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Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Ebb and Kander's 'Tomorow Belongs to Me' from Cabaret:

by Aniale

Scene: Saruman is standing on top of Orthanc, watching his Orcs wrestling with members of the Fellowship...

My orcs in their masses are ready to storm,
The elves will retreat to the sea.
A balrog is keeping Mithrandir warm -
Tomorow belongs to me.

Old Sauron thinks I am in lea-gue with him,
But soon I'll break ties and be free.
The hobbit will yield the One Ring (he's dim!) -
Tomorow belongs to me.

The King of Ro-ha-an is soundly asleep,
Gondor is as weak as can be.
Fangorn supplies wo-od and labor is cheap -
Tomorow belongs to me,
Tomorow belongs to me.