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Caption Contest #3

I have given up deciding on one winner; you guys have sent in some great stuff and it's simply too difficult to choose only one. As always, please check the [archive] to see previous competitions.

And here are the winners:

Merry: Dude, pip, you should do something about that earwax...
Billy:find me a quetip! and check the other side, will ya?

(by Walmart is my Home)

Merry: "Just go over there and ask him. Legolas taught Gimli how to braid his beard, didn't he? I'm sure he'd teach you how to braid too."

(by Diamond )

Pippin: Wait for it....Wait for it...
Legolas: (in the distance) Noooo!!
Merry: You stole Legolas' shampoo, didn't you?

(by Lilka )

Frodo: "Do you think they saw us, Sam?"

Harry: "See, Ron, I told you I saw hobbits."

(by pharazgil, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Liv: ...and then you gently pat the cucumber-oatmeal mask onto your skin, like so.
Orli: ohhh, i see! you pat, not rub!
Liv: exactly.
Orli: fab. so anyway, i bought this great new hair conditioner the other day....

by astael, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

EW: What on Middle-Earth is that?!

(by Amarantha Gamwich, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Pippin - *sob* Nooo! I can't believe that's not butter!!

(submitted by Megz)

Faramir: must...not...cry...just because...Dad likes *sniff* likes Boromir more than me....must not cry in front of my men....must not let them think I am....a crybaby...

However, Faramir later succoms to the urge to cry in a corner.

(submitted by Lady Ashley)

Liv - What? You don't like the pretty flower? Legolas picked it out for me!
Camera-man: No wonder...

(submitted by Beccy)