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Elijah Wood - The One Linklist

This should be the most complete linklist of websites concerning Elijah Wood currently available on the internet. If you know a site, message board or anything that should go on this list, please let me know at . Thank you.

Last Update: 9th April 2004

General Elijah Wood Sites

Always & Forever Elijah Wood Julia's Elijah Wood Page Concerning Elijah - E.W. Fun Site
Baron Sengir's Elijah Wood Site Maggie's Elijah Wood Site The Zion Academy's Elijah Wood Site
Elijah Wood Online Elijah the Ringbearer Elijah Wood - Lord of the Hearts Elijah Wood - a Geocities Fansite
Unofficial Elijah Wood Site Elijah Wood - The Lord of our Hearts Elijah Wood Fanatics
Behind the Eyes Elijah Fan World Simply Elijah
Hanne's Elijah Wood Site Elijah Wood Palace Mimick01's Elijah Wood Site
Lilith of Sherwood's Elijah Wood Site Never Let Me Down
ElijahWood.Org Elijah's World Essence of Elijah
Elijah Rocks! Frodo is Mine
Sapphire's Elijah Site Lovers of Elijah Wood Elijah's Corner
Shades of Blue Elijah Wood Central Elijah Wood
Sandra's Site Beautiful Stranger E Jay 9
Lovin Lij Elijah Obsessive Deep in Elijah's World
Elijah's Angel Fear Frodo - An Elijah Wood Website Elijah's Enchantment
Elijah's Corner Behind the Eyes Elijah Wood & Only Elijah Wood
Forever Elijah - Ally's Site

International Elijah Wood Sites

Elwood El Hobbit Frodo - Spanish Elijah Wood Page Solo Elijah Wood (Spanish)
My Precious (Polish) Elijah Wood Site (Polish) Italian Elijah Wood Site
Russian Elijah Wood Site Elijah Wood Online in Russia A Hobbit Named Elijah (Russian)
South African Elijah Wood Page Elijah Wood Site from Denmark German Elijah Wood Site
Elijah Wood's Eyes - Amélie's Site Turkish Elijah Wood Site Woody End, Japanese Site
United Fans of Elijah, Hungary Eeek! Elijah Eeden Ellun Kanat Ry Elijah Wood Paradise
Sanne's Site (Belgium) Just Elijah Wood - Swiss

Message Boards, Discussion Forums, MSN-Groups

Elijah Wood's Fanpage (MSN group)
La Communidad de Elijah (MSN group Elijah Wood Universe (MSN group) Elijah's Magic Carpet (MSN group)
Elijah's Doorstep (MSN, closed) Elijah Forever (MSN group) French Forum Elijah Wood

Other Sites concerning Elijah Wood

Celebrity Link: Best Sites Elijah at Newstrove
Those Who Wander Celebrity Storm Celebrity Wonder
Hobbits_Entwood Gorgeous Geeky Guys Movie Thing
CelebrityPro Okay.Net Prisma Online
Rotten Tomatoes The One Ring Net TVTome The Argonath
The Hobbit Hole