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Jingle the Twin Bells

to the melody of Jingle Bells
by Allison on Erin, taken from so it won't get lost


Jingle Bells, Gollum smells
Frodo took the ring
Eowyn's in Edoras
And Aragorn is King, Hey!

Revised Verse 1

Oh, Jingle Bells, Gandalf fell
With Balrog right upfront
Orcs swarm all ovverrrr
While Aragorn is on a hunt, Hey!

Verse 2

Jingle Bells, Smeagol smells
Gondor's ruled by a nut
Which Saruman tried to destroy, but Gandalf kicked
His butt!

Revised Verse 2

Jingle Bells, Smeagol smells
Shadowfax is white
And he helps Gandalf too
Thru great big times of plight

Verse 3

Dodging thru Mount Doom
Killing ugly orcs
Gandalf is alive
And Saruman lost his cork, hahaha

Revised Verse 3

Riding thru Rohan
Eomer gives bad news
While Chopping off orcs' heads
There may have been hobbits too

Verse 4

Gondor's going to fall
Now nazgul can fly
Sauron's evil is spreading
And Arwen's going to die

Revised Verse 4

Pippin sings a tune
While the steward gnaws
Nazgul are attacking
Soon Gondor's going to fall!

Verse 5

Middle Earth is doomed
And the dwarves don't care
Frodo go entombed
While in Shelob's lair

Revised Verse 5

Middle Earth is doomed
And the dwarves don't care
Legolas is mad
Cause he messed up his hair

Verse 6

Oh, Jingle Bells, Towers fell
Arwen is a wife
All the elves sailed to the west
And Frodo gets a life, Hey!

Verse 7

Oh, Jingle Bells, Aragorn smells
Cause he needs to bathe
Legolas is shooting Wargs
And dancing all the way, Hey!

Revised Verse 7

Oh, Jingle Bells, Samwise spells
Cause Gollum does not know
Frodo gets kidnapped
He can't tell friend from foooeee!