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Frequently Asked Questions

After some visitors have sent e-mails with various questions, I thought it might be a good time to put up this FAQ.

Why a Caption Page?

I feel that in today's world with today's problems there's a real need for smiles and laughter. When I saw the amount of humour on the various websites, I thought that this was a great opportunity to open a little window of humour and fun. I firmly believe that making others smile and laugh is a beautiful thing.

But why are you making fun of the actors and of the films?!

I am sorry if some of you think of it this way. The Caption Page is a collection of various captions by various visitors. None of them is making fun of the actors in the mean way. If you read some of the interviews or watch the DVDs, the actors themselves make more fun of their colleagues than most of the captions do. Apart from that I try to filter out anything that might be insulting or mean.

Do you know the actors?

NO! I don't know any of the actors or any of the film crew. I don't know anyone who knows the actors.

Do the actors know about / visit the site?

Not that I know of.

How can I send in a caption?

You can submit a caption by sending it to . If possible, please send the url of the picture and not the picture itself; my inbox isn't that big. Please also send your name with which you'd like to be credited.

Why isn't my caption submission on the Page?

I get a lot of captions and I can't take up all of them for various reasons.