, Sam? I asked you to walk!
Sam: I'm trying... but I'm waiting for the ground to steady itself.
Frodo: GAaaaaahh....*walks away in despair*
by Lula
Elijah: I can't believe how realistic the makeup on our feet is.
Sean: What makeup?
Elijah: *long pause* The makeup on our feet.
Sean: They didn't put any on my feet...
by Judson
After filming the Shelob scene, Elijah and Sean both developed this strange paranoia about being bitten by spiders

Sam: You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about...Come on, Mr. Frodo, the hokey pokey always cheers you up!

Sean: Oh, I don't understand this Tai-Bo thing at all.
Frodo: Sam...oh, forget it.

Elijah forces himself to walk by, fighting a desperate urge to trip Sean while he's crowing about getting to his trailer without falling.
by Celesti
Sean: And I shall call him Squishy and he shall be... Oh dear. Uh, does anyone have a towel?
Elijah: Didn't we use up all the "Squishy" jokes in the last caption contest!?
by Kitsune-Chan
sam: look at me mr frodo, im a the plane off the aeroplane jelly advert *i love aeroplane jelly, aeroplane jelly for me* (at the top of his lungs)
frodo: oh sam, didnt i say people would remember you, samwise the jelly plane!
by kareece
Sam: "Mushrooms!!!
Frodo: "Geez Sam aren't you getting enough food on the set!?"
by Orelinde
Sean has never been very good at acting out a temper tantrum . . .

Because Elijah and Sean are arguing over which way is north, they don't notice that everyone else is going the OTHER way .
by AnÓwiel
Frodo: Sam, this is no time to be pretending you're "Samwise, Lord of the Ant-Destroyers"!

Sam: There, now we've gotten rid of teat 'orrid ring once and for all. And now for a final pat of the dirt . . .
Frodo: SAM!!!
by Classical Gollum
Sam gets rejection. by Melvsaiel
frodo:sam what are you doing?
sam:I practice for the middle-earth contest
by kat_d_hobbit
Sam- UGH!!!!!
Frodo- What's wrong?
Sam- I stepped in dog crap!
by elfy-witch
After finding out how to walk in his hobbit feet sam decided to skip down the hill to test them.
Frodo: Sam watch out for that tree!!!
SAM: (muttering and in pain) maybe next time....................never mind, there won't be a next time.
by SamWiseTerry
Sam-Oh geez! Gollum shaved our feet again! and I just stepped in...Ew! Get it off! Get it off!
Frodo-What did you step in Sam? (steps in it)..Oh. that.
by Sarah
Sean: ahh darn it!! Can't people remember it's impossible to walk normal on hot sand!! by Jllz
Sean: For Sam, PJ originally wanted me THIS big!!
Elijah: *groans*
by charlotte
Sam: Did this cloak shrink in the laundry?
Frodo: Sam, I think you need to cut down on the lembas.
by thegreatdecay
SAM.(Stamp, stamp,) I don't like spiders...
FRODO. I hope we don't see any more, Sam.
by Margaret
Sam: run mr. Frodo, there are strange people chasing after us!
Frodo: no, i already talked to them, they said that they are doing a documentary on our quest, its goning to air on the Discovery channel on Wednesday!
by Shieldmaiden
Sam: Mr. Frodo, I'm gonna run down this hill and make sure it's "safe" before you do so. by PnutsandSamsMom
Elijah: You have to hop up and down five times if you want want to tig me while we are dressed as hobbits.
Sean: *sigh* When will he relize that this isn't even a real game?
by Zoe
Sam: Phi Phy Phom... I smell young orc's flesh...
Frodo: God, now he's at it again, I should never have told him about Jack and the beanstalk...
by Elen
Sean-Die Shelob Die!
Elijah-Uh dude that's not until the next movie.
by Lily
Frodo: No Sam! I don't think those monkeys like you very much. *thinks to self* Monkeys? In the Shire? Nah... by Alana
Sam: Psst Mr.Frodo
Frodo: Yes Sam......
Sam: someones following us
Frodo: I Know, gollum
Sam lookes back...
Sam: You know i don't think so...
Frodo lookes back...
Frodo: Your Right what do we do?
Sam: I have an idea
Sam starts doing the hokey pokey
Sam: You put your left foot out u put your left foot in ........
Frodo: Sam No!you know that won't work for gollum.
by billy's girl
Look man, you ARE NOT a sundial by SupaLorLor
Frodo: i think we should get of the road
by ellie
Sam: *to self* step 2...3...4 NO...
Frodo: er Sam....what are you doing?
Sam: Mr. P. Jackson gave me some move to practise......step- TURN...3...4

Frodo: No sam its you....go home
Sam: Fine! No one knows talent when they see it so I'm going and im taking Mr.Fluffy the Invisible bear with me *to the bear* come on Mr. Fluffy.....
Frodo: *to self* Hobbits....

Frodo: Hobbits....really?!?!
by Ellie & Jack
Sam- Look!!! I'm winning the ONE legged race! I'm winning! *falls on his face* ouch that's gonna leave a mark.

Sam-*reproachfully* Mr. Frodo, you put your foot down! You Said you could beat me at this, but NO th e fat hobbit wins again! YAY! hand over the money!

OWWW!!! Pine cone!
by Lady Catherine
Sam: tehe- Mr. Frodo watch this: I am the Lord of the... Dance!
Frodo: *huff* I can't really appriciate that kind of humour this far into Mordor.
by dudette
Frodo:uhhh sam what are you doing
Sam: trying to imitate your chicken dance mr frodo
by fool of a took
Frodo: My turn next!
Sam: 1-2-3 hop-skip hop-skip
by Elizabeth Relins
Frodo:Brr...Its cold
Sam:I like to dance to keep me warm
Frodo:*gives Sam a strange look*
by Monie
1. since his accident, Sean austin has to tread very carefully to avoid anymore shards of glass.

Sam: Ugh, i think i stepped in something.
Frodo: Thats mud.
Sam: Oh yeah, thought it was something else.

Whist rehersing for the ' Fellowship go over the hill' scene, sam decides to run off and make sure no-one sees him.

Sam: AGGGHHH, Frodo's Grown 5 feet.( Scarpers)
by Luke Wholey
Sam had been suspicious of spiders ever since that one incident with Shelob...
Sam: Let him go, you filth! Let him go! You will not touch him again! Come on and finish it!
Frodo: Errr... I'm right here, Sam...
by Diamond
Peter Jackson has ambitious plans to make his final film, a remake of The Matrix. Sean will be playing Trinity,(keep at that, Sean!) and Elijah is rumoured to be cast as Morpheus. The ever ambitious arm in the picture will play Neo. Things are gonna be real interesting... by Son-of-Duraton
Elijah- hey..theres a broken bottle over there.
Sean- don't worry elijah i'll get it!!!we wouldnt want anyone to step on that!!
Elijah- heh. no really sean it's okay..
Elijah- well..we wouldnt want anyone ELSE to step on that..
by Gold
The hobbits go marching two by two, hurrah! hurray! The hobbits go marching two by two, hurrah! hurray! The hobbits go marching two by two, oops! they stepped in oliphaunt poo, as they both go marching down, to Mt. Doom, to get rid of the Ring, Doom Doom Doom... by Robin
Frodo: oh come on sam I didn't mean to it just slipped off.
Sam: you have to be more careful with the Ring Mr. Frodo.
Frodo: well if gollum hadn't bit off my finger it would have fit properly
Sam: if you hadn't tried to doom the world he wouldn't have bit your finger off
Frodo: *sniff* it is still tender
by Cory
..And here we have Sean directing the helicopters to safe landings by stomping his rather large feet..while Elijah looks on.. OhSeanYou'reAFunnyOne
by Elijah: "Hmm...I wonder if Pete will noticed that I painted my toes...? heh heh..."
Sean singing:"You do the Hokie-pokie and you turn yourse--Augh! Will someone please get Bill the Pony out of here?!

Sean: Come on Lij', this yoga stuff is a great workout!
Elijah: I don't know...*examines his foot a bit closer* oh crap...
Sean: What?
Elijah: No, I stepped in crap...
by Josephine
sam: frodo! its time you potty trained gollum! by rachel
Sam: And you do the hokey-pokey, and you turn yourself around...

Sam: Hey look Mr. Frodo! Do you think I can join the ballet after all this filming is done?
Frodo: *sigh* Sam, Sam, Sam...
by Elven Princess
Sean Astin desperately tries to rid New Zeland of the forces of red ants! by Miriel
frodo: sam, looks like your going to miss the bus again
Sam: i'm going!, i'm going!
Frodo: dont forget your jacket!
sam: i got it!
by alisha
Cherios, two dollars
Cinimon toast crunch, two dollars and fifty cents...
Rice crispy treats, two for four dollars...
accedentally buying extra bran wheat, squares that have twice as much bran than the other leading brand...priceless
by Shieldmaiden
Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

Sam: You sure you don't want any brownies Mr Frodo? They're scrum-diddly-uptious
Frodo: I'm sure

Sam's had a little too many brownies...
by Caitrin
Frodo: Sam, I know that we're in Mordor and that you want to get home, but please stop whistling "Tiptoe Through the Tulips!" by pitbull
Sam: Put your right foot in, put your right foot out...
by Manni
Sam *singing to the tune of 'Skip To My Lou'*: "Skip,skip, skip to Mordor..."
Frodo : "You're going the wrong way again, Sam!"
by Selma
Sam: Ouch! Ouch! Mr. Frodo! My feet are hot HOT HOTT! *hops from one foot to another*
Frodo: *whispers under breath* Man those fire ants sure work well
by CalenorŰ
Frodo: Sam! It's not that hard. Put one foot in front of the other.
Sam: Like this? Am I doing it right?
Frodo: NO! Now watch and listen closely. Like this.
Sam: It would be easier if it wasn't so darn windy. I'd swear it was a hurricane.
Frodo: Sam, it's a slight breeze.
by Amy Lynn
Frodo noticed that no matter how fast he was running, Sir I mean Sam didn't seem to be getting anywhere. by DomKnight
"I swear, Mr. Frodo, these elven cloaks don' fit right."
"Or the prostetic feet, Sean."
"Mine are doing jus' fine, Mr. Frodo."
"Sean, we're off set. You can stop calling me 'Mr. Frodo.'"
"Righ', Mr. Wood."
by Elsinore
New from the line of Hobbit martial arts- Sam Kwan Do! by anonymous
Sam:Ok Mr.Frodo This is STURDY ground you can walk on it.
Frodo:*blink blink* Right..
by Monie
Sam: Look Frodo, I can do the chicken dance TOO!
Frodo:*whining* That's myyyyyyy move!!! PETER!! SAM'S COPYING MY MOVES! *sulks*
by Lily
Sam: Common let's go!
Frodo: Sam slow down! I really gotta pee!
by Heather
Elijah: Hey, is that a doller?
Sean:A DOLLER WERE???!!!!!
Elijah: NO SEAN DON'T!!DON'T JUMP!!!!!!! we have a replacement for him?

Sean:OWWW!!!! i got a splinter !!
Elijah: Oh, stop acting like Dom when he got his splinter it was a centimeater long!!!
Sean:Yea but this ones Big!!!!
by Orlando Lover
Elijah was so ashamed of Sean when He sang AND danced very poorly to the Nsync song "No Strings Attached. by Orlando Lover
sam:ow! i stepped on glass again. we really need to do somthing about this..
frodo: yes, we need someting that protects feet from sharp things and are made of leather!
sam: and we shall call them..feet protectors!

sam: c'mon mr.frodo, loosen up abit. do the monkey dance with me!
frodo:*thinks*crap. how did i end up with this lunatic..?
by funky_elf
Sam: I can fly!
Frodo: He can fly!
Merry and Pippin (off-camera): He flew!!!
by flame of udun
Unfortunately, hiring cheap stunt doubles made the epic descent into Mordor a rather slapstick affair by Dennis
when Sean tried to fly like Gwaihir, Ian forced Elijah to tell Sean the truth: that the eagle was one off the computer animations...
Elijah:Sean?You do know that Gwa...
Elijah:to late....
by Margaux
Making a quick getaway, the real shooters on the grassy nole!

Typical. 500 acres of land, and i step in horse droppings.
by Mirkwood Princess
Sam:"last one in's a rotton mushroom!" by Kirby
Frodo: Spider!!!!
Sam: Where Frodo...Where's the spider!!!
Frodo: There!!!!
"Sam steps on spider"
Frodo: hope thats not one of Shelob's childern
by Moocow
Sam:I stubed my toe
by bob
Sean became frequently annoyed with the artificial feet, the artificial ground and the artificial wind. Elijah seemed to be coping.

sean has just discovered how to walk
Sean: Look frodo, I..I can walk! Look, you put the right foot first and followed by the left foot
Elijah: *sarcasticly* Well done Sean.
by wild
Frodo does not approve of Sam's attempt to fly over the mountians of Morder by good_one_pip
Ugh, did Gollum really have to do it right in the middle of the road? I mean, come on! We're in the bloody wilderness! There are bushes and trees and rocks EVERYWHERE! by Dane
The Drunken Sam Walk by She-Elf
Sam : I gotta get this hair off my feet!!! by gala
lij: oo! oo! oo! i know! it's bird...a plane? a squeaky door?
sean: i'm never playing charades with you again! its a M O N K E Y!
by galloping elf
Frodo: *sigh* hobbits by Ellie & Jack
Sam: Come on, Mr. Frodo - Last one down is a rotten egg! by Kara
Sam: Are you sure this is how to play Hop Scotch? by Uniswift87
Sam tries to learn 'The Timewarp'
"Its just a jump to the left. And a hope to the riighhht."
Sam:"Like this?"
Frodo: sigh
by Lady Fealin
For the cast of The Lord of the Rings, break time ment a chance to sit down, relax and have a drink. But for Sam it ment something completely different. For Sam, break time ment playtime! by bloomerang
Frodo: Sam what are you doing?
Sam: Just learing the hokey pokey. *singing* You put your right foot in you take you r right foot out...
by Rae
Can't stop...can't stop, can't stop... by Holz
That isn't how you dance Mr.Frodo this is how you dance. by anonymous
Sam: Grrr, it's the Sam-Monster! I've come to squash you, insignificant insects!
Frodo: *sigh* I just can't take him anywhere anymore...
by TigerCat
Sam: Oh! Mr. Frodo, what did we just step in? by Dimgwrthien
Sam:Whoever thought that the idea of Hobbits not wearing shoes is a smart one.......
Frodo:At least YOU didn't just step on a peice of glass!
Sam: yes I did moron!
Frodo: no need to brag about it!
Sam:(thinking) I wan't a raise.
by SamwisEThEBravE
Sean's rousing rendition of the hanson's brothers "mmm bop" aroused many cheers from the crowd. Except from Elijah, who jealously remarked "He wasn't that good, It was the feet." by Sara
Sean: (singing) Theres no business like show business-
Lij: Your telling me.
by ElvishRunner
Sam: "And then the ringwraith was like 'SCHREEEEEEEEEEEEECH!' and you were like 'DUUUUUDE!!! THE RING IS MINE DUDE!' and then he was like 'I'm gonna stab you.' and then you were like.."
Frodo: "Is it really necessary to replay my 'almost death scene' over and over again?"
by Kirsten of the Panta-Loons
SEAN: the ants are attacking my feet!!
ELIJAH *smirks* i dont know why that sugar water didn't repel them....
by brittany
Frodo: Sam, you're scaring everyone! STOP IT!
Sam: It's ok, I had Subway for lunch!
by Layne
Sean:Hey, were are my shoes? by Ashley
Frodo:Legolas turn you hairdryer off
Sam: HELP Im falling
by orlando lover
Sams:"Fe fi foe fum!"
Frodo:"Sam just because you act like a giant doesn't mean you'll become tall as one."
by Kailey
Sam: You do the dorky pokey...
Frodo: It's the "hokey", you're right.
by bubbles
Sam: What the...?! AHH! Mr Frodo!!! What is that?!
Frodo: Uh Sam? Thats your foot...
Sam: Oh...
by Christiana
Sam:"Watch out Mr Frodo, there's icky squishy stuff here. I promise its really here this time!"
Frodo:*sigh* "For the LAST time Sam, there is no....ewww."
Sam:"What Mr Frodo?"
Frodo:(with a disgusted look on his face) "I just stepped in *icky squishy stuff*."
by dr_pepper_rocks!
Sam attempts to learn Frodo's "Chicken Dance"

"And the oliphaunt was THIS BIG! I'm telling you! My Ol' Gaffer was the BEST story teller!"
by Stefanie
Sean: Ok, so if I wanna look like a monkey, all I have to do is this! *starts jumpin madly*
Elijah: Ok, just walk away from the lunatic, everything will be Ok as long as you walk away from the lunatic...
by sleep_deprived
Frodo: "What are you doing Sam?"
Sam: "Ever since we went into Shelob's Lair her babies have been following me everywhere! I can't get rid of the little buggers!"
by Taka
Frodo sheepishly walks away from the wrath of Sam when he realizes he didn't clean up the rest of that oliphaunt poop... by Emma
Sam- i just steped in some well i don't rightly know!
Merry- hey that was my line

and this is what a hobbit ballet lesson looks like!

Sam- Mr.Frodo i can see it we are there we are at Mount doom see frodo that wasn't so hard!
Frodo- um sam thats just a ant hole!
Sam- oh right i knew that!
by Heidi of the woodland realm
Frodo- um sam what are you doing??
Sam- practicing my dance for when i win the caption contest!

Frodo- eeeeeeeeeewwww i'm not touching that!
by Heidi of the woodland realm
Sam: It's just a jump to the left.. and a step to the riiight Frodo:.. Ugh not again... by Kurofuji
Elijah: "$10 Says you can't slide down the hill on one foot without falling." by Ashley
Sam; Ewww orc droppings by James
Sean: Hey!! Who put the extra stiffing startch in my costume!!!
Elijah: *Snicker*
by Nina
Put one foot in front of the other.... by LetGoOfmyLEGOlas
S.A: How about here?
E.W: Nope, further, you're still taller than me!
by Holz
As Sean was mimicing Viggo from the 'tracking the hobbits' bit in the Two Towers, He didn't realise that Viggo was watching the whole thing. He wasn't happy. EW, however, was watching the whole thing, and was torn over weather to laugh, or warn Sean of impending doom. by Rikki
Sean (sings) ; Always look on the bright side of life . . . (starts whistling) by AnÓwiel
Sam-...And they said, that if I do this long enough, it will rain!
by Alyson
look elijah! if i run fast enough and flap my arms like this i can flyyyyyy *crash*
lij: *shakes head* too many brownies methinks...
by galloping elf
Sean: you put your right foot in, your right foot out, in out, in out you shake it all about.....
Elijah: Sean you need to do that with more people than yourself im afraid...
by Helen
Sam: dodedo...lookie Mr. Frodo I'm a monkey!
Frodo *to other hobbits*: Um...We're not really CLOSE friends, he's just...well, my long lost, actually, I don't even know him at all!
by lilelf
Sam:...and Smaug swooped down from the mountain breathing fire like this!
Frodo: I think he's heard way too many of Uncle Bilbo's stories
by good_one_pip
Frodo- I think I'm quite good to go with you!
Sam- no, sweet Frodo, stay here! I must accomplish this in my own personal...uh...*sigh*
Frodo- Idiom, Sam?
Sam- Idiom!
by DomKnight
*sings* if you go down to the woods today... by moshin-donkey
Sam: *singing* I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sk-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii!!! *crash*
Frodo: *walks on whistling*
by Galilmathien
Nature show host: Watch as the young Hobbit performs the legendary hobbit mating dance in attempt to atract the young Rosie Cotton. It is not working. Also note that the young Frodo is leaving the scene to avoid Samwise's clear humiliation. by Faerie in Combat Boots
sean: I have no strings to hold me down.... by ellie the ent
Frodo : Sam! Watch out for the---
Sam : droppings...bill!
Frodo : Told you.
by caranloth
sean: must get feet in shot, must not have been n make up for hour and a half for no reason. by anonymous
the first living tv antenna...

sam: the i swear the magazine said invisibility cloak..........

on the way to rocky horror picture show
Sam: i cant believe i forgot my dress and platforms..
frodo: really sam its alright
sam: no its not, see, now i cant do the time warp
:: jumps to left, takes a step to the right, falls flat in dung::
frodo: ewwwwwww!

sam: HELP!!!
frodo: wat is it
sam: a mouse, help me mr.frodo, kill the horrify beast before it kills us all
frodo: and hes suppossed to help me save the world......

do the wedgie dance, come on mr frodo....
by Renee
Frodo and Sam at the Shire Zoo:
Sam:Hey, look!
Sam:Its a warthog! My favorite animal!
Sam:What Mr Frodo?
Frodo:Erm, well, I don't want to see the warthog today.
Sam:Why not?
Frodo:He scares me. I'm gonna wait here for you. Then I want to go see the squirrels, ok?
Sam:Ok! I'll be right back!
by Richelle
Sam: EWEWEW!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! What did I just step in!......Smeagol you stinker!!! by Mrs Greenleaf
Sam:Hey your right Mr.Frodo!If I cover up this blanket over my belly like Legolas said it won't make me look fat! by Georgette
Great, Didn't i tell you Elijah pick up after you dog. EW! by rachael
Elijah: Sean, there's no glass!Everyone is going to be OKAY! by Tindomiel
Sam: Before I went on Slim-Fast I was like, this big, now, well, I'm still big! WAIT!
Frodo: *sigh* See, he still doesn't believe me when I say that lembas is high in carbs!

Sam: Man! After those GP brownies Pippin baked, I am sssssssoooooo bloated!

(Background chants- RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!RUDY!)
Sean: I am doing it!
announcer: he makes the catch and SCORE! the Fat Hobbits win the match against the Fighting Uruk-hai!
Elijah: Six years after the movie Rudy and Sean STILL wishes he was in football!
by Gil-Estel
Frodo: Uh, Sam?
Sam: *silence*
Frodo: *sighs* Sam, when i said "be still as a statue" when Gollum came by, I didn't mean for you to take it LITERALLY!!!!!!
by Cassandra
Sam: Um...Mr Frodo? I don't think I put this coat on right.
Frodo: *thinks* How many times does he have to do this before he realizes that those are pants?
Sam: A little help here? I'm kinda stuck.
by Rosie
sam:Ok everyone! welcome to the gamgee's dance party! our first dance is the hokey pokey.
*collective groan*
frodo: but sa-am! i wanted to do ring-around-the-rosie first!
by Kim
(Excerpt from the Hobbiton Herald): The day before the Middle-Earth Olympics and the Shire team is limbering up. Samwise Gamgee, in the foreground, will be competing in the hop-on-one-foot race, while Frodo Baggins, to the left, will be competing in the handless levitating event. Good luck to them both! by leaflady
Sean: (singing) You've got the bear necesities the simple bear necesities forget about your worries....
Eligah: Uh, Sean, wrong movie.
by mrs Frodo Baggins
Back You Devils!!!!!!!!!! by Brandy
Sam:Ack! Mr Frodo! My cape is attacking me!
Frodo:*I wonder if I should tell him that Legolas and Aragorn are pulling stings attatched to it?*
Sam:Mr Frodo! Help! It's possesed!
Frodo:*Nah, it's MUCH more amusing to watch him run around like Elrond did when he sat on those tacks!-snicker!* by: dr_pepper_rocks!
by Richelle
Sam: I'm not sure this trip to the Sun was such a good idea, Mr. Frodo. Ahh! OOh! by Eemee
After destroying the ring:
Sam: Thre's no place like home...There's no place like home...There's no place like home
by Tahiri Greenleaf
Next on the Discovery Channel, the male hobbit mating call and dance... by Tallulah
Sure, in the movie, it shows the eagles taking Frodo and Sam to safety...but this picture shows what really happened...... by Tahiri Greenleaf
Sam, Sam, wait! What do you mean you're not coming into Mordor with me? Sam, get back here right now!" by Emily
Sean: Me first, Elijha! The ground might not be safe...hmmm...
Elijha: Honestly, Sean!
by Hippy Hobbit
Sam: Oh come on! It's just like the magic step only forwards!!!
Frodo: uh-uh...The chicken dance was enough for one triligy
by Elli
Sean: Hey Elijah, I was thinking, since Johnny Depp got nomiated for an Oscar, maybe we could get a nomination if we re-eancted Pirates Of The Carribean! Here - I'll be Jack Sparrow and jump up and down on the trapdoor, and you be Elizabeth Swann in her underwear and yell about saving Will!
Elijah: I don't want a nomination *that* bad, Sean...
by Goldberry
Lij: "Another take?! I don't think I can walk up this hill again!"
Sean: "This better be the LAST time Peter makes us do this scene. Otherwise, by the end of this shot Samwise will have lost 10pds from going up and down this hill!"
by Irenie
It's no good, Mr. Frodo. I just can't pretend the orcs didn't steal our Romper Stompers.

Sam, this is no place to start practicing T'ai Chi.
by Alenxa
Sam: c'mon, what's your problem, you gotta problem with me huh, huh, do ya?? do ya??
Frodo: What's your problem! you said you would show me where the boat went!!
Sam: a boat? I've seen one of them! c'mon follow me!!

Frodo: No, no no Sam, your doing the chiken dance ALL wrong!!
Sam: your birthday is comin' up soon mr Frodo, I wouldnt want to make a fool out of mysef in front of Rosie like last time!
Frodo: dont worry my dear Sam! I think thats inevitable!(smiles cheerfully)
by Shieldmaiden
SAM: Hey, Frodo can you teach my how to do the chicken dance that you did in FOTR.
Frodo: No Sam, the ring is mine, go back to hobbiton.
by dan
Sean: Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!
'Lij: Sean...
Sean: No! Seriously! The ground is extremely hot!
'Lij: That's why you put on the foot protectors...oi...*walks off*
by kasia
Frodo: Sorry Sam I'm not feeling that good.
by Rae
Sam: Weeeee! Look I'm going to fly! Look Frodo look at me!
Frodo: I don't know who he is and I'm certainly not with him!
by Kail
Sam: ouch! hot-- ground!!!! oooowww!!!
Frodo: sam! we are not on mt. doom yet. save it.
by DwarfPrincess
Sean: Ewwwwww...I think I stepped in something...
Elijah: It looks like...porridge?!?!?!
Sean: Billy!!!!!!
*from offscreen* HELP!!! *run away!*

Frodo: Sam? Sam?
Sam: AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! stupid tree root...

Sean: I can FLYYEEEEE!!!
Elijah: What did I tell you about sniffing Viggo's paints?
by Meg
No Mr. Frodo, THIS is how you do the funky chicken dance. by Budgie
Peter *in the background*:"Hey guys, watch out for the--"

After Sean's accident with the glass in the river bed, both Hobbits are now very careful where they step.

Sean:"Blasted static cling...!"
Elijah:"He Sean, do you think you move over there? You're making the hair on my feet stand on end."

Elijah: "Sean, will you cut it out?! The turkeys are not buyin' it."
Sean: "But I'm so hungry!"
by Josephine
Ha ha! Sam stepped in doggy poo! by The Dark Lady
Sam: (singing)
"Lou Lou Skip To My Lou!!
Lou Lou Skip To My Lou!!
Lou Lou Skip To My Lou!!
Skip To My Lou My Darlin'!!"
One More Time.
Frodo: 'Groan'
by Sam Wise Terry
Sam never really got the hang of that whole "Okie-Kokie" thing. by RosiePosie
Fed up with the whole quest, Frodo looks away in agony as Sam attempts to drop-kick the ring off a cliff. by Smeagol&Gollum
Sam: Ugh! Gollum! Control your bowels for Valinor's sake! I just had a pedicure!
Frodo: Oh Elbereth, he stepped in it again...*sigh*
by Aglaroenanor
Elijah:It's freezing!
Sean:The feet hair help.

Sean (holding arms out):what if i was this large
Elijah:what if i was this thin
by Ashley
Hiking equiptment...$20
Hobbit feet...$30
Hobbit ears...$40
Finally destroying the Ring and runnging down Mount Doom...Priceless.
by Tahiri Greenleaf
SAM: Mr Frodo, you could have told me there was a cliff here!!! by White Tree
SAm; You put your right foot in..... by Stradler
Sam: Hey everybody, look at this nifty dance Frodo made up when we were in kindergarten!
Frodo: Ignore him and maybe he'll go away...
by leaflady
After days of travelling on a quest to destroy the ring, Frodo and Samwise had run out of food, water and lost their map in the mines of moria, and above all, sam had been having cape troubles from day 1... by star_gazing_elf
Sean: Oh geez, I stepped in something again!
Elijah: Awe man! Me too!
Sean: Can we get some diapers for the horses or something?
by Robinos
Sean: The Sasquatch lives on Mt.Doom!
Elijah: Yeah... right, Sean!
Sean: Dude! I saw him! He was walking just like this!
by Elfin Maiden
Sam- Ggggrrrooooossssss!
Frodo- What?
Sam- I think I stepped in mud - Aggggghhhhh Frodo-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Sam-What is it Mr. Frodo?
Frodo- That's no mud Sam! That's orc poop!
by Jessica
Sam: HOLY CRUD! I didn't think those steroids I took would make my feet THAT big! by Kitty
Frodo: What? Do you get stupider the closer we come to Mordor, Sam? I'm telling you, Americans have NEVER been to the moon.
Sam: Yes they have, Mr. Frodo, you ring-wasted-lembas-addict, I saw the videos of the astronauts on the moon with the rover and EVERYTHING! They walked just like this!
by Blondebark
S: Hop to the left, hop to the right, toss that ring with all your might!
F:'re supposed to be defending me, not dancing!!!
by Curuwen
Frodo: Did you find my Ring?
Sam: *trips over Ring* I think so!
by Heather
Sam: Hot sand! Hot sand!!
Frodo: deal with it. ::mumbles to self:: i should have taken someone else. even legolas doesnt complain this much.
by Li
Sam:Look Mr. Frodo i'm an ape! Oo oo aa aa!
Frodo: Get away from me you freak!!
by Taylor
WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU! *boom boom smack!* by Stefanie
Sam: Right thats it had enough
Frodo: Sam....
Sam: Mr. Frodo im leaving and im taking Mr. Fluffy with me....who is real....hes just invisible
Frodo: *sigh*
by Ellie & Jack
Frodo just stands in sullen defeat and watches as Sam demonstates that his Irish dance is better than Frodo's. by youknowho
In a vain attempt to speed the journey to Mordor, Samwise began flapping his arms very fast and hopping from one foot to another by Roseberry
Sam: Ahh it's an ant kill it!
Frodo: Ew what did i actually stand on better not tell wetta
by Amber
Sam: Look Frodo, you must do the dance like THIS: left, right, jump, and turn. It's not THAT hard is it?!?!!? by m2
Presenter: (IN a David Atenburgh acent!)As we can see Sean has now reached the insanity stage of sleep deprevation. Elijah is still in the shock stage. We don't know how long it will be before he cracks too, but it is clear that Elijah handles it better. by Formencalma
Sam: Come on, Mr. Frodo! Playing hopscotch is good for your complexion! by Kazie
Frodo turns away in shame as Sam continues his attempts to become a prima ballerina. by Elanoria
No, Sam, I really think you should leave that dance to the New Zealand rugby players. You'll never be taken seriously in this costume. by Arrie
when gollum said "orc filth" he was right, now can someone get this stuff off the bottom of my foot?

am:*singing/dancing* hey ho to the bottle i go....
frodo: oh dear god what have i done?
by laurefin
Sam: Back you tater-eating ants. I'll Kill every one of you for eating my second breakfast!!!
Frodo(thinks to self happily):It Always works to blame it on the bugs.
by good_one_pip
Frodo watches in envy as Sam practices a cheer he learned when he made the Fellowship cheerleading squad. by Amy Lynn
Elijah: Sean, I promise, the wind MAY BE strong enough to knock Sam, your CHARACTER, over, but it will NOT knock over a normal sized actor, such as yourself!
Sean: Honestly, Elijah! I'm just trying to figure out how to walk down this patch of dry dirt without sliding down the rest of the hill as Dom just demonstrated!
by Aniale
Elijah couldn't supress the smile on his face as Sean walked off with the 'KICK ME' sign on his back by Chloe
Sam: Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot sand!
Frodo: You need to learn how to levitate, like me...
by Katy
Sam: FE! FI! FO! FUM!...
Frodo: Uh, Sam? You're only three foot six!
by teedy
Samwise: eeww! its muddy here!
Frodo: C'mon! ur a gardener!
by ShannOn
Sam: Not again!!!!
Frodo:Looks like you stepped in another cowpie.
by Lisa
Sam always pratices his dancing even on his way to Mordor,I mean hey you never know when your going to see Rosie. by lady_of_the_mirkwood
Frodo now realizes it was a VERY bad idea to bring Sam along with him. Sam:hey look i can skip on one foot by teresa
There seems to be so much evil in this word Mr. Frodo first the ring and the wars, and now this. I know we are supposed to be like the people in the stories, the one's that meant something, but they didn't have to walk in the dirt without without proper footwear. Do you think any stores carry a 15 and 1/2 shoe Mr. Frodo? Amanda
Sam starts to wish he had stopped to let Gollum use a restroom...
Sean finally expresses his true feelings towards Elijah's pet flee.
by Kyler
Sam; Mr. Frodo NOOO
Frodo: i'm right here behind you sam, I'm not leaving you in a boat thats the wrong scene
by Leah
Frodo: Sam, I told you this way was safer... by Elven Princess
While Frodo wrapped his cloak tighter against the wind, Sam let it bring out the dancer in him. He had always considered himself a child of the wind. by Tori
oh man my penny fell down i'll be rightback by Priss
Sam: Look at me Mr.Frodo I'm, um...Mr. Frodo...what am i doing?
Frodo: *facepalm*
by Cordelia
Sam: Please Mr. Frodo, don't keep pushing.
Frodo: I'm sorry Sam, I don't mean to, it's just so steep!
Sam: Now start stomping the ground flat Mr. Frodo sir.
Sam: Because then we can sit down and eat some breakfast!! *Sam's stomach rumbles*
by EriÔthwen